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Video: Ron Paul “I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If The FED Is Involved In The Greece Bailout”

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posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 07:48 AM
It's interesting video, Ron Paul has pretty modest views and is not afraid to share them with public. But could it really happen Fed involved in bailing out Greece? Sounds pretty far fetched to me but not impossible.


(RussiaToday) – Max Keiser – Greece Rattled by Hidden Debt Controversy Could Tear Apart EU

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how that 40 Billion Euros of debt were found on the balance sheets of the country of Greece following the financial collapse.

(RussiaToday) – Max Keiser- Deflationary Nightmare has a Long Way to Go

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss theprevailing theme around world which is deflation. The Japan economic collapse began 20 years ago.

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by December_Rain

As for being far-fetched, you do know where the majority of the US bailout money went don't you?

Through AIG and other entities the US gave the majority of the money to foreign banks.

The economy right now is a ghost. It is not real.

The 9.7% unemployment rate in the US is a LIE of EPIC proportions.

You have more people go on the Unemployment lines but the Rate goes down?!

If you take away the SEASONALLY adjustment. The real U6 number is 10.6% unemployment.

If you look at the U3 numbers it is currently at 18%.

Both of these numbers are NOT seasonally adjusted. Why adjust for the season? Because people are still unemployed. It is a JOKE!

Look at this little snippet from the government FAUX numbers people-
Bureau of Labor Statistics

In accordance with annual practice, the establishment survey data have been revised to reflect comprehensive universe counts of payroll jobs, or benchmarks. These counts are derived principally from unemployment insurance tax records for March 2009. As a result of the benchmark process, all data series were subject to revision from April 2008 forward, the time period since the last benchmark was established. In addition, with this release, the seasonally adjusted establishment survey data from January 2005 forward were subject to revision due to the introduction of updated seasonal adjustment factors.

Now if you go to this page-BLS-unemployment table you will see the real numbers!


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