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Kundalini and the Rising Antichrist

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:37 PM
Kundalini and the Rising Antichrist

To the reader, my aim if successfully achieved will be to allow you to experience what is known as a becoming. When the reader immerses him/herself in a world of words that overwhelm the senses and lets them live within the reality of the words they read.
I am hoping that as you read this you can identify with me and associate your struggle in life, for truth, peace and justice alongside my own.
It is my belief that we are all born from the same source, that once we manifest into this world we are forever changed by our environment and experiences and that ultimately at birth we all possess the same unique soul before we are more and more separated from each other in the journey of life. The importance or emphasis should be placed on the fact that we are all different reflections of the same whole.
I feel that, it is only by experiencing this oneness that we are truly ever free.

I also believe that we are here to realign ourselves. To explain in more depth I would have to probably relate my belief to the mythological and spiritual world according to kabalistic tradition.
The whole concept behind the “Tree of life” and its direct link to the Kundalini system for some is a little blurred. I feel the reason for this is simply that religion can take man only so far in terms of his knowledge of god, that it serves mainly the congregation first and the individual second, and that the only true way to over-stand that which is godly is to enter the world of the occult.

The occult is merely a Latin word which when broken down can come to mean that which is hidden or covered. The average church man or woman would probably not have heard of the Kundalini system. It is only when you traverse the religious lines that divide, can you really appreciate that which is hidden.

It would be fair to say at this point that there would be many Christians, Roman Catholics, Muslims or any other mainstream faith members, reading this and thinking it all sounds a little colorful. That there is an alluring factor to this hidden world and its wisdom and knowledge but according to “my faith” it is something I am not to meddle with. That’s fine as long as you remember one thing.

You see it is religion that draws the line at knowledge. For the real knowledge and wisdom of systems like Kundalini, the 7 Chakra’s or the 10 Sephiroth exist only within the realms of the occult and more eastern traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jewish Mysticism.

These traditions have come through many ages from a time where the ancient world and mythology intertwined. This is pre-modern society, pre-ancient Egyptian, pre-Atlantian, pre-ancient Sumerian, Eden or even Nibiruan. It goes back to a time where the sacred language of the gods was that of sacred geometry. A time where symbols reflected mans consciousness.

From a very early age I have always loved world religion. I choose a long time ago to embrace every faith as part of a more conscious whole.
I intuitively know and instinctively trust that religion in most parts is philosophy, poetry and interpretation wrapped in metaphoric allegories, which tend to usurp truths from an astrological perspective.
But ultimately it is my faith that tells me or guides me to the conclusion that all religions, systems of belief, ancient schools of thought and all mystic texts point to the same definitive truth…

The truth, that there is after all, a divinity, a higher or super consciousness at work behind the scenes, or more importantly a purpose to our existence.

If it were not so, then what would be the point in living?
To, simply go from one extreme to the other and perish.
To make the realization that we are nothing more than brain cells and physical matter going through something we call time for no reason whatsoever.

You see it is the belief that keeps us going, without it there is no true inner strength. Disguise the fact how you may the truth rests that we are nothing save purpose.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:38 PM
We have no substance save faith and we have no answers save religion.

It is this immense power within that propels me to seek out that which can help me and others around me. The Quest for the Holy Grail, The Elixir of Life, The Philosophers Stone and The Super Consciousness. To posses the ultimate prize of the All Seeing Eye and have the ability to look at life as a God as Jesus Christ did as Buddha did as Krishna did and ultimately as many prophets, sages, alchemists, magicians, and messengers of god have.

To, be able to relate to everyone in a way of pure divinity. To be flawlessly self secure and more importantly to have mastered the art of patience and over-stood it to be none other than the true name of god.

This is the prize of Kundalini, to awaken the female serpent that sits at the base of your spine and through the correct methods of meditation and perception, allow it to rise up through the Chakra’s of the body from the root Chakra to the third eye chakra and eventually crown chakra giving you an eight chakra of aura that combines the effects of all Chakra’s.

This is the pinnacle of any secret system be it that taught at the synagogue, the mosque, the temple, the church or the society of secrets. There are many ways to attain this transformation some more practical, accepted and more mainstream than others. But in the end it is what we all seek, true enlightenment that allows us to be perfect beyond what the layman terms perfection to be.

This is where things become interesting. For many people life is one big puzzle, they live their lives out in contemplation of key and fundamental everyday spiritual questions. Those such as “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is the meaning of life?” etc.
Those that don’t are the kind of people who in this cycle didn’t have a calling or an awakening. They are the people that go through life without asking fundamental questions, those with everyday lives that incorporate enough of a balance from things such as entertainment and news to a busy social life and holidays abroad. They are what I refer to as the free spirits, the music lovers and earthy people. There are more free spirits roaming the earth than any other type of human. The more esoteric or spiritually deep characteristics are only ever present in those that have had the awakening or calling. This is why I believe in the saying “many are called, but few are chosen”.

The path of the adept, initiate or apprentice is a murky one. It is filled with truths and revelations that cause great electrical storms in the brain. It is a journey which has, as its objective, the task of facing your inner self. No mean feat for any adventurer.

The ability to overcome ones inner demons sets a man apart from a God. Not in that one is human and the other is not. Simply in the way that one has evolved, whereas the other has not.

This leads me to the crux of the issue. The final link that brings the framework of the spiritual, esoteric and mystical into context with that of reality and this is all done by simply incorporating the theory of conspiracy.

Not your everyday average conspiracy, like that of UFO’s, the paranormal, ghosts, or government men in black suits. This is The Grand Conspiracy of the Ages, the one that ties in all the essential ingredients to form a picture of revelation to the minds eye.

The one that links the “Coming Age of Aquarius” or “New Dawn” to the New Age Movement (NAM abbreviated), the one that merges religion and politics through the common association that the Bush family, the Blair’s and the Royal Family are in someway connected to a sacred bloodline. The involvement and self confessions of George Bush and John Kerry admitting live on American Television or Tell-Lie-Vision, that they are members of the Skull and Bones Secret Society and the same energy that pushes Tony Blair to accept a messianic approach to politics inviting speculation of his involvement in Freemasonry.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:39 PM
And if this is not enough, it is the Grand Conspiracy that houses all other conspiracies beneath it in a web of illusions and confusions.

To those already in the know you will be well aware of the relationship between the ancient Mayan astrological calendar of ages and the coming Planet X/Nibiru.
As absurd as it may sound to you, Planet X is both recognized by NASA and those in the Illuminati/Masonic/Interplanetary/Evolutionary/Cosmic Change circles as being “The Tenth Planet” or “Planet of Ascension”. Many believe it will mark the beginning of the end. When Planet X passes by the earth, as it does every 3,600 years, and with it brings great catastrophe of biblical proportions. Call it “The Apocalypse” “Armageddon” or the end of the world as we know it, according to the Mayans (and by all means, please do your own research) the end of our current age of Pieces is due to expire December 22nd 2012. At which point we will enter a New Age or New World Order as some would have it, the Age of Aquarius.

Now that your brain is doing overtime trying to resolve the issues this thesis poses it is time to introduce a dynamic aspect that directly connects Religion to Conspiracy.

In the final chapter of the New Testament many believe what is written to be a true account of the things which must come to pass. Revelations to some is the most feared chapter of the Bible. The reason being it addresses the cataclysmic event, that deep down, we all know, will have to take place, one day soon. Even today as we speak War, Famine, Crime, Terror, Disease and the breakdown of the economic system we live by are all reaching their peeks. Logically, what with all the doomsday scenarios that exist today from a new ice age to the depletion of the ozone layer through to the arrival of aliens and the return of Christ. We as a civilization have reached a fundamental turning point. Those in secret government already know the deal as do many politicians, actors, musicians, sport stars and generally all people of brilliance or wealth.

That something major this way comes.

Just for a minute I want you to think of an action adventure film. Or a mainstream film that all the family love to watch. Actually think of few and I will guarantee you that in most there is always a hero. Be it a woman a man or an animal the hero is what makes Hollywood what it is. Without the hero there would be no adventure and therefore no excitement, no thrills or spills no one to associate to as the victor at the end of your televised journey. You see it is the hero that the world is waiting for. Throughout history the hero has always come at our greatest time of need. Just like Neo in the matrix, or the fifth element, superman or Moses in the Ten Commandments. The hero is always the one that the stage is set for.
The people that recognize the moment see the signs. They feel the change they anticipate the arrival of a great king, a man like themselves that will lead them to a new world of peace and stability. Just how Morpheus knew and how the Three Wise Men knew and how the Freemasons know.

The hero always has something that defines him from the rest, perhaps a weapon, skill, special ability or some kind of magical element that allows others to see him/her as a higher being than them self. That’s what people like Christ or Buddha achieved that’s what Neo and Santa Claus did and that is what the next person to come along will do.

But what of this person that will come along? And what of his/her connection to Religion, Politics, World Events, Economics, Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology the Occult and all other elements that will make him/her up? What of the circumstances that surround this person? And above all what, who, why, when and how does this person relate to you and your current reality?

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:39 PM
The truth is no one knows for sure, but what we can be sure of is that too many things are happening which directly relate to prophecy to be mere coincidence. That all the ancient mystic texts and the entire wealth of all religious scripture point to this day of change. It is why we are here.

Right now you are either contemplating this or scoffing at it, either way it is and opinion based on personal experience as much as it is one that is based on facts surrounding the worlds of conspiracy and religion. You can choose to ignore it and continue to live out your life according to the materialists and egoists otherwise known to us in esoteric circles as the dying breed. Or you can choose to awaken from your slumber and begin a journey of self discovery that may or may not lead you to full enlightenment. Which ever you choose remember that the path can teach you many things. But that ultimately the universal love of your fellow human is recognized and that the importance of connecting to the Tao or life force is an essential part to our evolution… without taking this step you continue to live in Maya/Illusion and by taking it you allow yourself to explore that which your soul most desires, truth, freedom, peace and enlightenment.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:40 PM
Give or take a few centuries, I have no doubts things will one day change dramatically. That something will happen to society that will make 911 the Asian tsunami and the floods of New Orleans combined look like a pin prick against that which is slowly coming. Like a volcano building magma at its core, so to does the mountain of lies prepare to burst its banks. But when all is said and done one truth remains. That no matter how alluring Lucifer will be in his mystical temptations to mankind and no matter how many will take on the mark of the beast during the tribulation, falling away and awakening that the time is at hand and the lie will be magnified so that all will see their existence to be much, much more than previously perceived and just after that time comes when the antichrist is destroyed by Christ after his 7 year reign the world will enter a new phase and begin a new transition through the next 3,600 years evolving on a cycle one step higher than that which we are on now. When The UFO’s/Nephalim/Anunnaki/Elohiem or angels land and their leader claims to be associated in same way to earths messiah or antichrist at that point or moment in time will all things fall into place. At that point when society at large makes the conscious leap between conspiracy and religion will all things illusory crumble and only then will we really see life through the eyes of beings that have transcended the confines of the material world. Only then will we eradicate consciously and on a global scale every threat that is posed to humanity, only then can we continue a new cycle and like birth, death and rebirth have it flow in unison to the laws of karma. That is the deep significant change we all want, how many will survive I don’t know and whether it will be an internal individual process of realization or an external earthly process of cleansing remains to be seen. One thing I can find comfort in is, knowing that no matter what events unfold fear is the result of the lack of faith or god and that with faith in God, I can be chosen as the physical vessel for the antichrists spirit to be born inside. For I am not afraid to awaken the spirit of the Antichrist as I know it is merely a means to an even greater end and if I am chosen to play the role of the son of perdition and take on the suffering of the world on my shoulders and offer myself as a sacrifice to Christ then so be it. I fear nothing I embrace everything. And as God is my witness I am prepared to lay down my single life like Christ did, so that humanity can continue to live on. It would be the most unselfish, yet highly privileged task to carry out and whoever that antichrist may be I will cry a tear for them for I know that great evil can only manifest in the purist of souls.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Icecoldfm

Man, I don't wanna be rude, but I guess it will be just inevitable...

What exactly do u wanna mean with this gigantic text??? Why the hell did u use a title like that "Kundalini and the Rising Antichrist"??? What is this bla bla bla for??? Do u wanna talk about occultism practices, about conspiracies, about UFOs, about WHAT??? What's YOUR POINT???

Would u like to build a bridge between ancient extraterrestrial colonization, occult wisdom, faith manipulation, civilization decadence and government conspiracy???

Was really necessary write a testament to say that an ancient alien race came to Earth, bringing a wisdom or science relative to self transformation through control of chakras and sexual energy and this knowledge was manipulated along the eras by bogus religions submitted to politic powers?? IMO we're flooded by a tsunami of misinformation and it's time to uncomplicate, to untangle and compress the data to better popular understanding. Sorry by I think you did mess too many points and missed the path.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:01 AM
Everything i wanted to say i said in my post, sorry if it did not meet the requierments you have set out.

if you dont really understand the nature of the post then it isnt for you.
Sorry you have so many questions but i do not have any answers for you.

Peace and blessings to you.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by Icecoldfm

I can see much inner searching and struggle you have found from this spiritual search you are on.

I relate to a lot of what you have wrote here, just remember you know yourself best and you have been shown these things and that is it, its not evil, dark and its not the antichrist. yes its occult (hidden) but thats not evil in any way.

Religion does not help past the point you have seen, you have to change your whole belief that you have had from a child, this is not easy .

Try not to fall into the trap of confusion by loosing energy to all the hype around UFOs, aliens, 2012 its there IMO as a distraction, the real truth is to be found within and from reading your words your on the right path. Dont speak too much of what you see, what is between you and the female serpent should stay that way, between you both only. Keep it close and use its energy for growth, speaking about personal mystical moments dilutes their energy.

Most of all keep her pure and balanced, as she moves through you allow the energy to purify itself without polarity.

take care and thank you for your posts.

One thing I can find comfort in is, knowing that no matter what events unfold fear is the result of the lack of faith or god and that with faith in God, I can be chosen as the physical vessel for the antichrists spirit to be born inside. For I am not afraid to awaken the spirit of the Antichrist as I know it is merely a means to an even greater end and if I am chosen to play the role of the son of perdition and take on the suffering of the world on my shoulders and offer myself as a sacrifice to Christ then so be it. I fear nothing I embrace everything. And as God is my witness I am prepared to lay down my single life like Christ did, so that humanity can continue to live on. It would be the most unselfish, yet highly privileged task to carry out and whoever that antichrist may be I will cry a tear for them for I know that great evil can only manifest in the purist of soul

This is the negative side of awakening , try not to have such thoughts, they are not helpful. This is unbalanced and very common with kundalini. Insanity is known to come with kundalini awakenings, please dont allow your self to continue with these thoughts, they are unhealthy and quite dangerous to your mind. Take some time out, rest a while, then try to raise her again but within balance. never allow her force to make you feel special (ability to grow the antichrist within and save humanity) or she will destroy you. Her fire will consume you. Kundalini takes no prisoners, you must respect her or she will bite you badly. (yes she is a serpent and snakes bite)

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