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Robinesque Ruminations

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posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 02:05 PM

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I am leaving this one here since it is useful and I am running out of editing time!
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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:31 PM
I'm writing here because I want to express myself without having to talk to anyone. Who really wants to have to burden a friend endlessly.

My head started just after lunch. It was dull but I knew it was growing. I hoped a good walk would clear out the blood and prevent a full storm. It didn't work. The walk was ruined by stress. I have found the absolute cause of my migraines. It's stress. And in my case, there is a very specific stress. I won't go into full personal details here. After the conflict which produced the stress I went home to unwind. Luckily my friend had given me painkillers at another time which were still in my cupboard. I can't keep a supply because I am an addict. I took the tablets and they barely worked. I took some more in hopes of knocking down the fire completely but to no avail. I ran out of tablets and still the pain increased. Without anymore painkillers, I thought sleep would be my only option left. I emailed my friend and told him I had no medicine and if he got back in town in enough time I would like some more. I figured I wouldn't hear from him until the next day. I don't have a telephone and so I couldn't call him. My neighbours are wonderful and they have told me if I ever have a migraine in the middle of the night, I could go to thier house and get a powerful painkiller. They know I don't like the hosptial. So I had some options to get help if I needed it desperately enough. But I resolved to fight my war with oblivion.

Getting to sleep while you mind explodes with pain, lights, colours and explosive sounds that eminate from mundane noises, is extremely difficult. But I've had lots of practise. I filled from side to side and only achieved making my arms numb by pinching nerves in my shoulders. It was working and the pain had mad me vomit. I had take two long showers in order to regulate body temperature. After I felt that my body had expelled everything it could. When my migraines come on, my body temperature flucuates, I get increase gas, my stomach becomes nauseous, I have bowel movements, vomitting and extra muscous spewing from my sinuses. It is a vile and degrading downslide. Finally all the convulsions had stopped and I thought maybe I could sleep. I knew I couldn't sleep on my sides. And although I hate sleeping flat on my back, I knew it was the only way to center the pain and make my body comfortable enough to let go of consciouness. I call it my death sleep. I lay just as you would in a coffin. With my hands folded over my chest. And then I surrender. I embrace death and say that I am preparde to die and let the pain take me. I let my mind float away from the pain into the light eminating from my optic nerves. I let it following the streaming lights until a brighter, larger white light envelopes me. I walk into the light. I let go. If done correctly, I then must fall asleep because I only ever remember waking in the morning. Sometimes the headache is still there but substainally less so. Sometimes it's gone. This morning thankfully it's gone.

Sometimes surrender is the only option. You'll never see the light if you don't let the forces you can't control take you there. If you can't stop fighting, then the only thing you know is the struggle. I've done all I could. I've done all I can. I have nothing to prove anymore to myself or anyone. I pursued only truth, even when I was failing, and I have done everything I've could to find the truth, in myself, and in everything around me.

I am an anarchist. There is no real difference between Mr. Bean and myself. Except that I'm keenly aware of the absurdity all around me and I speak truth to power. But in the end, the systems wrong, and I follow only my own rules and choose my reality.

Is Bean an alien? Is Bean an angel? Is Bean Autistic? Or is it all of the above?

I've steered a car with my feet as I was sitting on top of the headrest of my small 4x4. My upper body was through the sunroof and I used a stick for the gas and brake.

You can only understand Bean when you learn to do things in your own way.

I've been accused of hating the world and blaming it for my problems. In part this my be true if you caught me at my meaner moments. But in all honest, I think if the world thought more like me and listened to me, it would be a much nicer place. I don't hate the world. I just hate the fact that no one seems to see the future world I have envisioned. I hate the world for having myths dictate our lives which cause people to fight wars. I hate industrialization and globalization is transfroming the world even before we get a chance to plan the future. There's never anything left by the time you figure out a plan. I hate the way the world rushes ahead with little forethought. I really hate the world we live in right now. And that's not because I hate people or myself or want wanton destruction. I hate my world because it's squandering potentional and stealing from the future. The greed overwhelms the advantages we've achieved. Sure it's great to have cars and factories, but if it pollutes and in the end damages the future, it was too high a price to pay and we wanted our materialistic world now, no downpayment, no real accountablity and we ingore the human cost and the ecological cost. England chopped down most of it's trees over it's history. Haiti is hell on earth. We are transforming the earth at too fast a rate.

It's all math. It's all reasoned and inevitable. Change begets change. It's already happening. The oceans have been holding the heat gain. There is a thresold, then a rupture will release a gathering surplus. # it. Now I'm trying to convince people of what I know. Screw it. I know me. And I know a lot. And I know no one really listens. Not least until there's a crisis.

full moon, lunar eclipse, perihelion - understand this and you understand the rash of large quake lately

rain in californina. could this lube up the big faults?

what the # do i know

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 06:35 PM
Mystery swarm of earthquakes in Arkansas.

1000 birds fall dead from the sky in Arkansas.

Coincidence. Signs of the End Times. What the hell? I am a rationalist, so I don't think these are divine omens. But something is happening. Many events that seem unrelated are not. I am not suggesting I understand the whole picture, but I believe a chain reaction of events will make this next decade where a momentuous upheaval will change humanity. And please believe me when I say none of this is divinely inspired. It's a vision which has been assembled using science and forward thinking.

Climate change is real. But the researchers have made a vital mistake in calculating their models for the future. There will be no waterworld.

I have to go for the moment. But I'd like to say that there is a definate link between the moon, sun and earth's position, and this year's quakes have followed a pattern. There were very few large quakes from summer through the early fall, and then as we neared the sun, the activity has picked up noticeably. I am not at all surprised that we've had a rash of big ones. And I noticed that there were a couple mid-range quakes off the California coast.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 06:52 PM
Posting to tag to myATS,.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Lil Drummerboy

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Thoughts. I know you've been interested in the Drilling and it's consequences. The deeper I dig into this story the more alarmed I become. You are aware that I think the drilling in Wyoming is crazy. That's because the Wyoming drilling is close to Yellowstone and it's aquifer. But I think the drilling is a threat on a wider scale. I'll post a CNN report that states that it's not the drilling that's the cause, but salt-water disposal from the industry may be to blame and it's been proven to cause earthquakes in Colorado and elsewhere. What's the difference. It's because of the drilling process regardless. The disposal is part of the drilling and is splitting hairs. It's despicable. The honest truth is that the oil industry is causing earthquakes. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We really don't know what it's doing to the water table (eg. changing pressures and change chemical make-up- methane in the aquifer. And we don't know what it's doing to the crust. Too many unknowns. I could even take it futher and make all kinds of speculations, but why bother, the real and known dangers are disturbing enough. My wild thoughts have been thinking they've destablized the entire continent. I'll stop that thought there.

Here's a kicker. The earthquake swarm in Arkansas is in Guy County. Coincidently, the dead bird fall happen in White County. One county over, as the crow flies. If I have to be honest, and I do because I live my life believing in only this, I would have to say the bird kill was probably as a result of the weather. I am an avid weather nut so I know storms have been rolling across North America because of the La Nina. And because of climate change. I have no doubt about it. I've watched one storm after another roll across the continent and there is a definate pattern which is intensifying. The storms look like giant commas as they swirl easterwardly over the United States and Canada. It's fascinating. But there is a change happening and it's causing more severe storms with higher wind speeds. I've questioned many of the people where I know live and they all say the same thing. It's warmer and more windy. The reason for the bigger storms is obvious. I realize I've wandered off my focus. It's the warmer-moister air from the south mixing with the cold air from the north. The added ingredient which increases the energy in the storm is the air from China. It's dirty hot air. It mixes with the two other flows and we get big events. The entire world seems like it's getting some form of exteme weather event. Remember climate change doesnt' always mean warmer weather. It's causing weather which you'd expect if the polar ice were melting. The temperature fluxuations are begin trapped in the oceans. Some of the heat is being trapped, but remember we've also got trapped cold water. This is the water which is now settling along South America and providing us with an energetic La Nina. As the polar ice melts it sinks. And mixes, and circulates in zones. This is also happening with the warm water and when you have the transfer, and when you get pockets, they are substainally warmer and cooler respectively. This is why we are having extremes.

It's a balance. And the slower and more controlled the transfer the better. If you have large sudden shifts, it throws off the equalibrium and you get violent transitions. I love weather. We just had a snow storm and I was outside for most of it playing and shovelling. It is something to witness when you can't see into the blizzard and you have to shield your face from the stinging snow flakes. The drifts make the most amazing patterns.

It's all about balance. And the drilling is throwing off the balance. It's changing the equation and there will be an accounting of some sort. It happens within all systems. The sun has a cycle and system. And it's getting ready to ramp up. How exciting. I'll finally get to see the Northern Lights in all their glory.

Humanity has changed the face of the earth. We have been doing so in an organized fashion for at least the last ten thousand years. And the last hundred the changes have been on an exponential scale. There will be a reaction. Fundamental physics. It seems to me that the drilling going on seems like termites on an industrial scale. And let's not forget the mining going on everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of little streaming holes burrowed in the crust. Millions of little blasts causing a constant vibrations. I think we, are like termites, and we are undermining the foundation. Even the sturdiest house can only stand so long before too many vital points are weakened.

I just want to talk about the moon for a minute. And the sun I suppose. The worldwide quakes were quiet all summer and fall. They only picked up as the earth near the sun. So it's not all the moon. It really is the interplay between the three. I just watched all the quakes in the world for a year there was definately a pattern. We'll be our closest to the sun on the 14th.

That's it. Oh here's the CNN link for the swarm in Arkansas.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:49 AM
Wow it keeps getting weirder and wierder. 100 000 drum fish kill in Arkansas.

First, Arkansas experiences an unusally large swarm of earthquakes. Then 1000 birds fall dead from the air. And now we have a massive fish kill. Fish kills are not unusal. But one of this size in a riversystem is strange. It is thought that it is a disease. Maybe. But since it's drum fish. Maybe it has to do more with where they were schooling. Fish school at certain depths depending on what species they are. Drum like it deep. They are bottom feeders. If there was contamination of the water, whether natural or man-made, a heavy gas may have entered the water system and suffocated the fish. Just a thought.

What bothers me is that throughout history, many cultures rely on animal signs to foretell the future. Maybe these events are random and coincidental and maybe the die-offs are as a result of weather. But maybe they're not and there is a great change taking place under Arkansas. Maybe it has to do with the drilling. Maybe the drilling has set of a natural process. I love a good mystery. I'll update if I find anymore in my digging.

And on a lighter note.

Had to add, during the last month, Arkansas has had swarm earthquakes, a killer tornado, a mass bird-kill and a mass fish-kill. They may all be explainable and normal. But together they seem like a warning- an omen.

Nothing to worry about I'm sure. I guess I just like making mountains out of mole-hills. So for now I'll chalk it up to the randomness of existence and its infinate wonders. But one more strange event and I'll be making sure my cupboards are stocked.
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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 12:23 PM
OK. Here's my hypothesis, that is if it's not all explainable by isolated natural causes. I think the earthquake swarm and the die-offs are related. First we have a large swarm of earthquakes, possibly for salt water disposal by the gas companies. Let's say they screwed up the aquifer and destablized the crust. And this led to methane gas migrating to a weak spot. The gas erupts under the river and suffocates the fish. Then the gas cloud, which is dense, travels in a south-easterly direction. This pocket of poison air is trapped by the cold air above it and so it does not disperse. Then the gas cloud collides with a flock of birds flying to the nightly roost.

There, I connected the dots.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 03:25 PM
I've found the last piece of the puzzle and it links all three abnormal events in Arkansas.

It's a geological feature known as the Fayetteville Shale Play. There is fracking, natural gas drilling, all over the area. But the clincher is that it's almost a straight line between events. Let's start in the West. 100 000 drum fish found in Ozark, which is in Franklin County. The swarm earthquakes, 500 + since September, happen to the east near Guy, in Faulkner County. The third event, 5000 birds fall dead from the sky in Beebe, which is in White County. If you check the following links, you will find that all three counties are on the Fayetteville Shale Play. derpictures/fayettevilleshalemap.gif&target=tlx_picbihp&title=Fayetteville Shale Map - Natural Gas - Arkansas

You'll notice all three events fall along the zone shown in the map. It's the common link.

Here's the location of the smarm earthquakes.

Oh here's the CNN report on the swarm. I goofed up on the first link I posted.

So you have a fish kill to the west and a bird kill to the east, and in the middle you have a swarm of earthquakes. Unrelated. I highly doubt it. The time frame is narrow. However I think the tornado was just a tornado and this is to be expected in Torando Alley. But the other three are connected and the cause is fracking. Fracking caused the swarm, the swarm causes groundwater movement and gas exchanges, this caused a rupture which released a poison natural gas cloud which killed the fish and then the birds as it move eastward push by the prevailing winds.

All of three of these events happened within a 125 mile radius. With the earthquakes in the center. All three fall along the Fayetteville Shale Play with gas drilling everywhere around each event area.

Damn I'm good. This mystery that has gripped the media is bigger than they think. It's got them because it is eerie. It's a shame that their attention only seems focus when it's something tititlating. It's a sexy story. My solution is based on the facts and is logical and is plausible. And considering the state of the natural gas drilling, which has no over-sight, a man-made disaster seems very possible, The BP disaster the Deep Sea Horizon make my case. Do you trust them when they say it's safe?

Well I'm glad I had this place to write and not bother the Yellowstone crowd too much. Thanks for your time. I'm right. Spread the news. Fracking is dangerous.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Robin Marks

Robin, IMO you are spot on. I think you should start your own thead on this.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by Anmarie96

Of course I am, I'm brilliant. Too bad that's a secret. This is my domain and I'll stay here thank you. If you want you can start one or direct people here. Did you notice that all three events are in a line. It's kinda obvious when you look at it in context.

Write about it on news forums and such and direct people to me. I have tried too many times and on too many occasions and been shot down too many times. I just invite people here and share. That's all I can do.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 04:15 PM
Excellent work Robin, But you already knew that.

I just seent the story of Pennsylvania today being the only state to allow disposal of partial treated wastewater into our streams and rivers. Upsate NY is getting drilled big time with HF. More people need to understand the severity of this atrocity. S&F for you.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by Moose318

I agree completly. I hope someone listens and investigates my research and my hypothesis. I've been thinking more about it and I have at least two scenarios. It could have been a methane gas release, or contamination of the water in the river from the fracking. A methane cloud could explain the bird deaths as well. Since there was lightning in the area, a cloud of gas could be ignited and the explosion could have knocked the birds out of the sky. I am more inclined to believe the methane cloud because if it were contamination of the river, more animals would turn up dead and there would be other signs. It's possible the birds drank water from a contaminated source just before they dropped from the sky. Whatever the case, it's because of the natural gas drilling.

I'm still digging. I'm going to post information about a river in Colorado and other links to show methane migration in the watertable.

Stay tuned. Am I the only investigative journalist out there? And I'm only a wannabe journalist. Working for free. What's the media's excuse for missing the story?

Sorry. No edit.

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by Robin Marks

Just so you know - Here's a new Thread for you! I did direct them here as well. Alot of folks going on about the 3.7 quake in the UK at the moment though.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by Robin Marks

According to NBC news all the birds had severe trauma like they were hit with something.
Now if it was a methane release, there would have to be some kind of ignition to create an explosion.
BUT that would be heard or seen.
The fish dying sounds like methane release in water, which would deplete the oxygen and kill more than just drumfish.
All the fish in the river should've been killed. Not one species.
But I have to research more on that.

I know that there is talk of methane reaching ground and killing people.
If that was the case...

I'm doing more digging.

Great job on this thread, Robin.
From beginning to end.

It IS only ony species of fish!

"The fish kill only affected one species of fish," he said. "If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish."

CNN source
If it was methane release why wouldn't local bass, catfish or other species be affected?
Just like the blackbirds.
Not like any other birds.

Unless they were swarming for migration.
Or the fish were swimming in large schools to escape something...
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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:33 PM
I have read your posts in the Yellowstone thread and here with fascination and interest.
I am the first to admit I am a mathematical dunce of the first order. Science, check- math, epic fail.
Now that fracking has come into play, I am compelled to ask you your thoughts,
as my beloved area in PA has fallen into the seduction of selling out to Halliburton...
I have protested to no avail.

What will happen here?

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by havok

Thank you for the thoughtful debate. I'm very busy researching- will have more soon. The trauma the birds suffered was as they flew about disorientated and smashed into objects and each other. They were in a panic. What started the panic. Fireworks? This is why I love this story. There is a true mystery here and there's even distractions to mislead you while you search out the clues. The birds did not panic as a result of the fireworks. They birds were roosting. Blackbirds and starlings flock together. The gas cloud would have moved along the ground until it contacted the roost. The first birds to inhale the vapours would start to become confused as they struggled for breath. This disturbance would travel quickly through the roost. This would create a nervous, stressed enviroment. Birds think and move collectively. This is obvious when we watch them fly. As birds started dropping to the ground and as others moved about spasmatically, this started a panic and all the birds took to the air and flew about blindly. The gas cloud may not have been strong enough to drop larger animals. And the birds may have collected in a depression or valley which concentrated the gas.

The same is true with the fish. They were hit by the rupture of gas in the river as they schooled. Since it is a river, once the gas moved past the school, it would be diluted and may have killed other fish, but not in such numbers as to notice. The population of durm is very high. This is because it is not a neccessarily valuable fish. Due to it's ugliness and stinkiness. They are bottom feeding fish and I know this because I've caught enough.

This is not the first time methane has ruptured into a river. I'm watching Gasland again and just found the part about the Divide River in Colorado.

The swarm earthquakes in Guy Arkansas are suspected to be as a result of salt water disposal. A by-product of the fracking that is on The Fayetteville Shale Field.

More to come.

Hey media, I got a story for ya. Please share this important information. There is an answer to this mystery.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 12:22 AM
I wrote this on another thread. I think my ideas are clearer now. The storm had something to do with the die-offs. The sediment was disturbed and this allowed the gas to come to the surface. There may have been seeps and/or ruptures. Here's more

What industry has recently killed fish and birds?

The Oil and Gas industry.

Let's forget about BP because it is obvious. Let's look at Exxon which just paid a fine for killing birds around their natural gas drill sites.

Here's an example where Cabot Oil contaminated a river and there was methane gas leaking into residents wells. There were exploding water wells in the town of Dimock Pennsylvania. The spill got into the river killing fish and the fish were observed to be swimming erractically.

I'm researching to find the details on a methane seep in the West Divide Creek in Colorado. The river could be ignited. It killed fish and the oil company was fined.

So here's just two examples. But we're really not just talking about fish and birds. There was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake that morning in Guy Arkansas. One county over. The largest of a swarm of around 500 earthquakes which started in September. It has been suggested that the earthquake are as a result of the fracking process used in natural gas drilling. Geologists admit the looking into salt-water disposal which could be cause the swarm of earthquakes.

But that wasn't the only event that day in Arkansas. There was a tornado. Around the dinner hour, a line of storms passed through the area. This meant there was water rushing into the system. This could have stirred up sediments and release gas trapped in the silt at the bottom. The bottom, where fish like drum school. The birds were not flying at 10:3d0-11:00pm at night. They were in the their roost. But what was the last thing they would have done before they went to bed for the night? They would have had a drink of water.

What do we used to use to detect methane in mines? Birds. When the birds went to roost things may have been quiet. Some of the birds could have been returning to the roost and it took them longer to get home. They would have been overshooting the roost and staggering to get there. That's how some of the birds have been described behaving. One CNN reporter found a dying bird the next day as he got on scene.

If the flock discovered that there was something deadly happening within the group they would panic. Hence the midnight flight. They were trying to escape the mass. The birds in Labarre Lousianna and in Kentucky were birds from the same flock fleeing the cause of the disorder.

This is logical and there is evidence to suggest a pattern of water contamination by the Oil & Gas Company. That's the common link. Water. The gas company forces waste water deep underground which is know to cause earthquakes. The fish and birds need clean water to live. Both live in large groups and therefore they are more noticable and were likely directly affected by the contamination. I'm sure there's other animals which may have died as a result but they wouldn't be found in such large numbers. It's not like there's much bio diversity left. Drum is considered a lesser fish so there is little demand and therefore they are plentifu and commonl. And starlings are so numerous they are considered pests. Of course there were other types of blackbirds flocking together. That's what they do. Something make them sick and they scattered in panic. It wasn't hail or another weather event. These birds were supposed to be roosting and the storms had passed. It wasn't fireworks. Otherwise this sort of thing would be happening all over the place. Beebe Arkansas is not the only place with starlings and shoots off fireworks on New Year's Eve. Everything is connected.

It started with the earthquakes that began in September. New Year's Eve there was the largest yet. Later that day a severe storm blew through and dumped rain. In the aftermath we find dead fish and dead birds.

Check out my thread where I have more information.

The answer is what's most probable. And what's most probable is what's happened in our recorded history. And what's recorded in our history is that oil companies kill lots of birds and fish.

I'm right. It was contamination of the aquifer. Either methane or carbon dioxide was released when there was a rupture. The gases migrated as a result of salt-water disposal and/or the fracking of the shale.

Methane getting into the aquifer is not science fiction. It's fact.

One last edit. I wanted to also say that it is scienfic fact that gas clouds have killed in the past. Bison have died in Yellowstone when CO2 condense in a valley where they were sleeping for the night. A warm air mass trapped cooler air below. Also there is Lake Nyos where a rupture under a crater lake released CO2 gas in 1986. It killed many people in the area as the gas crept down the old volcano and into the valley.

Birds would be vulnerable to gas coming off the water. The birds breast were damaged. Probably damaged as they struggled for breath and as they fluttered madly in a convulsion.

Also, all these event took place ontop of the Fayetteville Shale Play Formation. It's a band of natural gas deposits that are drilled and gas is extracted using water in the fracking process. There is drilling in the areas of the fish kills and drilling near Beebe where the bird kills occured. There is also a Fracking Reclaimation Company that recylces the chemicals used in the drilling process in the area. Residents in nearby towns have voiced objections to an expansion and complained about the gases and odors given off by the plant.

I wish someone would post a map showing the locations, along with gas drilling and the swarm and the Fayetteville Shale Formation. It's fairly obvious when you see it on a map and the relationships involved.

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by Robin Marks

Great work you do. Will be looking forward to all your posts now!

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 11:28 AM
In conclusion, in the simpliest terms, the Arkansas mystery was caused by gas poisioning.

The answer.

Carbon Dioxide poisioning.

The same stuff that makes your soda pop fizzy.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Robin Marks

Here ya go, made an illustration:

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