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If Resistance is Futile, I'm Content to be an Outlaw.

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posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 08:51 PM
There's one big flaw in the governments conspiracy to dictate every move we make. The flaw is that we will not go along with it. Laws are only relevant for law abiding citizens. Think about this, if it were the law that you had to murder your second born child, would you do it? Me neither, so I guess you're an outlaw too.

You see, there's a real big difference between an outlaw and a criminal. An outlaw means that some bastards somewhere decided amongst themselves that something you are doing or have been doing your whole life is now illegal. Like smoking.

Anyway, we now have in the United States an Executive branch and Congress corrupt beyond anything in the history of the United States, anything!

Who would have ever thought that the Chicago machine could be so corrupt?

We now have people so bold and insulated that they brazenly declare war on the Constitutional rights of citizens, people like Cass Sunstein who absolutely will try to pass laws to eliminate our right to keep and bare arms, and another psycho czar who wants to take over the internet. These are just two of them but their numbers in places of power are endless.

My question to you is at what point is it enough? At what point do you step back from the door and say "Excuse me, you want what?" I don't want to go on to much because I would prefer to hear real stories that other people know concerning abuse of power or resistance to it, and what was the result. As for me I think it's pretty clear, this life is nothing more than a stagecoach stop, and if the elements of the Constitution ever become illegal, then I guess you'll just have to call me an outlaw.

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