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A threatening presence in Sacramento

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 01:27 AM

Betty Frazer and Cassandra Bushore moved into a home in Sacramento and discovered that the home is haunted by four entities. The four entities are a mother and daughter, a small dog and a dark presence.

Some of the problems that they have in this home are:

1. Lights will dim and go completely off on their own. 
2. The bedroom door has shut closed by itself.
3. Messages have been erased off the telephone answering machine.
4. The occupants have been touched.
5. Woman entity has been seen; she is thin and has gray hair.
6. Woman entity has a daughter and the daughter seems sad and depressed.

Other activity is:

7. Clock hands spinning around.
8. Dishes have been slammed down to the floor.
9. Growling noises have been heard.
10. Plumbing sounds have been heard in the bathroom. It sounded as if plumbers were working on the pipes. The sound emitting from the bathroom was very loud.  

Note: They learned from their neighbors that an older woman lived in this house and died in this house from a terminal illness and that her daughter in her 30s committed suicide by a possible drug overdose. The neighbors have told the occupants that the mother and daughter lived in this home for 26 years. The neighbors said that they had a small dog and the dog died in this home too.

This has got to be the most convincing case I've ever heard of. All your evidence is right there verified. Could these spirits be demons or are they just normal ghosts? I believe demons are more violent. What do you guys think?

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 01:34 AM
Well, they could be "ghosts"or they could be what is termed familiar spirits. Now,if they are familiar spirits, they are probably just mischevious entities that followed the woman and her daughter throughout their life.

Familiar spirits have also sometimes been described as having the form of a “black man.” This description sounds very similar to what many describe as being shadow people, or disembodied humans that have not crossed over unto the light.

Still today others regard familiar spirits as being demons, or something evil, due to the reference to familiar spirits found within some of the
translations of the Old Testament. But, those in the Bible who called up familiar spirits to ask them questions, were called sorcerers and necromancers; people who spoke to the (human) dead. Many believe the word familiar (coming from the Latin world familiaris, meaning “household servant”), to express the idea of a helpful spirit that obeys the necromancer or sorcerer’s commands.
Familiar spirits


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