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The "Calme Plat"

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 07:56 PM
In short, - damn it's quiet since a time. "Le calme plat" (flat calmness) like in dead, flat line.

Sure, some radar hit over there (weather anomalies, spiral here and these) or some ufo out in the sky blury or shady. Where's the meat? Where's more norway spiral, where decloacking where are Mr. Greer hightech free energy scientist product he said they would share with us this spring (granted it's not spring yet). Where are the mother ship, earth size of the Sun's Corona around our planet? What they heck are they and why are they not - here with us!

Where the calamity of Cliff High predictions? What's the consequenses of the finance crash of late 08 you guys have not paid yet (it's your money)? Why are not these company down yet or better where is the end result of this crash beside good ppl paying for it (aka loosing house, jobs etc) ? Where is the difference?
What's Obama trying to do and not doing? What's Canada doing with it's Winter Olympic in a city that's just rain (BC and Vancouver is awesome, just no winter per say). Etc etc

Our World rolling.. just not the right hill yet I guess. I was just expecting more slowing of this " spinning out of controle" this year. I guess I'll be saying the same next year


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