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UFO Flight Characteristics ~ Right Angle Turns.

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 04:20 PM

"There are some definite flight type characteristics that are seen now that I would say represent genuine instant acceleration; instant stop; vertical acceleration -up into the air and down to the ground; reverses in direction; right angle turns - all in silence - multiple objects sometimes separating and then going back into each other.
They are classic, what I would call, genuine UFO characteristics - things that we can not do in a conventional sense".

British Detective Police Constable Gary Heseltine - Police UFO reporting organisation, PRUFOS

As I'm sure a lot of people already know (including Gary Heseltine) there's been quite a number of reports over the years describing unidentified flying objects performing highly unusual flight characteristics ( ie: instant acceleration, immediate stops, reverses in direction, pendulum motion etc..) - below are some reports dealing with right angle turns -if anyone knows of any other examples then please post away.

Right Angle Turns

UFO Observed By Pilots Making 90 Degree Turn ~ September 10, 1951

Government Document 1

Government Document 2

Lt. Rogers followed the object in a diving turn to the left descending to an altitude of about 16,000 fet with the object about 8,000 feet below and to the right of the aircraft. Thereafter he tried to keep a course paralleling, but above, that of the object.

As soon as Major Ballard completed his radio report he was notified of the strange object. Both watched it make a 90 degree turn to the left and kept it under observation together while it covered approximately 20 miles before it disappeared out to sea.

On the same date a radar station at Ft. Monmouth reported two targets that were unidentified, traveling over 700 mph, and giving returns that could not be explained as being equipment malfunction, anomalous propagation, or anything but an actual target as described in the attached report.



Right Angle turns over Vietnam.

My friend John Miranda, who was the first to show me evidence for UFOs, heard first-hand an account from a co-worker in 1972: Andy (not his real name) had just served as an USAF Technical Sergeant in “what he described was the intelligence center in Thailand that coordinated the military aircraft flights over all of Vietnam. As he put it, ‘if there was a plane flying anywhere in S.E. Asia, this control center knew about it’.” It was probably the Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, identified in FOIA documents discussed below.

Andy reported that “one day [probably in 1969] on multiple radars, they tracked an object traveling at 7,000 mph that repeatedly made right angle turns. They checked with the top commanders from Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. All confirmed they had no aircraft flying in that area at the time. Of course, the folks in the intelligence center were warned never to speak of this event.”Miranda added that Andy was a sharp individual without tendency to exaggerate. “He knew exactly what he was telling me. And he had no reason to embellish the story.” Thus ended my first Vietnam UFO story. More were to follow.


UFO Reports During The Vietnam War.


Objects make 90 degree turns ~ Gulf of Oman.

In 1989 the aircraft carrier USS Midway was on a tour of duty in the Indian Ocean. On a mission in the Gulf of Oman, the Combat Direction Centre (CDC) watch officer and his crew were electronically monitoring the positions and movements of all surface contacts to ensure a safety margin of three miles or more from any potentialy hostile vessels.

Suddenly the officer spotted three strong blips (contacts) on his radar screen grouped in triangular formation. On the second sweep of the radar screen the officer was stunned to see that the contacts had moved a considerable distance in a remarkably short period of time. While this CDC group's mission is to monitor and track ocean surface contacts, low flying aircraft are also periodicaly picked up on their low angled radar. These contacts however, were moving faster than any aircraft the officer or his crew had ever observed. The next unnerving thought to occur to the CDC officer, was that these were missiles. The officer checked with the airbourne detection group within the CDC and they responded that they weren't picking up or tracking anything at all.There were no contact blips flashing on their screens.

Tensions mounted quickly however,as the CDC officer and his crew continued to track the three fast moving blips as they angled towards the ship. As the "contacts" rapidly got closer, two of the blips made a startling ninety degree turn away from the ship ,but the third turned directly towards the ship. The CDC offcier excitedly barked over the ship's intercom to the observers on the ship's superstructure that something was coming right at them at a high rate os speed. Accelerating, it was coming in so fast there was no time to react. When the object got within one mile of the ship it suddenly disappeared from radar..



Right Angle Turn ~ New Mexico

On June 20, 1968, about 2 a.m., Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ferney of Mobile, Alabama, were driving near Roswell, N.M. when they saw an object descending from a height of about 100 yards. The UFO displayed three bright lights, "like the landing lights of an aircraft."

Making a 90-degree turn, the UFO headed down toward the car and proceeded to pace it for 5 miles at an estimated distance of about 50 feet. Mr. & Mrs. Ferney were in a state of near hysteria, first fearing an imminent crash, then frightened by the mysterious object apparently pursuing them. Finally, the UFO raced out of sight.



Police Officer witnesses object making right angle turns ~ Manchester, 1976.

0150 hours. 02/04/76.

Location – Bury, Greater Manchester.

After completing his duty DETECTIVE SERGEANT NORMAN COLLINSON was driving home along the M62 and M66 motorways.As he turned north onto the M66 he observed a white disc of light moving very fast which crossed the path he was travelling. The object was heading toward Knoll Hill, east of Bury. The UFO made a right angle turn onto a south to south-east heading. The object was heading in the direction of Heywood. Puzzled the officer stopped his vehicle and got out to look at the light. As he did so the light stopped and hovered near to his location. It then began to perform a series of spectacular ‘box’ right angle turns. The UFO began to move off in the direction of Heywood once more with DS Collinson following it in his car. The object stopped a second time and again repeated the angular movements described earlier before streaking away at a tremendous speed out of view.
The incident was reported to the MOD and Manchester Airport.

Off Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – FSR Vol 23 No 2.




"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type, so then we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and then it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border."
Colonel Robert Willingham, USAF from an Sworn Affidavit in the 1970's when discussing a sighting of a UFO whilst he was navigating an F94 jet on September 6th 1950.

"The light would throb with an increased intensity prior to each change of colour and hover in the sky for some time and then dart and cover large distances, doing a number of right-angled turns at high speed".
Senior Constable Andrew Luhrs -Gladstone,Southern Australia,May 22, 1996

"When you have the view of the airspace and the radar screen and you see the UFOs go around twenty or thirty miles a second – that is very real. They can turn suddenly almost 90 degrees in a second or half a second. The UFOs can go vertically straight up very quickly."
Mexico City Senior Air Traffic Controller, Enrique Kolbeck


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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 04:37 PM
I had a theory that dealt with this awhile ago, and made a thread that didn't really get to much attention. I guess it's a lame theory, but I'll just copy and paste what I wrote:

Here goes: Last night I was thinking about UFOs, and how they accelerate to a high rate of speed, while also making crazy maneuvers with such speeds. Since these crafts already break the laws of gravity, that would make me think they aren't necessarily shooting off fast, but in a sense, manipulating time. I think this is called "gravitation time dilation"? We as the observers see it as a craft shooting off fast, but to the people in the craft, they see us as slowing down in time, and they move at a regular speed to them. That way, when they make these crazy maneuvers, it isn't necessarily crazy to the people controlling the UFO, as it would be a normal right turn, but to us, its a sharp right turn at 5,000 mph.

And then I started to think about it a little more. Maybe this is the phenomenon of what abductees call "missing time". They just got caught in the anti-gravity propulsion system, and it slowed their sense of time down to a minimum.

Again, just a theory.

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 06:25 PM
I've seen a pretty cool streaky line then split second right angle U movement and bug out, by a silver disc once, blew my mind knowing as a pilot we have no conventional aircraft capable of the feat I saw. More details on sighting here.

edit: if you were a ufo pilot and wanted people to start critically thinking, pulling right angles at several thousand miles per hour is one way to do it. Most people tell me it's impossible, I then counter saying 'have you ever considered how possible it could be if the very craft weighed nothing?'. There would be zero force in F=MA calculation.

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 02:23 PM
Thanks for the replies, theres certainly some food for thought there.

I also thought it was interesting that there existed government documents dealing with these kind of manoeuvres as far back as 1951.

Amongst other well respected scientists, Dr Frank Salisbury made some interesting comments about right angle turns at the Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects in 1968 :


Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects -Committee on Science and Astronautics - US House of Representatives,1968.


"Today the House Committee on Science and Astronautics conducts a very special session, a symposium on the subject of unidentified flying objects; the name of which is a reminder to us of our ignorance on this subject and a challenge to acquire more knowledge thereof. We approach the question of unidentified flying objects as purely a scientific problem, one of unanswered questions. Certainly the rigid and exacting discipline of science should be marshaled to explore the nature of phenomena which reliable citizens continue to report"




In several "good" sightings (those which, for reasons discussed below, do not readily fit any of the remaining four hypotheses), UFO's have appeared to accelerate at tremendous rates or even make right-angle turns while traveling at speeds of several hundred or thousand miles per hour. Although they move in the atmosphere at velocities which surely exceed that of sound, no sonic booms are heard (they are often essentially silent) nor do they appear to burn up with frictional heat. The skeptic says: "Granted that we have a lot left to learn about our universe, we surely don't expect the fundamental laws to be rejected. That we may refine them as Einstein did, it is true, but inertia is inertia, and a right-angle turn at several thousand miles per hour is a simple physical impossibility."

This may be the most compelling argument against the spaceship hypothesis, but there are two counter-arguments. First, one can simply reject the above statement. I do not see how Newton's laws could be so flagrantly violated, but others (Lorenzen, 1962; Michel, 1958; Vallee and Vallee, 1966) have come up with various suggestions. Perhaps inertia is the gravitational interaction between an object and all other objects in the universe. If this gravitational attraction could some way be severed (some mysterious antigravity shield surrounding the spacecraft for example), then right-angle turns at high speeds might be feasible. Would the surrounding antigravity field also nullify the sound barrier problem? Some think so. I haven't the faintest idea, but we could be wrong about what is impossible. Second, one might remember that not all UFO's perform "impossible" feats.



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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 02:33 PM
UFO makes right angle turn over Washington - see figure E.

Diagram of July 20, 1952 UFOs Over DC


Diagram of the UFOs tracked by Washington's National Airport radar scope on July 20, 1952. At A, 7 objects approach the Nation's capital from the south. At B, some are seen over the White House and Capitol. At C, they appear over Andrews Air Force Base. At D, one UFO tracks an airliner. At E, one is seen to make a sharp right-angular turn.

Source: UFOs - A Pictorial History From Antiquity to the Present, by David C. Knight. (McGraw Hill Book Co., 1979.)

The 1952 UFO Sighting Wave, Part 1 (pdf) / 2 / 3

UFOs over DC in 1952, Jets Scrambled

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 02:47 PM
More reports:

UFOs Over Ship in the Pacific Ocean

It was April, 1967. I was a soldier in the U.S. Army onboard the troop ship U.S.S. Geiger. We were enroute to The Republic of Viet Nam. Our position was somewhere between the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The time was approx. 2300 HRS. and a very clear night. Up until this point in time, I always believed what the Government said about UFO's. This however, was about to change. My eyes locked onto two luminous disc shaped objects about ten degrees above the horizon. Due north, heading directly toward our ship. They were flying in formation next to each other and appeared to be about twenty miles away. From the apparent distance, these objects were huge! With my finger still pointing into the sky, I couldn't cover them both with it.

My friend suddenly asked me what happened, what was I looking at? I told him to look and tell me if he could see what I was seeing. He exclaimed, "Holly S---!" "What the hell is that?" Since the guards were posted and standing near us, I called him over to suggest he contact the Officer of the Guard and let him know we have two airborne objects approaching from the North, and they don't look like ours.

I yelled to the guys on deck to pass me those binoculars. Word began to spread and everyone on deck was watching the objects. They now appeared about ten miles away and closing. Altitude at night is difficult to judge but they seemed to be about 3000FT. Looking through the binoculars I observed the glowing under side of the object. I saw a round convex surface, glowing a white light over the entire surface. With traces of silver. The best way to describe it would be like looking at a pearl that was glowing from inside. The silvery substance appeared to be moving randomly, like flickering fire. Above the glowing disc was a large dark structure, round and the height was about one quarter the diameter of the glowing disc. The object was so close now I could no longer see the hole (sic-whole) thing through the binoculars.

What happened next convinced me these were intelligently controlled vehicles. As they approached the starboard side of the ship, the object on the left turned to the West at a 45 degree angle and reduced speed. The right one continued flying south directly over the ship. After passing over the ship it made a sudden 90 degree turn to the West without loosing speed. Both objects were getting closer to each other again. The one on the left made another 45 degree angle turn to the West and they were again flying parallel heading west.

This was a very slick and precise maneuver that seemed automated or programed. We continued to observe these objects until they disappeared in the Western horizon.




PERRIN FIELD -- Navarrone Technologies writes that in 1953, I was a Radar Tech at Perrin Field North of Dallas. I was performing routine maintenance on a PPI scope (Plan Position Indicator) when I spotted a huge blip in the New York area. I called an Officer, who was the Operator, and we watched as the Blip split into nine smaller ones, flying in formation. The bogies did not respond to IFF interrogation. Radio contact from the radar hut was made to Denver and Salt Lake bases, and they confirmed the sighting. Perrin Field was a long-range early warning base; we could measure distance and azimuth but not altitude. F-86 Fighters from Perrin Field and other fighters from Denver and Salt Lake were ordered to intercept and destroy. They were staggered at altitudes of 500 feet, to try and get a visual sighting. The formation of UFO's was heading directly towards Dallas. We watched as the fighters were heading to intercept; the UFO's had crossed the border of Oklahoma and entered Texas by this point.When the fighters got to about 20 miles of interception, the UFO's stopped dead in the air, made a right angle turn and took off towards the Northwest. We calculated their speed at about 8000 miles per hour.

There were 8 officer Radar Operators and 3 Radar Techs in our Hut during this episode. Within ten minutes after the final sighting a group of about 8 men in civilian suits, and 14 uniformed armed guards came into the Hut, separated us, and took us at gunpoint to a hangar on the other side of the field. We were each interrogated for about 4 hours and during that time had to draw diagrams of what we saw, and write a written narrative of everything that took place during this "encounter". After having the fear of God put into us about NEVER talking about this incident to anyone, we had to sign a document that threatened us with a $10, 000 fine and 10 years imprisonment for violating the Official Secrets Act. These objects, whatever they were violated the laws of Physics, as we know it.



Virginia Atlantic Coast (aboard USN ship)

UFO OUT AT SEA -- During a routine weather observation on October 2, 2007, at 10 PM. aboard a Naval vessel during flight operations, I witnessed an object to my east moving at an extreme speed and changing directions rapidly before disappearing. We were about 100 miles off the coast of southern Virginia.It was a white light about four times the size of a star. Imagine an airplane at night with it's lights not blinking, but flying about 5,000 mph. Moving at a 45 degree angle from east to west it abruptly changed course and made a right angle turn and disappeared. I am a Meteorologist for the Navy and observe the sky on a nightly basis. I have never seen anything like this. It was not caught on our radar. It appeared to be about 5-7 miles away, but I suspect it was much farther away than that.


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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by TravisT

"TravisT", you beat me!!

Just stumbled upon this thread, and nearly the exact same thoughts you stated popped into my mind.

Thanks, and thanks to "Karl" for an interesting topic to examine...

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

Weedwhacker, thanks for the post- you and Travis may certainly be onto something there.

Theres a good post towards the bottom of this page speculating about the G Force pressures involved in such manouevres and Joseph Capp has written an interesting article below about unprecedented flight characteristics:

Right Angle Turns

From almost the very first modern sighting there has been a physical maneuver associated with UFOs. This maneuver, reported by reputable witnesses, is “the right angle turn.”
Gordon Cooper was one of the thousands who reported this as fact. The then future astronaut reported chasing one of a group of these saucers noting the craft would move “sideways”. Cooper was on a jet closing in on these “saucers” and they could change direction instantaneously.

What would it take for a plane to make a right angle turn at 600+ miles per hour? It would be the same as if that plane hit a solid steel wall. What plane on the drawing boards of any government can do that? Did any government plane or missile have this maneuverability in the early 50s, when the reports first appeared? Do they have it now? Is it true the UFO phenomenon displays technology beyond our present ability? If they are able to make right angle turns at the speeds reported, they do.

At least one General others agreed with me:

-Commanding General Nathan F. Twining of the Air Material Command, U.S.A.A.F., in a declassified letter to the Pentagon.

"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type...”

-Colonel Carl Sanderson, USAF

"From their maneuvers and their terrific speed I am certain their flight performance was greater than any aircraft known today."

At some of these speeds UFOs may even defy our laws of physics.
If they are “our” craft and piloted by humans, we may have a moral problem. If our government has had a way for a pilot to survive such g forces, why haven’t they released it? How many of our pilots have died because they haven’t had access to this technology ?
If we believe the premise that UFOs are from here (America) we still end up with a decades old conspiracy and a disgrace to our military leaders which would involve our government and quite possible the private sector.

If we add thousands of other anomalies reported such as:

-Hovering with no sound

-Acrobatic movements

-Extreme acceleration

-Avoid Radar detection


-Interference with electrical equipment



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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 09:03 AM
Architect witnesses object making right angle turn:

Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States, April 26, 1954.

Summary: Russell M. Peirce, architect, reported a circular object which made a right-angle turn. "I was standing at the rear of the local High School building talking with two friends... Suddenly we all heard a very loud deep roar as of many motors... The object as I first saw it appeared as a flaming ring. The color was a little on the whitish tone but also had some suggestion of the orange-yellow of the common flame of burning wood, say."


"The time of day was between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, and the sky was clear overhead. I was standing at the rear of the local High School building talking with two friends... Suddenly we all heard a very loud deep roar as of many motors, which accelerated very rapidly and then faded out just as rapidly. The direction of the sound was from the sky and I instinctively turned my head and eyes upward. It just happened that the line of my vision was such that my eyes were almost instantly focused on the object, which was east, perhaps a little to the SE, from where I was standing. It was up high overhead, and from the angle at which I was looking up, about 60 degrees, with the earth, I would say that the object could have been out over the ocean as we are in about 4 miles from the coast...

"The object as I first saw it appeared as a flaming ring. The color was a little on the whitish tone but also had some suggestion of the orange-yellow of the common flame of burning wood, say. At the lower left quadrant of the ring there appeared a small, bright disc tangent with the ring, same color as the ring. The center of the remainder of the ring appeared dark. The object was headed earthward, not quite in a direct line toward me, but sort of downward and a little to the right. This direction was indicated by a short, grayish trail upward to the left. Then the object seemed to waver and 'skid around' for just a few seconds, apparently reversing its direction, because it next went upward and to the right, disappearing from sight very quickly.

"As it disappeared the appearance changed from that of a ring and internal concentric disc, to a solid silvery colored disc. . . The sound came and went synonymously with the object's appearance and disappearance. The size appeared slightly smaller than a full moon would appear high in the sky... The time of observation was short, say twenty seconds, but long enough to get a good clear view of what was visible... My daughter heard the roar from inside our home, and three other people called me, after seeing the newspaper article, to tell me they had heard the unusual sound from the sky at the same time I had heard it...

"It appeared as though the object were traveling earthward at a terrific speed, and then as though a tremendous force were applied to arrest the earthward direction and send the object back upward, and consequently it went rapidly out of sight and out of hearing distance... What the object was, where it came from, and where it went, are all a complete mystery to me but the sighting was as clear as a picture on a wall."


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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 09:12 AM
I'm curious about one thing. With all the tons of reports of these "amazing" flight characteristics, and with the hundreds of "ufo" videos out there, why do these "common" flight characteristics never seem to show up on video?

Simply put, I think people describe characteristics to possibly an authentic less amazing sighting in order to embellish their "fish stories". Sure, they may have seen a light in the sky, and it might have been really cool (why all these aliens leaving their parking lights on while conducting their secret flyovers still confuses me) but in order for them to convince others that an otherwise mundane, boring sighting was truly special they describe things that they think people expect to hear associated with a "ufo" sighting.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts

why do these "common" flight characteristics never seem to show up on video?

Don't know much about the heritage but heres a bit of a strange one.

Objects executing the maneuver also appear to show up on radar screens like the example shown from the Washington sightings posted above - Senior Air Traffic Controller Harry Barnes also had to say about it:

"There is no other conclusion I can reach but that for six hours on the morning of the 20th of July, 1952 there were at least ten unidentifiable objects moving above Washington....I can safely deduce that they performed gyrations which no known aircraft could perform. By this I mean that our scope showed that they could make right angle turrns and complete reversals of flight".

Senior Air Route Traffic Controller Harry Barnes.

There are also some very strange maneuvers reports involved in cases such as the Portage County incident, the Red Bluff incident, the Edwards AFB incident, the RB-47 incident, the Coyne incident, the Tehran incident, etc.. - you could of course just wilfully ignore them but then what's the point in trying to have an honest discussion about UFO flight characteristics?
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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by karl 12

So that video is of a radar screen in 1952? I'm kinda confused.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by TravisT
So that video is of a radar screen in 1952? I'm kinda confused.

Travis -have edited to say the image was shown in the fifth post down.


posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by karl 12

My point exactly. All of this commonly reported flight characteristics of UFO's and the best anybody can do is point to nothing more than witness testimony and a smattering of video evidence. Given the overwhelming reports of these flight characteristics, and the over-abundance of UFO videos, you would think this would be better documented. But it isn't? Why not? Because it smells, that's why.

I would gladly change my tune if I'm wrong, or maybe only one species visiting this planet out of the thousands that do have vehicles that exhibit this behavior. But you see my point, in order to defend this I would have to go out on a ledge and invoke useless speculation, most of it based on nothing more than ignorance and a desire to believe.

I can pull up eyewitness testimony for trolls, angels, lizards, bigfoot, fairies, loch name it. Some form "figures of authority" that for odd reasons people assume they are superhuman and could never fall prey to the typical human condition. All adds up to nothing.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by IgnoreTheFacts

ITF, if you think all that's backing up the incidents mentioned is 'witness testimony' then I suggest you start actually looking into their case histories.

As for you equating the UFO subject with fairies and trolls - its really no less than I'd expect but as has been posted (and ignored) many times before on these boards, for the UFO subject..

...there exists credible government documentary evidence, credible radar/sonar evidence, credible electromagnetic interference evidence, credible ground trace evidence and credible (circumstantial) evidence in the form of sworn eyewitness testimony from 1000s of credible individuals.

If you've not read the Committee on Science and Astronautics report then it's quite a good one as it dispels many of the cynical assumptions made about the UFO/UAP subject - there are also some other interesting reports below:

The Rockefeller Briefing Document

Aviation Safety in America: A Previously Neglected Factor (pdf)

UFO Evidence -The NICAP Report

56 Pilot Sightings Involving Electromagnetic Effects
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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 11:11 AM
Very interesting thread, and some good replies. Some right angle turn is definately a manoeuvre that by itself would rule straight out a lot of possible explanations, very well covered here by Karl.
I'd like to add something about an UFO showing some extremely strange carachteristics: I refer to the incident occurrerd in Belgium during the 1989-1990 UFO flap where the UFO's manoeuvres were tracked on radar, and the analysis on data returned some surprising results: and in THAT case, the source was more than just reliable.

Glons radar confirmed the sighting of an unidentified object at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Semmerzake radar confirmed the Glons detection and passed its confirmation onto the Air Force. The radar scans were compared with the previous Eupen radar sightings (see Eupen Case) by Semmerzake and Glons and were found to be identical.
Several police patrols had witnessed the same phenomenon before. It was a massive triangular shape with the same lighting configuration as seen at Eupen four months earlier.

Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer, Chief of the operations section of the Air Force, said: "That because of the frequency or requests for radar confirmation at Glons and Semmerzake - and as a number of private visual observations had been confirmed by the police - it was decided that as these parameters had been met, a patrol of F-16 aircraft should be sent to intercept an unidentified object somewhere to the south of Brussels"

As a consequence, two F-16 aircraft of the Belgian Air Force - registration
numbers 349 and 350 = flown by a Captain and a Flight-Lieutenant, both highly qualified pilots, took off from Bevekom.
Within a few minutes - guided by the Glons radar - both pilots had detected a positive oval-shaped object on their on-board radar at a height of 3,000 meters, but in the darkness saw nothing. This oval configuration, however, caused the pilots some concern. It reacted in an intelligent and disturbing way when they attempted to 'lock-on' with their on-board radar.

Changing shape instantly, it assumed a distinct 'diamond image' on their radar screens and - increasing its speed to 1,000km/h - took immediate and violent evasive action.

Photographs of the actual on-board radar of the F-16s recorded a descent of this object from 3,000m to 1,200 in 2 seconds, a descent rate of 1,800km/h. The same photographs show an unbelievable acceleration rate of 280km/h to 1,800km/h in a few seconds. According to Professor Leon Brening - a non-linear dynamic theorist at the Free University of Brussels - this would represent an acceleration of 46g and would be beyond the possibility of any human pilot to endure.
It was noted that in spite of these speeds and acceleration times there was a marked absence of any sonic boom. The movements of this object were described by the pilots and radar operators as 'wildly erratic and step-like', and a zigzag course was taken over the city of Brussels with the two F-16s in pursuit. Visual contact was not possible against the lighting of the city.
This same procedure was repeated several times, with this object - whenever an attempt at radar 'lock-on' was made - pursuing a violently erratic course at impossible speed and losing its pursuers.

Colonel De Brouwer added "Immediatley after the operation, the pilots said they had never seen anything like it. Certainly the flight pattern and echo on their screens was in no way that of a conventional aircraft"
The Belgian Minister of Defence in the Belgian parliament stated that "The
Government did not know what they were".

Acceleration data

Radar data
Colonel W. De Brouwer, Belgian Air Force, with the radar videos of one of the F-16s at the press conference of July 11th

Speed changes of up to 410 knots in one second.
Heading changes of up to 70 degrees in one second.
Altitude changes of up to 3000 feet per second (1,777 knots) maintained for one second or less and typical ascent / descent rates of 1000 feet per second (592 knots).
For instance, the F-4 Phantom is known be able to turn at only 11.5 degrees per second, less than 1/6 as fast as the observed UFO profile.

This graph shows the value of the changes:

Text file of the radar contacts of one of the F-16s

Not that easy to explain, at all.

Sources and references:

Karl, thanks for yet another great thread: with these great works, you are spoiling us!

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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 11:21 AM
More Reports:

Atlantic Ocean

"We were out about six hundred miles over the Atlantic at 21,000 feet heading in to Logan. The weather was clear except for some widely scattered clouds beneath us. It was 11:40 p.m. and I had a guy by the name of Slim Dickson as co-pilot. We had just been having a cup of coffee and Slim had set his cup on the panel next to his right elbow. As he put the cup down, he glanced out to what would be between One and Two o'clock, and suddenly he grabs me by the arm.

"Reflexively I swiveled my head to look at him and caught this dazzle of twinkling lights coming at us from the starboard side, just ahead, and appearing maybe about fifty feet below. Instantly Slim and I realized that whatever the thing was, it was moving in a hurry, that it was entirely too close, and appeared to be about to cross in front of, or about to collide with us. And it was huge!

"I slammed on some power, hauled the nose up and prayed we'd go over the top of that thing. Just as we started to climb, this thing swept straight up, did an impossible right angle turn and begins to pace us. I don't see how ANYTHING could have executed a maneuver like that -- I mean almost a simultaneous two-directional turn -- up and to the right, not to mention coming to damned near a dead stop!"

"We couldn't detect any sound, see any prop or jet wash, nor see any exhaust. It just kept flashing a lot of lights around the middle. Once we leveled off again, the thing stayed just ahead of us off to our right and we had a chance to observe it. We couldn't see any hard outline or shape to it but, you could tell it was circular because of the lights.



Close Encounters of a Political Kind

I Too Saw a UFO!


It happened back around 1970. I was travelling in the late afternoon, right around sunset, down Route 9 from Middletown, CT to Old Saybrook. As I was driving, I noticed a small shiny object up in the sky flying parallel to the ground at a very high rate of speed. The sun was glinting off of it, making it especially bright. It caught my attention because it was flying much faster than a commercial jet, and was leaving no contrail. There was no apparent shape to it. That is, I couldn't see wings or a tail, but it was pretty far off.
I was just speculating as to whether it might be a supersonic military jet when suddenly the thing made an abrupt right angle turn, way beyond the capabilities of any airplane--and so fast that anyone sitting inside it would have been killed by the G-forces--and then shot straight up into the sky, much faster than before, and just disappeared.
Now that was bizarre!
I still don't know what to make of it.



Portland, Oregon

Subject: UFO Sighting

Location: Portland OR

Date: 02/01/01

Time: 1:00 AM

Witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1 - Object had lights - Object changed colors

The event took place near A Military Airfield or Base - There is a Public Airfield in the area

Event Description:
My father and I witnessed what at first appeared to be a star in the sky.
Then it took off in a high rate of speed and I thought, a satellite. Then it performed a right angle turn, followed by another turn after 10 seconds. I yelled to my father to come out here, 'What is this???' He grabbed the binoculars and witnessed it change colors three times, white to red to blueish-green. It then performed more perfect right and left angle turns and went close from (horizon to horizon in seconds).
After 2 minutes and lots of Jet aircraft coming in or flying around, it just kind of "Imploded" or winked out and was gone. And was then the discussion of hours of talk and apprehension.



Labrador, Goose Bay

A fiery, spherical object made a right-angle turn during an observation by a C-54 crew flying from Westover to Goose Bay. It was also seen from the ground by the control tower and by two men who plunged to the earth when the object made a low pass at them. It went away at 2247.




On March 25, at 7:55 p.m. (local time), a satellite-like object about the apparent size of the full moon was spotted by 6 workers from the Santa Maria farm, the place where I use to go at week-ends. That farm is close to the town of Vassouras, about 80 miles away from Rio de Janeiro. When the object was first seen, it was coming from the south, from the direction of Rio. It was moving slowly with a kind of jerking motion, was round in shape and surrounded by a yellow glow. It was soundless when it came over the farm. It was moving along a linear trajectory but -- when over the farm -- it made a right-angle turn to the east and moved away with the same speed, disappearing into the horizon. The sighting lasted for about 20 minutes.



The Hudson Valley UFO flap:

08:40 p.m., Linda Nicoletti

At 08:40 p.m., Linda Nicoletti, a family mother in her thirties had looked out a window of her house in Brewster. She saw a large lighted object hovering over Interstate 84 just west of her home, and she first thought it could be a large jet airplane that was going to crash into her house, but realized it was not an airplane: it was moving too slow.
She described it to the investigating ufologists as V-shaped with rows of bright lights along its "wings." She said that there were so many of these lights that it impossible to count them, and that they were of all colors of the rainbow, with one much larger and brighter light in the center underneath.
The object drifted slowly toward her house. She opened the window where she stood watching to check what the object sounded like, but she heard no sound, which confirmed to her that it could not be an airplane.
Then the object then made a right-angle turn and headed toward the home of her neighbor Dennis Sant two doors away. When the object turned, she saw Dennis Sant standing in his garden also watching the object.
The object then moved over Dennis Sant's house, and she saw him running under it as the object went over Sant's backyard.
She saw that Dennis Sant was bathed in the UFO's light, which lit up the whole area. Then the object stopped moving and stayed motionless above Dennis Sant. She ran to her husband who was watching television in the living room and shouted that there is "some type of strange lights over the Sants' house", and her husband ran outside to see this.
Mr. Nicoletti could thus see Dennis Sant and several neighbors watching the object. He then noticed that the traffic had stopped on Interstate 84 and that people were out of their cars looking at the object.


Hudson Valley: Lights, Triangles and Boomerangs

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Internos, thats a mighty fine addition there bud and those are some pretty darn impressive flight characteristics.

Just for posterity, here are some other statements made about the 1989/1990 Belgium sightings:


"Scientifically we eliminate the simple hypotheses: It's not a plane. It's not a helicopter. It's not a natural phenomenon because the descriptions don't match. Therefore this global phenomenon resists any other explanation. The only remaining hypothesis is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin."

L. Clerebaut, Secretary General, SOBEPS - Organisation which assisted the Belgium Goverment in the study of UFO sightings

"On November 29, 1989, a large craft with triangular shape flew over the town of Eupen. The gendarmes von Montigny and Nicol found it near the road linking Aix-la-Chapelle and Eupen. It was stationary in the air, above a field which it illuminated with three powerful beams. The beams emanated from large circular surfaces near the triangle's corners. In the center of the dark and flat understructure there was some kind of 'red gyrating beacon.' The object did not make any noise. When it began to move, the gendarmes headed towards a small road in the area over which they expected the object to fly. Instead, it made a half-turn and continued slowly in the direction of Eupen, following the road at low altitude. It was seen by different witnesses as it flew above houses and near City Hall".

Auguste Meessen, professor of physics at the Catholic University in Louvain

"The aircraft had brief radar contacts on several occasions, [but the pilots]... at no time established visual contact with the UFOs... each time the pilots were able to secure a lock on one of the targets for a few seconds, there resulted a drastic change in the behavior of the detected targets... [During the first lock-on at 0:13 hrs.] their speed changed in a minimum of time from 150 to 970 knots [170 to 1,100 mph and 275 to 1,800 km./hr.] and from 9,000 to 5,000 feet [2,700 m. to 1,500 m.], returning then to 11,000 feet [3,300 m.] in order to change again to close to ground level."

Major P. Lambrechts of the Belgian Air Force General Staff

"What impressed me the most were the witnesses, some of whom I know personally and convinced me that, in fact, something was going on. These were credible people and they told clearly what they saw.

"We always look for possibilities which can cause errors in the radar systems. We can not exclude that there was electromagnetic interference, but of course we can not exclude the possibility that there were objects in the air. On at least one occasion there was a correlation between the radar contacts of one ground radar and one F-16 fighter. This weakens the theory that all radar contacts were caused by electromagnetic interference. If we add all the possibilities, the question is still open, so there is no final answer."

Chief of Operations of the Royal Belgian Air Force, Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer (now Major General and Deputy Chief of the Belgian Air Force)

"Unfortunately, no explanation has been found to date. The nature and origin of the phenomenon remain unknown. One theory can, however, be definitely dismissed since the Belgian Armed Forces have been positively assured by American authorities that there has never been any sort of American aerial test flight."

Belgium Minister of Defense - Leo Delcroix



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Incident taken from LIFE Magazine article, April 7, 1952:

Los Angeles,1951



On May 29, 1951 at 3:48 p.m., three technical writers for the aerophysics department of North American Aviation's plant at Downey, outside Los Angeles, were chatting on the factory grounds. They were Victor Black, Werner Eichler and Ed J. Sullivan. All at once they stared at the sky. Sullivan describes what they saw:"Approximately 30 glowing, meteorlike objects sprayed out of the east at a point about 45 degrees above the horizon, executed a right-angle turn and swept across the sky in an undulating vertical formation ... that resembled a tuning fork on edge. It took each of them about 25 seconds to cross 9O degrees of the horizon before performing another right-angle turn westward toward downtown Los Angeles... We estimated their diameter at 30 feet and their speed to be 1,700 mph. Each appeared as an intense electric blue light, round and without length. They moved with the motion of flat stones skipping across a smooth pond."


No known natural or optical phenomenon, makes the peculiar light, in bright day, attributed to these objects by Sullivan and his colleagues; nor can any natural object, hurtling at such a speed, execute a right angle turn. As in the Moore theodolite sighting, the execution of such a turn would have crushed any human crew under the impact of "G" forces. Finally, of course, no known machine travels at 1,700 mph without making a sound or leaving an exhaust or vapor trail.


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The strangest flight I ever saw of ufos was like a fleet of rhombus types following each other (12/14 of them) and when one went in the line to the left (moving forward still following the one in front) the one behind went to the right so you had a snake like movement and each on was sort of on a pendulum as it moved forward swinging left and then right. Like it was not totally flat in the swing but if you imagine the individual ufo on a string held from above it swayed so the angle moved through the degrees so you saw more of its side the more it swang to one side and then the same with the other. They looked so metallic that they may have been terrestrial and possibly defence related and if we have got that sort of tech than Eurofighter and Raptor and Sukhoi must be some sort of propaganda stuff for the masses

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