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The Second Coming: No win scenario?

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 06:20 AM
I was recently reminded of a figure in the Muslim religion known as "The 12th Imam" I did a search but found no threads directly about him, so I figured I would give you all some info on what the Islamic equivalent of the Second Coming is:

According to Muslim religion he was born in 869AD and did not die but was hidden by God. He is I suppose an Islamic version of the second coming. The 12th Imam will be revealed when the end of the world is here just before Jesus in order to fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice to the world. (I find it interesting it says THEIR MISSION)

According to the Hadith the criteria for the Hidden Imam are:

1.He will be a descendant of Muhammad and the son of Fatima

2.Will have a broad forehead and pointed nose

3.Will return just before the end of the world

4.His appearance will be preceded by a number of prophetic events during 3 years
of horrendous world chaos, tyranny and oppression

5.Will escape from Madina to Mekkah, thousands will pledge allegiance to him

6.Will rule over the Arabs and the world for 7 years

7.Will eradicate all tyranny and oppression bringing harmony and total peace

8.Will lead a prayer in Mekkah which Jesus will be at his side and follow in

Yes you heard right him and Jesus will appear and kick some ass against the war on evil. Much like any other prediction of a second coming the signs are vague and all promise the same thing.

Remarkably, the 12th Imam theory plays heavily into the world’s current concerns with Iran. The Shiite Muslim President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al Mahdi. There have been many through the years claiming to be the Hidden Imam but Ahmadinejad believes he is yet to come. He claims that he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi. In order to save the world, it must be in a state of chaos and subjugation. Ahmadinejad claims he was “directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi”.

I do find it noteworthy that Iran's government is so heavily enamored by this figure and it give me some questions about Modern Crusades but that is for another time. Though I will say that from the predictions of him, he's path will be a violent one where instead of forgiving the non-believers like Jesus and Co. would he will in fact forgive with extreme prejudice.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, and his cabinet, say they have a ‘signed contract’ with al Mahdi in which they pledge themselves to his work. In light of concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly stated Israel should be wiped off the map. It again does seem like Leaders are using religion as tool to further their own agenda but to actually go so far as to sign a contract with the 12th Imam(last heard, the 12th Imam hasn't signed it back) Now Iran is no doubt a religious country, but I get the feeling these predictions and prophecies have been put in for a very specific purpose.

Now to me the Islamic stories could quite easily be interpreted as the Anti-Christ, showing up before Jesus and claiming to be a Messiah would no doubt get many Christians to rise up, though I do wonder what would they do if Jesus followed him? What would happen if he didn't? Truly this would cause a world war Crusade that would decimate the world.

Both Jesus and he will reappear to do battle with the Anti-Christ to bring peace to the world, sounds good right? But how can we know who to trust if these silly legends come true? Jesus sounds like the obvious "good guy" with his coming and no mention of war and fighting, but I think it should be clear the fighting will be implied, no matter who comes first who is the clear "good guy" fighting will ensue.

Though I will admit that the only realistic way to achieve world peace is war, I do think that some militants are taking this too far, these 2 figures of Jesus and the 12th Imam seem to represent the opposite ends of a scale to achieve the same thing. However if Jesus did fight beside the 12th Imam I believe the Church would instantly label their own savior as the Anti-Christ.

The thing is the 12th Imam, The second coming, The Messiah no matter who appears it will lead to violence. This seems like something that could quite easily be used to further a private agenda. I can see no good coming from any of these "Saviour's" appearing, all that will ensue is war and lots of it.

The 12th Imam sounds like a good idea as does any Saviour but in the end no good will come of any of them reappearing. This is actually the sole purpose of my thread, to Illustrate that no matter which one of these "saviors" come first there will be only war between the religions, I simply started with 12th Imam because he would probably be the least known.

Will there be a peace from any second coming? Yes, I suppose after the war once every other religion is killed off there will be peace for sometime. However we would soon resort to our old way no peace will last based on eradication of difference. But I ask you, when the time comes Rise up against your savior! This is the only way to have diversity and peace in the world, they all will only bring war with the promise of peace JUST LIKE ANY OTHER WAR.

A real god is infinite, therefore a real god has infinite forgiveness and infinite wrath, so no matter what you'll still be in the same place.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 03:33 PM
Excellent thread, thanks

I saw a video and a peace of it's translation a little while ago.
I'm sorry. I don't remember any details of how, when and where.

It debunked the Iranian president.

The word goes he said to wipe Israel of the map and some other stuff.

The info stated that these stories were false. He did mention it but it is complete ripped out of the context.

He was pointing out to the muslim community and their willingness to cooperate. He said they are a shame to the muslim world and the situation must be stopped. Even if it meant to whipe out the origin and cause for the shameful situation to end.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Thankya Brother.

Aha I am glad the Iranian leader has been proven false, though with their possible growing nuclear capabilities and the fact that video will never be shown in Iran makes me think we still aren't out of the woods.

All Iran would need to do is claim the 12th imam and it would no doubt start a holy war, and same for any country claiming the Messiah. It just seems that no matter how peaceful any religion claims to be the fact remains that they will only lead to war at the end.

There is no peaceful way to have a religion.

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