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You're a tool!

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:41 AM
And I am as well. This is a cynical view of modern humans and societies.

Most of us are tools of mechanized society, where robots have replaced humans. Maybe you are a wrench or a screwdrivers, it really doesn't matter. Be a happy tool and don't worry about the politics and the world at large; just do your work and you'll be fine - if your body and mind can take it.

I wonder if the ignorance is somekind of coping mechanism of human psyche. When not realizing the fact how unimportant you are as an individual, it makes the life perhaps more bearable. And after the day on work is complete, we escape into our fantasies that comes in the form of TV, Music, Games or hobbies and all such as much as possible.

The society has been mechanized; It is an huge machine which runs by the battery cells (namely humans); once they are done, meaning old, depleted and malfunctioning, they are thrown into waste disposal processes, which sometimes is more nicely called as 'retirement'. Others that have been failed or broke down before the age of retirement, are being disposed earlier by various processes. Finally in rest-houses these old batteries are free to interact, trying to exchange the little currents of energy that are left in their bodies for minimal function, between each others.

We have really created the monster of Frankenstein; a huge corpse - distantly resembling human being - but erroneous and incapable of emotion and genuine interaction:

Where there used to be society, is now institution; where there used to be a human being, is now machine. We perceive the reality as a vast system theoretical field, where inputs and outputs are static and predictable. But when seen this way, we know that the system must break down, because the tools that maintain it, are merely humans, not machines; the human being is sensible, irrational and illogical; in other words, a complete tool.



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