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A perhaps timely story in the recent events of Haiti

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:16 PM
Hello ATS...Most if not all of you do not know me as I'm one of the lurkers on these boards that only come out to post every once in a great while.
While the recent events in Haiti have sparked everything from conspiracy to rage, to donations to grieiving and every emotion and action inbetween, we more importantly as the world have only focused on Haiti until about a week ago.
From the First of Blacks to the First of Whites

Since the recent tragedy that has befallen the proud and persevering nation of Haiti, there has been an outpouring of support followed by a few disturbing falsities being spread about the history of the island and its people. I wrote the following to shed some light on events during and around the Haitian Revolution. Please remember memorizing and reiterating should never pass for learning. Deciphering the significance of individuals and events is what truly teaches us not just about history, but also about ourselves.

While I wasnt searching for the information myself I came across this on my Myspace Bulletins(which are usually total garbage) However this bulletin I recieved was from an artist named Immortal Technique. Now if you do not know the man after you check out this article he posted I suggest you check out this man as he is pivotal in the underground music movement to waking up particullary the youth and if you have ever experienced his show well to me its the closest thing I can get to being a part of a truley revolutionary movement among other like minded peoples.

While the bulletin itself is quite a long read, and it may not be entirely relevant to Haiti I figured this is worthy enough to find my old password, log into ATS and share it with you people.
Hopefully some good comes out of it as I know I learned alittle more today than I knew the day before.
(I'm sorry if I messed up on the link or the quote this is my first time ever doing such so I hope I did everything correctly)


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