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SHYNE - Remixed Dedication To Tha Gangsta

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 07:53 PM
Greetz everyone.

Shawn Po... AKA Shyne... Recently released from jail after spending 10 years incarcerated for murder, and then extradicted back to his native Country of Belize, where there... he lives the life of a king - being the son of the Prime Minister!

Shyne, of those that claim to represent a form of music called Ganster Rap, was the most ruthless in his portrayal of the game - as dramatized by the 'Gansta' movement.

Simply put, he tells it like it is.

Here are several SHYNE songs I've had the priviledge of listening to, and remixing for your appreciation...

Shyne: Shyne

DarkspARCS REMIX SHYNE (feat. Shyne)

Shyne: Whatcha Gonna Do

DarkspARCS REMIX Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. Shyne)

Shyne: That's Gangster

DarkspARCS REMIX Thats Gangsta (feat. Shyne)

NOTE: Permission to listen to these remixes are expressly granted by myself as my liscence grants the user listening priviledges. UNDER NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, INCLUDING CERTANTY, CAN THESE WORKS BE SOLD, UTILIZED FOR MEDIA, OR BROADCAST ON PUBLIC RADIO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright DarkspARCS Design FX Studios © 2010, Copyright Shyne Enterprises © 1999

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 11:33 AM
Hey Yo peepz - don't ya think ol' schparckz can do the man justice on the remix?

or don't nobody know who SHYNE is?

give this man a chance - lol, geez louise!

If anything, I wholeheartedly recommend ...


It's quite approapriate. =)

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