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the WORST place on earth,and escaping

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 05:44 PM
hi members^^ i have a short story to tell you,and maybe after you read it,you will know what you must do for a better future.
* think about you and your family's good
* helping others and having a good time
* issolating from bad infuences and wrotten people
* and having a great time,being in love,not stay on the pc all day,and doing something great for the world. couse that is pretty much the meaning of life.
so the little story is, you think usa is bad? you think england is bad to live in?
NO! i know most americans are under alof of bad influences making them bad,arrogant,etc. (cops beating children,corruption,bad kids,banks screwing people)
and england seems to be under some corruption in the government..but its still allright
compared to my country bulgaria.

this is HELL on earth.
*i heard that some lady from england moved here,couse it was "interesting",in england was too "easy and secure,boring" but here you dont know will you find a job and have money to survive or will someone rob you. i have no words.
*a country where the minister spends 2,000,000$ on paint for the road,paint which costs 1000$,and he stole the other money.
*a country ruled by stereotypes,girls dating man who beat them. boys who only want to act macho and beat someone up for NO REASON, and when you pull a gun on them,they just sit there,watering theyr pants. couse they now know they have to deal with a real LIFE.
* a place when i work as a professional photoshop pro for elite company,and i get 225 euro a month? laught all you want i laught too^^

dont believe me?
no the problem is not in me.
see i made friends with some german girls (since im moving out in germany)
and they (without meeting me in person) treat me SO NICE,they try to help me find a job and a place WITHOUT me asking them. they actualy...LIKE me.
compared to the girls here that treat me as im a animal,just for being good.

all i can say is,these are hard times now ats members,and the best thing you can do and care about is happy life,for you,your family and your loved ones.
life is short,dont waste it. DO SOMETHING when you dont like it.
and if you are a It guy like me,dont sit all day on the pc,i cant wait to go out everyday when i move out of here.
and the most importang thing, if someone arrogant tryes to make your day worse.
immediatly make him regret it! people like that arent building a better future.
theyr sellfish arrogant and stupid.
today i was writing to my friend in facebook,sayd some joke,and someone who i dont even know started cursing me and wanting to "brake my nose"
needless to say i replyed very angry,and if i see him i will...make him...feel very bad.
remember brothers^^ you dont have to turn your attention to bad people,but that dosnt mean you have to stand tolerating them. learn to stand for yourself and say NO


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