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Mongolia's extreme winter leaving livestock frozen and people facing hunger

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 06:08 AM
One of the toughest people, the Mongolians who are used to harsh winters are now being overcome with the severity of the icy temperatures; and for what could be one of the first times, their whole way of life is facing uncertainty.

Over 20 thousand of their animals are dying in the harsh cold. This is their life, and their livestock.

Families are bringing what animals they have left into their huts to keep them warm.

One third of the population of Mongolia lead nomadic lives and depend entirely on livestock for a living. Their cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels are the main household asset and are perishing from cold, exhaustion or starvation. Total economic losses so far are estimated at $62 million

Local experts have told many News channels that the whole countries livestock could be wiped out, and the red cross are fearing for the life's of people in the mountain, One tribe have not been heard from since November,

Our hay is all gone now. As our goats die we sell the hides and buy more fodder, but it only lasts a few days," Suon said.

It's called the 'Dzud' - a multiple disaster with a summer drought followed by one of the coldest winters on record.

It has left millions of livestock dying from a combination of exhaustion and starvation - some herders report that their cattle perish at the rate of 50 a night."


The president of Mongolia has now asked the UN for help, fearing that his people will not make it.

In the wake of other natural disasters I fear that these people may be overlooked.

It would be very sad to see this way of life ended.

My thoughts are with all these families who are struggling at this time.

It seems this winter really has been one for the records....

(Thank you "ElectricUniverse" for helping correct some errors)

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:25 AM
Skynews have done a report on this in video, It really gives you a feel for the story and the amount that this effecting the people there,

Goodness i feel so sad for these people, there really do work there land and ask for nothing,

Its worrying that if people like this are finding it hard this winter goodness knows how we would all cope if our winters became like that.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:27 AM
UH...when does Mongolia NOT have extreme weather?

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by iMacFanatic

True, but in normality they are able and well adjusted to handle such situations, This winter along with drought have made the condition's much worse.

These people are strong and there live stock are pretty much able to normally handle such conditions: This time however they the livestock that is essential to the people being able to live is under great threat,

The animal pens are empty; some people loosing more than half there stock.

This is a disaster that is at this time not being seen; Many people will die and there ability to live is under question,

So, yes they have terrible winters, but they are in general able to cope.

This time its a different story...

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by iMacFanatic

Let's say they're having an even more extreme winter.
But that's not as spectacular as in Haïti, and far from any MSM's camera, so people don't care.
But no worries ! The planet is cooling !

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Jalis

I fear that we will sadly here more about this as time goes on, The red cross workers are there trying to deliver food to the villagers,

I'm trying to look up a little more on this situation; and monitor it closely in the coming weeks.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:34 PM
Mongolians not mongoloids. They eat only yak meat and are very healthy. So you don't need to eat your veggies. This area is the last untamed frontier on the planet. Sad to see that climate change is affecting it. I

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:36 PM
This is very sad. I hope something can be done to help these people and to help keep them and their livestock alive.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:39 PM
Mongols are extremely resilient people. I hope they'll recover. As an ethnic Russian, I have a grudging respect for them as one-time conquerors of Russia proper, a feat no one else was able to repeat in a millenium.

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