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[Illuminati?] Lee Daniels on The Daily Show 2-11-2010

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 04:29 AM
The only decent link I could find was @Hulu:

IMDB synopsis:

Lee Daniels is interviewed for his film, Precious.

@12:55 The scene shown to the audience is this:

"Mary tells her that she treats Precious the way she does because she feels that her husband would rather have sex with Precious than her, and this breaks her heart." (IMDB) - This is her defense to rape of a child.

@ 14:15 Jon Stewart: It explores the darkest realms of the human soul and yet not depressing. And I'm not sure exactly how you did that, or, or if that is what you were trying to accomplish.

@ 14:22 Lee Daniels: Through comedy.

@ 14:23 Jon Stewart: Right!

@ 14:24 Lee Daniels: Yeah through comedy.

@ 14:28 Lee Daniels. The book is x-rated you know. So through fantasy and comedy we didn't take ourselves too seriously. So yeah.

It get's worse as Jon points out it's as if Lee Daniels was making a challenge to himself (or something else?). As if to take all these people who really weren't actors, who weren't accustomed to this. And have them put on a wonderful performance turning a story about incest and rape into an uplifting comedy.

Lee Daniels thanks his casting lineup to divine order.

Jon Stewart makes a light hearted threat to the Oscar judges if Monique(sp?) who played Precious doesn't win an Oscar he will... come back and host them.

Lee Daniels mentions all the other (possibly Illuminati) actors and actresses he has worked with. And how thankful it is he can do it every 10 years. (Why 10? is this numerical type ritual?) He says he believes it's due to the stars aligning.

He even says he's attracted to the truth (not the darkness of it, dismissing that it's dark just truthful) and that the media underestimates the intelligence of the American audience. (Mocking the audience as they laugh)

Jon asks, "Really?". And he laughs replying, "Really".

It becomes more weird when you read the synopsis.

"While she is being raped by her father, she looks at the ceiling and imagines herself in a music video shoot; in the video, she is the superstar and the focus of attention." (IMDB)

"When she looks in the mirror, she sees a pretty, white, thin, blonde girl. In her mind there is another world, one in which, unlike her real one, she is loved and appreciated." (IMDB)

This is emphasizing disassociation.

Just my thoughts as I watched it, felt odd seeing them show a scene about the mother defending the rape of the star.

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 08:17 PM
Haha.... Yeah, it's all real funny....
What the hell is wrong with people?


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