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Traditional Introduction Thread

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 04:09 PM
Hello everyone at ATS, I'm the Wandering Scribe. I discovered ATS a little while ago through a couple of other forum boards (FStDT, and some others). Not too many of the conspiracy / political topics interest me too much on this board. Through most of high school and my early college years I was a part of the disinformation networks and had various clubs and groups held to discuss political controversy, faulty elections, even the 9/11 Truther movements. However, as I continued to grow and read and learn more I stopped caring as much about the political insanity of my country (America) and instead decided to more fully pursue my other interest: religion, spirituality, paranormal studies, metaphysics, philosophy, mythology and faith/logic discussions. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ATS has a few boards dedicated to a couple of these topics. I spent a little time 'lurking' on these boards without a user-account so I could get a feel for the type of posters that flock to the boards. After a little over a month of reading and getting a good reading on the members I decided it was time to join up and see if I might be of any use furthering the discussion on those boards (and others, I don't discount my possible interactions on any of the ATS boards).

That would hopefully suffice as a good example of why I am here. Now for the bland little paragraph explaining more about who I am. To start with, I am in college, pursuing a degree in English, hoping to use the teaching background as a steady job on the side while I pursue my main desire of becoming a writer. On the side of grammar courses, writing courses, and educational courses I also delve heavily into philosophy courses, world religion, comparative religions and on my own I personally study all faiths and dogmas I can. So I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about topics involved with those. Much more so than the typical laymen or armchair enthusiast.

That being said, I'm also a practicing magician, in the theological sense, not the sleight-of-hand sense. I study Wicca, paganism, Qabalah, Enochiana, Thaumaturgy, High and Low magick, Gematria, Voudu, Christian Mysticism like Gnosticism, Hermetics, Neo-paganism, Druidry, and many more. At the same time I'm also very skeptical of a lot of things. My personal creed concerning the existence of any type of "Paternal God" is that there isn't one. So atheism is also not beyond my realm of inclusion.

While this may all seem like a giant jumble of contradictions, I assure you it has worked exceedingly well for me in my 21 years. I understand and accept that the Universe is both known, and unknown, while also accepting that the forces of science and magick both exist. And finally, that just because their are forces out there, it doesn't mean there needs to be a sole divine figure who is spearheading everything. A healthy dose of skepticism on that which has not revealed itself to me, and a much needed acceptance of that which has.

So, this all being said I am now going to head over to the boards which suit my needs and I look forward to seeing you all around the forum.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Well my friend you are more than welcome here!

If you need help with anything just give me a shout!

Much Love



posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

I am a fundamental christian,so,I'm pretty sure we will be clashing
somewhere in the future.
Welcome to ATS!

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 05:03 PM
@ Wolf

Thank you for the welcome. I think I am catching on pretty well to the posting settings and the forum rules, etc. I'm slowly exploring the profile settings and everything seems to be making sense. I'll toss you a line though, if any questions should arise.

@ Mamabeth

Nonsense! I didn't say my religious studies excluded the Christian faith. My family is Catholic, I was raised Catholic and the majority of my friends are Evangelical Christians who belong to local mega-churches. If you feel that your views on Christianity and mine cannot be reconciled then we may clash, but on the whole, I usually find most Christians agree with my views on their religion; as long as they've read the Bible and have studied church sciences like Soteriology, Epistemology and the like.

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