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ArkTwo... The hour is nigh

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posted on Feb, 27 2003 @ 07:22 PM
This just in from Ark Two ( )

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The Wednesday Window opened -
and not much has happened yet.

Yesterday, Turkey's parliament approved massive US troop entry-
but the authorizing document still to be signed
with diplomacy going on at the highest level.

US troops still sitting in the ships.
Not pleasant.
These are not luxury cruise liners
with swimming pools and all that.

Today Turkey closed its consulate in Iraq
and its border with Iraq -
ordering all Turkey tanker trucks to come home.

Today Iran closed its border with Iraq.

Iraq is said to have moved missiles
capable of carrying biochem WMD
closer to Kuwait border for pre-emptive strike.
(Probably won't get to use them otherwise).

Iraq says
destroy missiles ordered destroyed by UN.

Sharon has solidified the position of the "right" in Israel.
French parliament says that it never mentioned vetoing
new UN proclamation.
Lots of such political / diplomatic maneuvering going on.
Probably makes no difference.
The Wednesday Window is only 5 days long.

Like straws on the camel's back
or grains of sands through the hour glass.
When counting them one by one
one never realized there were so many.
Details, details, details,
thousands and thousands of them
mostly unreported
lining up like arrows of metal
in the magnet's field.

Little personal notes here and there.
One reader writes of a personally known
nuclear specialist suddenly being shipped out.

The Pentagon TODAY -
activated the journalist placement plan.
You DON'T want to keep the journalists waiting.
They can start finding unpleasant things to write
with their idle time.

Speaking of Journalism.
It is now official.
The media has the right
to INTENTIONALLY lie to the public
on any matter.

I sometimes wonder if they have some
social / government / institutional
responsibility / REQUIREMENT
to LIE to the public.

It is a Federal Court decision.
And where else would this take place
but in Florida?
The land of living lies.
There it comes with the mother's milk,
for calves at least.

Was saying to my wife a few days ago -
"Thank goodness for the Internet -
otherwise we wouldn't know anything about anything."
I think that what little truth the media puts out now
it simply has to do
to sort of keep up with the Internet.

So - how soon?
Maybe tonight.
Right this moment - (7:00 p.m.)
it is around 2:00 a.m. on a dark night in Iraq.
Ideal for night technology.

If they are going to bomb for say three nights,
tonight and the next two are ideal.
I don't know if Turkey is the hold up.
Certainly the UN isn't.
No need to wait on something that is NEVER going to happen
(anyway within any meaningful time frame).

Probably want to bomb for a couple of days -
and the boys can be moving into Turkey in the meantime.
Rock and Roll Rumsfield is ready to rumble.

Letting Saddam start it -
has both its advantages
and disadvantages.

The advantage is that it then justifies Bush's attack.
The disadvantage is that Saddam may get off
some WMDs and get the drop on some
of the oil fields.

But, Tommy Franks is THERE.
For real this time -
and he probably by now knows the hour -
even although I don't.

I will keep this short (for me)
and give some frequent updates
if time and circumstances permit.

Peace and love,

ArkTwo mailing list

posted on Feb, 28 2003 @ 11:44 AM
*continues to wonder if we're waiting another 12 years...*

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