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The entropy force: a new direction for gravity

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 12:52 PM
This is the one force that has not been integrated with the other forces and that stops us from having a unified theory. Now this physicst says that gravity is not something that just mass causes, but it is caused by the interplay of mass time and space.

He says that between objects in the universe there is holographic information and moving distnanes or changing mass changtes this information in the holographic content, and hence we see gravity

So is gravity also information like everything? And do gravitons exist? Are they the ones who carry this information?

WHAT exactly is gravity? Everybody experiences it, but pinning down why the universe has gravity in the first place has proved difficult.

Although gravity has been successfully described with laws devised by Isaac Newton and later Albert Einstein, we still don't know how the fundamental properties of the universe combine to create the phenomenon.

Now one theoretical physicist is proposing a radical new way to look at gravity. Erik Verlinde of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a prominent and internationally respected string theorist, argues that gravitational attraction could be the result of the way information about material objects is organised in space. If true, it could provide the fundamental explanation we have been seeking for decades.


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