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ID Fraud, the bank guarantees you will not lose if fraud

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 08:42 AM
but we all know how many FDIC bank seizures have been going on - just a scenario, but what if you ID was used to blank you out and transfer all credits and debits off shore and your bank declared bankruptcy and FDIC was broke... OMG
they wouldnt do that. well just how many times have you had to file claims over last few years and Visa and MasterCard can not verify anything because someone used a data scrabbler so the CRC's would still be the same but the data would be mixed up randomly. your broke and how many trillions we cant trace...?
Rumsfeld said the Pentagon lost 2.3 trillion$ and then the accounting department went poof~!
they claim 10+ trillion was defrauded during the tech bubble, and then WTC 7 went poof~!
They Claim We Are 11+ trillion in the red and America is going poof~!

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