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Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:14 AM

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA

You've committed your life to Jesus. You know you're saved. But when the Rapture comes what's to become of your loving pets who are left behind? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets takes that burden off your mind.

We are a group of dedicated animal lovers, and atheists. Each
Eternal Earth-Bound Pet representative is a confirmed atheist, and as such will still be here on Earth after you've received your reward. Our network of animal activists are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:14 AM
Just brilliant! I've bookmarked the site, perhaps they should branch out and include the Planet X believers as well, Nancy Lieder would not have had to put her dog down after all! Candace abd her crowd could get in on the act as well!

Who knows this may snowball and become a world wide movement!
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:24 AM
Wow! What a bloody brilliant idea!!

As an animal lover and an atheist I salute these people's ingenuity

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:30 AM
Hahaha genius! But i can't imagine too many hardcore Christians wanting to hand their pets over to the godless atheists! The ones that really believe are probably the extreme types that will just off their pet before the big moment comes!


posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:31 AM
Well, it's clever I'll give them that ... but I am sure all of the southern baptists will simply repay such a offer with fire and brimstone ...

As funny as it is ... some Christians just have no sense of humor.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:32 AM
Could a brother get a discount if he's going to hell?
Cause I really would like my pets taken care of by some non believers.

I would have been proud to come up with this scam.

How about those guys that come into your house after you are dead to clean out the "porn wing" and the hard drive, hang up pics of the family and take out the trash and drugs. Also a great way to access all yer stuff once you are gone.

It's refreshing to see people going after some of the christian money before the lemmings give it to the church.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:55 AM
If i die, i want to die side by side with my puppy. Nothing can separate us, not even death.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 09:18 AM
Let some Atheist Heathens raise my pets!! No way!!

I like the idea of branching out. From what I have seen of churches, bars, and good ol' boys. After the rapture, we will still have plenty of evangelists, preachers, and prudes here on Earth to "save" us from our ways!! We may be short on bartenders, cowboys, blue-collar workers.

I wonder if these Atheists can mix a good drink, rope a calf, or build a house?

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

4 years bar work under my belt from my days at Uni. Now all we need is the cowboy and the builder. Hell, you may as well add an indian and a cop and start singing YMCA!!

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by nik1halo

A whole world of Atheist Village People!! That will be the Hell that Uptight Christians have been warned about!! If they don't make that initial cut, they will already be in Hell! I like it!!

I am sure there will be an over-abundance of cops left behind! Plenty of those un-indoctrinated savages too!

[edit on 15-2-2010 by getreadyalready]

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Oh my goodness! This might be construed as a Satanist conspiracy to obtain sacrificial animals.

[edit on 15-2-2010 by gazerstar]

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 11:16 AM
YAY! I'm an atheist and I have cats. so please watch out for the souls of all the cats I have have since I've been an adult. they are

(those are my current cats)
Orange Cat
Sweet Pea
Furry Murray
Big Bear

and at least half a dozen others.

yay for me and my cats!

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 06:28 PM
As a non-believer, I should admire their enterprise but I think they're being lazy. They obviously don't think they'll ever have to do anything to earn the money. Expenses? Yeah right !!

Cor, if I were god I'd go back to my vengeful, Old Testament ways and have a Rapture just to spite them

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 02:42 PM
Dangit. Wish I'd thought of this. Wonder if they're selling franchises.

Actually, this could work in any catastrophe or unexpected demise.

[edit on 21-6-2010 by ~Lucidity]

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:11 PM
I was reading one of the books that was supposedly taken out of the bible. A lot of books were taken out and deemed unnecessary reads, or just a lot of filler. So anyway, I was reading the book of Adam and Eve and then the Book of Enock. I read in one of those that even animals will judge us in the end. The souls of the animals will give an account if you were good to them and fed them well or if you were not a kind master to them and did not feed them well.

I don't know what will happen after they give an account, but why wouldn't they continue to survive?

If you believe in God or that consciousness exists after death, then why wouldn't animal consciousness continue to exist?

The energy has to go some place, either back to the creator or escapes into the universe or something.

So anyway, I had never heard that even animals would give an account, but it does make sense. If you do believe in a judgement, then if you mistreated an animal for your own pleasure, you would have to explain why.

If you were good to an animal and it was your pet, why wouldn't it be there to greet you?

If you believe in a heaven, then you'd expect for there to be things there that make you happy. For some people, they could not imagine a heaven without their pet. I fully believe that God would understand this and save the souls of pets for their owners.

I don't know if every animal would have a soul, but maybe if we love one, we share a part of our soul with them.

There are some people in the world who are very lonely people. There are some people who are not attractive or are not sociable with other people. There are some people who only have an animal for a friend.
Now if there is a person who is lonely and is only surrounded by their animal friends, and only the animals show this person any love, why would a loving God not have those animals to greet that person when they die?

To that person, the animals are like their family, so I think that the animals would be there to greet the person when they die.

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