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Weekend Shuttle Sightings--Double Flyby Alert

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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:01 PM
Feburary 19, 2010

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to undock from the
International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, Feb. 19th, at 7:54 pm EST. This
sets the stage for a weekend of double flybys. The ISS and Endeavour will be
circling Earth in mutual proximity, streaking through the night sky as distinct
points of light. The show will continue until Endeavour lands at Kennedy Space
Center on Sunday, Feb. 21st, at 10:16 pm EST. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker
to see if you are favored with an apparition:

I will be watching, may be hard to see two points of light in the sky but worth trying, good luck with their landing on Sunday.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:22 PM
Ethan Tweedie of Pottsboro, Texas, took the picture on Nov. 25, 2009, shortly after space shuttle Atlantis had undocked from the ISS--the same position Endeavour is in now. "It was quite a sight!" he recalls.


Beautiful photo, Ethan was lucky to see this.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:31 PM
Thanks for the heads up, I would like to check this out!

Unfortunately in my area it doesn't go by till 5:30 AM and it might be too light out by that time to see it.
Not to mention I don't normally get up that early unless I have to especially when it's -20 outside.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:37 PM
06:54:41 am WNW 06:57:05am 67° -3.8 (very bright)

I am not up at that time, it would also be to light, I am on the 10th floor facing due East and would have to either go outside or wake my neighbor and go out on her balcony, that isn't going to happen.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by Aquarius1

Thanks for the info and the link!

It will be flying over this evening here, so I'm going to go out and have a look for it.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by NuclearPaul

That is great, please let us know if you were able to see it NuclearPaul, lucky you.

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