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Slain Iranian Professor Unanswered Questions

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:11 PM
Source- Politico Article by Laura Rozen

Iranian news media and officials described Ali-Mohammadi as a nuclear physicist, but academics in Iran and abroad said he specialized in particle and theoretical physics. Tehran University listed him as a professor of elementary particle physics.

Which is it?

The regional research project in which Ali-Mohammadi participated, along with other scientists from Iran, Israel and various Middle Eastern countries, is called Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, or SESAME. It is based in Jordan and operates under the auspices of the U.N. Educational and Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is aimed primarily at operating a German-supplied synchrotron, a type of circular particle accelerator, which is intended to produce synchrotron radiation to enable scientists to better understand the structure and behavior of molecules, atoms, crystals and other elements. Iranian scientists said the project has applications in industry, medicine and new fields such as nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Working with the Israelis on a particle accelerator? Why hasn't MSM mentioned this?

An Israeli representative at the meeting, Eliezer Rabinovici, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said he talked to Ali-Mohammadi during an informal group meeting over a meal but that there were "no politics involved." In a telephone interview, he said he inquired about hints that Iran was interested in building its own synchrotron. "I didn't get a clear answer," he said.

Iran working on an accelerator?

Is it possible his assassination was carried out by the current Iranian regime to either

A) Blame on the U.S. & Israel


B) Punish him for corroborating with the enemy


C) Both


posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Another Link Same Author

Mr. Ali Mohammadi was a friend of mine in college. He was not a nuclear physicist. He was just a physicist. Maybe he taught a course or two on particle physics and this does not make him an expert in nuclear physics. I believe the Iranian governmetal media highlights this word "nuclear" to implicate that he was killed by the Israelis or Americans. He is also introduced as a believer in velayat-e faqih by Fars (False) News Agency but he did not believe in this as of 1980s.

Again, which is it?

Was Abu Nasser involved in the Killing of the physics professor? On Tuesday, January 12th, an explosion took place in Gheytarieh region of Tehran, which is believed to have caused the killing of Masoud Ali-Mohammadi, considered by state media as “the revolutionary and committed professor” of Tehran University. State media has introduced the victim as a fifty year old professor of nuclear physics. In one of the pictures taken from the scene “Abu Nasser” Hossein, assistant to Manif Ashmar is identified. Abu Nasser and Ashmar are prominent members of the Lebanese Hezbollah Forces present in Tehran. They have been frequently spotted to be involved in the suppression of people in recent demonstrations following the elections. Although this explosion is claimed to be plotted by terrorists opposing the revolution and the regime, [the] presence of Hezbolah terrorists on the scene suggests the opposite. Some believe this to be an inside job in order for the regime to take advantage of the atmosphere of fear, by providing an excuse to further suppress the opposition that could be blamed for either committing the act or providing the background for it. This strategy was frequently used in the early years of the revolution. Not surprisingly, this explosion resembles the many of its kind that have been implemented by the Hezbolah in southern Lebanon. ... More suggestions from Iranian opposition sympa

Really makes you wonder...

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by Signals

Another member for the dead scientists club. It happens, when knowledge is shared between enemy countries. Although not officially a spy, he could have been considered being used as one for his unique position, or even a traitor.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by Signals

Just another dead professor who opposed the regime. There's not a shred of evidence that the west benefits from this, and the regime has more enemies within than we can imagine.

BTW the bomb the other week that supposedly killed a nuclear scientist - he wasn't - he was a quantum physicist.

What lies has the regime provided for this bombing? Only time will tell.

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