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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 07:22 PM
This is my first thread on ATS. I felt it ought to be a controversial topic that would later lead into my (Non-Religious) future threads. Please do not take offence to this. So with no, further ado: Have YOU Been PROGRAMMED?


Human Beings,
we are so arrogant, ignorant, and egotistical. We are so young of a race, yet we think we are so Important. So Important, that God has created a world for us and judges us by our actions - and suddenly at the point of our death, decides if YOU will go to Heaven or Hell through a TRIAL on YOUR life.

are not that God damn important, that's the truth of the matter.

Has anyone here seen a picture of the known universe? The billions and billions of stars with planets rotating around them? We are a tiny speck of sand in a sea of limitless proportions. But still, you believe "God" is watching YOU right now waiting for YOU to make a mistake so he can put YOU down on Hell's waiting list?

As humans and all creatures on Earth have evolved we, especially, have picked up many new neurological and instinctive traits through our DNA. We do not want to die. WE DO NOT WANT TO DIE. No one wants to die and if you are ready to fully accept death then there is either a problem in your genetic coding or you have been Programmed.

Now, it is only in our human nature to accept such a fairytale that Religion is, in order to satisfy our evolutionary instincts that force us to never accept death. Even when you are dead you are alive! Sounds like an answer to the problem! And it's free, well...almost - all you must trade for it is your mind.

Remember that programming bit? IT IS NOW that my soldiers throughout history will fight for me! I will tell them they are fighting for their Religious Leaders! They don't have to be scared of dying because through Religion they will never die. Now I can control the people! Now I can send millions of men marching to their deaths because they don't know the Truth. They don't know that this life is the only one, in their lifetime at least, that they will ever have! Now we are thinking less primitively, now we are expanding our horizon! It is only natural for a Human Being to fear death. Fear propels you all towards Religion and Spiritualism. Fear is your true "God" and Leader.

Liberate your minds. I find with my generation many individuals have awoken from this dream. Churches will go out of service, you will see. We are the change. Science is the answer to your questions. The answer to fear is knowledge, not mysticism. Now I do believe in a God-Like "force," personally. One that animates all matter. (Found in the Zero Point Field.) Although, it's up to YOU to liberate your mind, and YOU to find the answers to your questions, and it's YOUR world you are living in: you are a part of it - and "God" And every other Religion's God/Gods on this list:

Are as imaginary and fake as a dream you had last night. Remember the feeling when you wake up and realize "It was just a dream." But you wish it were real. Many of you have come to this religious conclusion! But instead of waking up and getting out of bed, you fluff the pillow and try to dream again! This reality we really live in is the closest you will ever come to a dream without the help of technology at least!

Seize the day today! Research into something that interests you that can help bring advancements to the world today. I am sick of no new ideas in this world, we are so inadept to change. We take every old idea there is and twist it and reform it and try to make something new (such as the thousands of different Deities in Religion.) The real advancements are made through New Perspectives. Liberate yourselves. Stop just living and start advancing. This is your only journey which life holds, don't wait around to die and rot in the ground, Today is YOUR day!

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:07 PM
Wow !

I am progammed. aren't you ?

Nothing we we accept or deny as truth, is a descion of a our realty learned by the same arrogant and idiot assumptions our species thinks are real. or deny they are.

Even your thread smells like the arrogance you mentioned of being able to make people change.

As for the belief the same is flaws of mankind are also corrupting science.
The arrogance leading to believe leads to believing to be god.

arrogant, ignorant, and egotistical. are key qualities to have an edge to survive and ajust in life.

The only problem there is are survival has become such an issue do to fear. We start to act like we are supposed to be in harmony and peace making survival longer possible. Our survivel edge isn't faded away but just keepson doing what it does best. Making advantige on the power fear can to rule

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:09 PM
Yes it is ironic though that science arose out of the religious monasteries -- in fact mental focus is based on religious celibacy -- as Newton, Goethe, and even Tesla adhered to. Still science does not mean "progress" as the search for answers through technology also destroys the ecology which we evolved from. Conservation biologist Michael Soule states that evolution ended over 30 years ago for large mammals. So humans may be miniscule in the universe yet science still agrees there are amazingly fine constants which enabled life to develop on earth -- the "rare" earth hypothesis. Yet for science to make this "religious" discovery about humans in the universe we at the same time have destroyed our home -- there's about 20 years of fresh water left and ecology will never be modeled by any super computer. So if universal consciousness is true it is also true that there is no progress -- there's no "enlightenment" -- and science is also a religion, as Professor David F. Noble has documented. Indigenous technology is one that unites with Nature to accept that humans on Earth are part of Nature and that is no progress -- that time is cyclical, and being awake is also a type of dream, etc. The shamanic reality discovered through altered states of trance dance and psychotropics and physiological transformation, etc. So that's another route for truth as consciousness remains a mystery in science since mathematics is based on a "closed" form while consciousness is formless. The secret connection to all of this is through nonwestern music as my blog details Good first post.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:20 PM
Personally, i think you have been programmed into taking what seems like an unbiased view, but goes over board and turns into just as biased as anyone else.

A. Nothing, and i mean nothing, is good or bad. you get to choose.

B. Nothing, and once again i mean nothing, has meaning. you get to give it meaning.

C. Everyone, and i mean everyone, is more important than yourself. If you start treating it differently, you are arrogant, ignorant, and egotistical.

Forgot one thing.

You have to be programmed to operate.

Trust me, once you unprogram yourself, there is a whole lot of confusion.

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:28 PM
You sound like another one of those nutty, atheistic, converts. “Yes be saved! Convert to atheism, comit lies, crime and other things with only earthly penalties to worry about. Dodge them, and you become like god”, ect
The only people who have been “programmed” more than religious fanitics are those who believe they know there is no god, but they can’t even blame a religious text for being so damn arrogant-indoctrinated.

There is tonnes of research on the paranormal, more than probably a man could read in a lifetime. There is also much we still don’t understand about Quantim Mechanics, the power of probability to crete things out of nothing, let alone others areas of science.

So for you to claim science in the 21st century proves anything more than a few sentances (in man made books) like the bible are wrong, is reckless in the extreme.
The best argument I’ve heard for atheism is why does god, let bad, stuff happen? And the best answer I’ve heard is cos he has a plan, or isn’t what you wanted. Many people choose to reject religion entirely because the Christian God is not the type of God they wanted. Shame they can't just reject the bad religion!!! Instead cos one religion is a waste of time, all of all religion is too. Not very rational is it, but that's atheism for you.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Paradox.

The answer to fear is knowledge, not mysticism.
Whilst I couldn't agree more with much of what you say, one thing really got to me. It was your tendency to liken religion to mysticism and spirituality. Tutt claim knowledge is the answer...and I agree, but each of us possess within us, THE truth of all truths...any question you could ever ask can be answered by looking within, and this is the core of mysticism and has nothing to do with the ill conceived views expressed in religious teachings...there is a mighty big difference between religion and spiritualism/ can't just blend them together in the same mix...the difference is essentially this:

Religion - People who follow religion believe they have already found the answers, and therefore no longer need to seek truth, because they already have all the answers, and it turns out those answers are quite comforting, so they rarely bother to question these so called "answers" they claim to posses and preach.

Spirituality/Mysticism - A true spiritualist or mystic isn't really following or studying certain teachings, they are independently seeking truth from within and through personal experience in order to develop a set of greater truths which form who they are and how they view reality.

I probably wouldn't consider Buddhism a religion. If you actually read Buddhist teachings, it's highly philosophical, it's the opposite of what you would normally see in standard religious teachings, such as good, evil, punishment, reward...basically the normal concoction required to PROGRAM people...instead, it promotes keeping an open mind, and teaches balance and teaches that inner reflection and truth seeking (i.e meditation) can greatly benefit a person and open them up to the true nature of reality, and strip them of this materialistic perception most people posses...

Psychonauts also understand the importance of understanding ones self, and looking for answers from within. Their main goal is to explore the inner workings of the mind and consciousness using an array of techniques such as lucid dreaming, technologies such as brainwave entrainment, psychedelic drugs, entheogens, tantra, and sensory deprivation. By inducing altered states of consciousness, a psychonaut is able to address spiritual questions through direct experience. I believe alternate states of consciousness, allow us to explore aspects of reality and mind which aren't accessible, or extremely hard to access whilst in a "normal" state...for instance...I believe parts of the subconscious mind can be accessed whilst in alternate states of consciousness...and this can lead to an array of advanced cognitive functioning and insight into the structure of reality and the mind...

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:01 PM
Quantum mechanics does not explain ghosts I'm sorry but I have studied into it too deeply. It does explain reincarnation though, through Quantum Entanglement. But, that's another thread! I understand how you all look at me as if I am trying to "Re-Program" you and how you can compare this to a religious fanaticism. But - that is not the case. I am merely offering a viewpoint for self liberation, and at no point did I tell any reader to go out and commit a crime. That's quite the accusation. What I want is for the snail to find a new shell. You can argue through the fact in which paranormal anomalies have been documented, but this is electromagnetic energy and that is not outside our realm which we live in. Do you know what a biophoton is? There is a solution to every question you have, it just will not be interpreted in your lifetime. Religion is like a Mirage in a Desert. You believe you are close to fulfillment but when you die and never reach the oasis you finally realise (or would, realise) the truth this universe has to offer. And it's not satisfactory by any means Human.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:04 PM

You sound like another one of those nutty, atheistic, converts. “Yes be saved! Convert to atheism, comit lies, crime and other things with only earthly penalties to worry about. Dodge them, and you become like god”, ect

I'm confused.
Do you claim religion to have less of muder, crime, lies etc.

Do you mean it is oke, to a delusional idiot full of arrogance. if you can blame it to religion ?

Or are you just giving some examples of athiest dogmas ?

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

You sound like another one of those nutty, atheistic, converts. “Yes be saved! Convert to atheism, comit lies, crime and other things with only earthly penalties to worry about. Dodge them, and you become like god”, ect
Heh...he said nothing like that...he was merely pointing out that religion essentially acts like a prison and keeps you from exploring real truth and answers...and it DOES, it PROGRAMS people, he's absolutely correct on every level...I know exactly where he is coming from...he said nothing of committing crimes etc...if you actually read what he said, he does believe in some form of "God" or higher being.

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Reply to post by Paradox.

Um. We are all programed. You and I included. Our minds are set up to be self programming machines. The only question is, with what.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:14 PM
We are an organic entity as a whole composed of individuals. We respond to rulesets that promote some over others much as we respond to natural selection. When we are thinking of the future and of what beauty can be created, we aspire to a higher standard (ascendancy). When we lack this, we seek to avoid challenge and to affirm more of what we are, even though it may be mediocre, and create a public standard of illusion to protect us (intraversion). Some will use "human nature" to justify stagnation and mediocrity, but in reality, human nature is specific to the individual (some will always try to do what is right, others never will, and most in-between) and human nature can change in a healthy social environment with strong values.

Some people may never change, but these tend also to have other problems adapting to reality itself. At this juncture, we must ask ourselves whether we design a society to produce ever-better people (as we hope to do with our own children), or whether we want to humble us all by focusing on those who are not doing well and put our resources into them instead of rising as a whole. When we set aside our own emotional and fear-driven responses, we see that we would rather exist in a society striving for the better. As such, we will with values systems lead people toward a better way of living instead of wallowing in justifications of inaction and failure like "human nature," a degraded norm, and the like.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

The best argument I’ve heard for atheism is why does god, let bad, stuff happen?
Well, let me quote something I said the other day in a thread on intelligent design, and lets see what you think:

Originally posted by CHA0S
Let me ask a question:

Just because one can intelligently design and build something, does that mean it's absolutely impossible for the things one is able to design, to randomly appear if one waits long enough?

Given enough time, anything is possible. Because this universe, and the things that exist within it, appear highly complex and detailed, our simplistic human minds often jump to the conclusion that some sort of higher being must have designed it, I'm not saying God(s) don't exist, because I really have no idea at all, and as I often say, it's just as ignorant to state Go does exist, as it is to say he doesn't...also, I'm a very philosophical guy, and I'm heavily into metaphysics (it's probably my favorite topic to discuss and study). I think, if God does exist..."he" was the one that created something from nothing, "he" supplied the sudden burst of energy which exploded into existence in the big bang...and that energy is the fundamental constituent to everything in our universe...everything is energy...and over time that energy has naturally formed everything we see in the universe, including all life-forms, and even ourselves...and evolution is also real, it's basically a fact in my mind...basically what I'm saying here is: God(s) created the spark from which everything in our universe would manifest, "he" planted the seed from which everything would spawn..."he" has no real part in the design of anything..."he" lets natural processes take care of that part...

But... we see the structures in everything
We see order in these. We see "intelligence" in them.
Of course you will see structure and order in everything...from chaos comes order and from order comes chaos...but order and structure isn't always indicative of intelligence...even the quantum level, and smaller, will show structure and order, because even though they seem like fundamental levels from our perspective, they really aren't, we still have an array of levels to go through before we reach pure and fundamental energy...this is the level where you will lose order and structure...but even so, you will still see order and structure...there is order and structure in EVERYTHING, but this doesn't mean an intelligence is responsible for it...

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by CHA0S

I apologize, this was not meant to be offensive material but when I spoke of mysticism and spiritualism those are very broadly defined terms and each individual has a different understanding of these terms. In this thread my personal claims regarding mysticism and spirituality are Exclusive to World Religions, excluding Buddhism, of course.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:25 PM
Everyone is programmed, even the people who believe they have deprogrammed themselves, because the nature of their deprogramming has reprogrammed them in a different format.

This is the essence of this thread. The OP argues about the follies of religion, yet does not even come close to acknowledging the follies of his own dogmatic beliefs; that of reductionism.

Scientific reductionism is about as bad as any form of theocratic destruction of knowledge.

OP is on to something, something I've argued before, but religion isn't the problem. Dogma is the problem. Dogma is the cancer killing humanity.

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:26 PM
In response to the original question..

Yes I am programmed, but with lots of buggy code and I don't run under Windows 7.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

Um. We are all programed. You and I included. Our minds are set up to be self programming machines. The only question is, with what.

Excellent observation - An Inherited or Innate form of programming with DNA. These are the instinctive traits I discuss which have changed over time, the genetic model of a Human.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:48 PM

I apologize, this was not meant to be offensive material
Oh, no need to apologize, I wasn't offended by what you said...I just wanted to make clear the difference between the two...but maybe my perception on these things are just part of my "programming"...

That's why I try to "program" myself instead of letting external forces program me how they want me...

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

Everyone is programmed, even the people who believe they have deprogrammed themselves, because the nature of their deprogramming has reprogrammed them in a different format.

I believe you have made a fatal error in interpretation. I understand Dogma plays such an important role in this equation. But rather, when I refer to programming, I set out to help the reader reach a programmatic Equilibrium. In essence, you have created a paradox with the quoted statement. One which will always exist unless the Human Race were terminated. So an Equilibrium of programmatic or self-influential liberation(Without the restraint of Dogma) would be the only natural answer for your proposed argument.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 10:13 PM
Lets say you're right and there is nothing after death...then I won't remember or regret or care about anything that happened during my life. I might as well have not lived at all. BUT....if I am right....My life of trying to live within my Savior's guidelines will have paid off.

If there is nothing after death, then every smile, or tear, or moment will have no meaning. If we don't exist after death, then did life ever exist? I just can't see how or why we would even develop a consciousness that allows to us ponder an inevitable outcome. People say that we created religion as a defense mechanism; but if we have to create a defense mechanism against our developed abstract thinking, then what advantage would it be to have our bodies to develop it at all? I have pondered all of this before and have found that there is no reason for life if there is nothing after. And how can we explain anything supernatural?

You offer me a life of running the rat race to get ahead in life. A life of worshipping money and science. A life of no hope other than storing junk to pass down to my offspring. A life where nothing is real. A life where I store grudges and let others get under my skin. A life where I have to brainwash myself into thinking that I have the ability to know the absolute truth. A life of picking and choosing vices based of personal pleasure. A life of fake friends who are really looking out for their own survival. A life of absolute fear of being extinguished at any moment. A life of fear of never seeing any of my loved ones again. A life where the value of a human being is placed on their production capacity. A life where we are a tiny blip on a timeline of 4.6 billion. A life where anything that offends my observable scientific view must be written off as irrational and dangerous.

Jesus Christ offers me a life where material possessions are meaningless. A life of friendship that goes beyond time. A life involved with people who love each other. A life where God's word gives clear direction to my life. A life of hope for a better future. A life of healing deep emotion wounds and forgiveness. A life where we are the center of God's creation. A life where every person everywhere is loved by the savior I love. The confidence to die with peace and anticipation of going home. A life of admitting that we can't ever understand somethings and, in faith, letting God direct. A life of eternal security. A life that isn't blind faith.

You can guess which one I will pick.

Yes, I do agree that religion is an awful man-made tool to control the masses. Christ exposed these Pharisees as the hypocrites they were. I do not advocate any religion. I advocate a personal relationship with Jesus.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 10:40 PM
I suspect every living creature believes it is the most important entity in existence.

This belief is the reason every creature exists.

If a creature did not desire to exist, it would have ceased existing soon after it lost the desire to exist.

Although, it's up to YOU to liberate your mind, and YOU to find the answers to your questions,

Every question has been answered,
but not every question has been asked.

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