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A new Epoch, The Darkages with Firearms!

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 09:41 PM
This will be my one and only 2012 thread.. And I understand there are so many of these that most of you want to scream... But please bear with me here.. This has been on my mind all month long!

For those of you who know about Jesse Ventura show conspiracy theory show 2012 will already know what Im talking about. Here is a video of part 6.. I suggest if you have not seen this, you should take a look..

Lets put aside all the mayan theories aside for a moment.. As 2012 is full of Mayan theories and ideas!

I want to talk about the Sun, and the solar issues we may face.. Granted this may not happen on the dot 2012 Dec 31st.. But prehaps in the year 2012 or 2013 we may exp. something our generations have never faced before.

Now in this thread, I am just going off my word alone.. I feel a bit to lazy tonight to add in links and sources to this theory.. But those of you who are on the up and up.. Will know what I'm talking about and have already found your own links, and sources..
Later in the week, I will provide links and sources.. I just want to get the ball rolling..

So sometime between 2012-2014 a solar event happens and takes out our failing power grid here on Earth.. And we are thrust back into the Darkages, yet with a twist.. This Darkage will be much different..
You see 75% of all Americans are Armed to the teeth!!! Firearms!!!

Back in the Darkages.. People had swords for melee.. Or Bows, and or crossbows for ranged attacks.. Things where really dark, and it was a time I wouldn't want to live in..
Now for a moment.. Just think of the Darkages.. Where most everyone had powerful Firearms!!! Thats a scary thought!!!
Not only firearms.. But we also have Gang issues that would sertinly surface really fast!
In most all cities, there is simply not enough wooded areas to provide enough game for all families! Just to many people right now.. and not enough to go around!

We would enter a NEW epoch! Something that would change all of us to the very core! We take everything we have for granted right now...

And those of us who are preparing for this event can only do so much...
And I would suggest you don't let others know if you stock up on food or water..
I would keep it to myself... Things will change.. and people we change quickly too..

And only groups of people will be safe.. Those who are solo through this event will be taken advantage of and killed quickly!

I just don't see how people would make it though 1 year of NO power.. It would be such a mess.. Its one of the few things that frighten me.. And not scare me as a person.. But scares me when I think of my old mother.. and sisters.. I fear for my family... They don't belive me when I say this could happen...
Most people don't belive me when I say this could happen.... Most people seem to think that our power grid is guaranteed too work forever!!!
Thats just simply not the truth..
Hell life is never guaranteed, Yet people seem to think it is...
They go about their days, and think nothing wrong could ever happen on such a large scale!

And its the slow way to go too!!

It would be much easier on us all if we just all died come 2012.. Pooof! dead.. Easy gone.. I can deal with that.. But its not going to go down that way...

Its going to be a slow process of systems failing one by one.. And those with money and power.. Will be dug in deep to wait it out.

This to me is a worse fate than all out infections, nuclear bombs, comets hitting the earth.. Or any type of instant deaths for all...

Just having our power grids nocked out would be enough to make a slow death for SOO many people here on this Earth.. That it shakes me to the core!!!

And this one too me is highly likely! putting aside what the Mayans say about 2012..
The solar flares from the sun, is what I am looking out for...
And the magnetic field that protects the earth shifting...

And to me... This is a natural thing that happens on Earth like planets... Its part of our test to be a part of this universe...
Its why we have our minds.. To overcome such things and survive.. While humans may survive it.. Many of us won't... And many of us will have to die a slow and painful death... Hell on Earth...

If anything.. I would rather have a quick death.. Than a long drawn out death...
Yet I won't just give up.. I wouldn't kill myself if this happens..

Its scary.. Yet exciting at the same time!!!

I just hope science is wrong about this one.. And we can keep our lights on!!!
But we have had it good for 100's of years...

And we take so much for granted.... 2012 is a wake up call...
And It might be a rude awakening!!!

And thats all I worry about for 2012... I worry about our power Grid failing...
Besides that.. I don't think there is anything else to worry about.. Personally...

But many others have some great ideas, and theories about what will happen in 2012.. But I am going with what my gut tells me... And my gut says our power grid is in serious trouble!!!

Our powergrids are already outdated, and failing all over the USA... They are in much need of upgrading and repair nation wide...
And its not so much a cost issue... But there are so many privately owned power stations and grids that it makes it a logistic nightmare to fix...

So if the human race makes it through.. hopefully we can learn from our mistakes..
And rebuild... Like we have sooo many times before!!!

LOL.. We think we live in a time where man is at the peak of technology..
Maybe we have been here before.. All lost it all, and had to start all over again...

I just hope this time.. We get this right....

Okay.. More later.. I just wanted to get this started.. AS its been close to 1 year since I made a thread...


posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 09:58 PM
Yes civilization would melt down within two weeks.

I live in Houston and after Hurricane Ike, it started to melt down here after a week. No fuel, no grocery stores. People were starting to kill each other for cutting in line at the few gas stations that somehow had power. That is no joke, it happened several times. If they had not started to get the power up after a week and a half we would have had total meltdown. We were without power at my place for three and a half weeks. Thank God the water was still running.

I am scared to death for my family as well and will do whatever it takes to defend them.

If this scenario comes to light: DYING WILL BE EASY, LIVING WILL BE HARD.

I am not trying to scaremonger, just the cold hard truth.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by timewalker
I am not trying to scaremonger, just the cold hard truth.

Hi Timewalker! Thanks for stopping in and sharing some of your time with me on this most important thread!

Your right! I am not trying to scaremonger anyone here, or promote fear.. Its not what I do here.. However there are some cold harsh truths we all must face up too!!

I know what you are saying 100% about people cutting in line, and what not!
This is what happened to me.. And there was power!!!
Maddness At the pump!!!!

While getting gas at the local Hess station there where cars lined up!
about 45 Cars waiting to get gas! Poeple yelling! and people cussing!
I finally got in line to get my gas, and people started Ramming other cars!
Starting a chain reaction! To where people started jumping out of their cars and going fist to fist with other people! IT WAS MADDNESS!
A man in a white truck slams into the person about 5 cars away from me!
Gets out of his truck pulls a GUN! and started shooting people!!!

Now this is Life, with power!!! People will become totally different creatures if the power grid goes down... And I'm not just saying this like maybe..
No even the best of us with the highest morals WILL break down within a matter of time..

People here in this current society are FAR to dependent upon power, gas, and easy to get supplies!!

Supplies will only be open to those who take them! Steal them, loot them..
Money will be no good after the power goes off..

Gangs, Mobs, and large groups will be law... It might take about 1 month before you see the real sh*t hit the fan.. But non the less it will hit the fan HARD!!!

And if you are sitting on supplies... Keep it to yourself... Better to start off to understand this now.. Than going around telling people how prepared you are locally...

And if we are talking months and up to 1 year with no power... That is alot of supplies!!! Most of which should be canned goods.. and not things that need to be refrigerated... Mostly smoked meats and non perishable goods.

How many of us know these skills? I am sure we have many here on ATS with these skills.. But the run of the mill American has NO freakin clue how the old world once worked...

You have 2 years to atleast run this through your mind...
NO need to run around scared and in fear for those 2 years... Just enjoy what you have while you have it... And enjoy for the time being!

I know I will be one happy camper when 2015 rolls around and we all still have power, and things might suck, and the world might be crooked.. But atleast its stable to a point...

I might not be totally happy with how life is right now... But when I think of stuff like this, it tells me to be happy with what I have right now...
As we live on the razors edge...
And thats not hippy crap either.. Its pure science...
Our Earth goes through cycles... And we have yet to see something this big happen... It could happen...

I for one would rather talk about it, and know.. Rather than being blindsided by such an event....
But if it doesn't happen... Well GREAT!!!! I'm no doomsayer.. I wish for the best and prepare for the worse..
And losing our power, is by far one of the slowest, painful deaths of a society I can think of...
I'd rather just be smited, and snuffed out in an instant.. ya know..

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:55 PM
You could and would live without's a challenge, but you can. Back in 1996( sound like an ol' we went through Hurricane Fran, lost power for 9 days. We did wife was miserable, but we did just fine.
The key is to have realistic expectations and address these prior to needing a solution.I had friends that used to joke with me about being a "boy scout" and always being prepared. Well, a few days into it, they quit laughing.
Now a scenario as big and deep as you are proposing is quite different, but again, did your grandfolks do power? Make preparations now. Get that place in the country...heck, move there. We did. Develope "old timey" skills and put them into practice...cutting wood, canning food and cooking on a wood stove, using cast iron cookware, find a reliable source of water, and so on...look on the survival threads here for reference.
Yes, they have guns, but so do you and that is why we move to the country...way out there. Be strategic in your thinking, look at it as if it were a fortress. We have a farm house on 50acres, on a hill, surrounded on 3 sides by a swamp and creeks, across the road from a big lake, lots of game and fish, a mile through the woods is an abandoned mine with horizontal and vertical(avoid those)shafts.
Even if nothing happens, it is a wonderful way of life. We raise most of our own food, put it up, and yes...when we have freezing rain and the lines go down, we do fine... we get to practice.
Yup, that is the it like grandaddy.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:57 PM
Yes, you raised a good point, money will be no good. That was another thing that I saw. No power no cash registers no credit cards. I saw a news person on (generator) power TV that actually got one store to sell him some supplies as he was about town reporting and he paid upward of $40 dollars for a few soft drinks, chips and candy bars. A mark up of about 700%. All perishable food had already perished.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

I agree completely, but the problem is the other 299 million people (in the U.S.) that will have no clue what to do. Not even speaking for the rest of the world. Hence the civilization meltdown. It will be chaos and will be every family for themselves.

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

In theory you post was well thought out, and from personal exp. you do know what you are talking about. And your right.. Do it like our grandparents did it..
However that is easy to say, and works great on paper..
But the truth is.. 70% of us are not our grandparents, and do not have half the grit these people had at one time.. Sure there are some of us, with alot of skill and knowledge. However there is a large number of younger folks who just simply do not have the know how.. Or the will to live without power for up to 1 year without things turning into chaos!
So many have been brainwashed by today's easy to get supplies.. Easy this and easy that.. This society has been turned into MUSH!! IMO..

I see what you are saying.. and I am glad you took the time to come in here and post in my thread.. I thank you!
But I have to say.. Its easy and looks great on paper.. But when it comes down to it.. Most people I know in my area.. Just simply are not prepared to go without power for a long period of time.

Prehaps I have this all wrong.. and people would come together.. And help eachother out, and make this a better world!!!
Hell that is one idea that I would be happy to see happen if something like this would happen...

So to sum it up.. It would either bring out the best in us.. Or bring out the absolute worse in us...

I will do a follow up post here in one moment with some videos

Thanks again for posting!

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by timewalker

Yup, you are right and that is why we move out...way out. Now we may eventually be found by roving bands of desperate peoples, but by then, if you are any kind of have banded with your rural church, volunteer fire dept, hunting club, etc. Much like the militias in colonial times, you respond to threats as needed and provide a support group. Think about it, a group of hungry,some sick refugees move into a rural area contemplating a raid. They are met by a group of weakened, but capable hunters that know the terrain. Both sides are armed, but the hunters know their weapons... and they have plenty of them. If you can ambush a deer, imagine what you could do to a hungry rabble.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:19 PM
Sorry for my lazy OP.. I will now add some videos, and a couple links to back up what I am talking about...
2012 to me, is all about the Sun and Super Solar flares...
And IMO its not going to happen as soon as new years hits on 2012.. I feel if anything happens its going to be a process that goes from 2012-2014...

Nasa says super solar storm coming in 2012. It could knock out all electricity on the planet!
NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum to now occur around mid-May of 2013

2012 will Come.. And on new years 2012 and nothing happens.. People will laugh in the face of folks like me.. And say.. See we are still here!!!
I suggest you just wait it out a bit and see what happens in the comming months.. As I said.. I feel this will be a slow process..
1 system fails, and another will follow...

Solar Storms - Solar Maximum

Heheh Gahhh.. I hate posting Fox clips.. but here we go, only because I like
Michio Kaku!

2012 is in no way the end of the World... Humans will move on.. into the next years to come...
I do not feel 2012 is the end at all..
I just want to express some thoughts and ideas.. So that we can be better prepared.. Just in case the lights go out...

2012--- Worse case... Solar flares knock out our Power Grids and systems..
2012--- Best Case-- I get a really bad hang over.. wake up the next day and have to work 40+ hours each week for another year...LOL

Edit--- Hey guys... hehe.. I really don't like FOX news.. And rarely do I ever post FOX clips.. So I did these up first to get them out of the way. And I will come back with some more solid sources, and link materials okay!!!

Reply to Alreadygone...
Yeah thats what I am talking about with groups of people... That would be the only way to go! And the spirit of the mankind would be just like it is today, but with a slight twist..
Your going to have the good and BAD... Those trying to help.. and those trying to loot, steal, take and kill!!!

I for one would band with the good guys.. Thats a great idea! Thanks for bringing that up! It might be a good idea to go to my local churches, and fire depots in the comming up years to see if they have any plans set in motion.. they have families too.. and if we all live in the same area.. Well that could be a plan!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Thank you, and I see your point. But I think you underestimate yourself and others. After Hurricane Fran, it took about 3 days for everyone to accept their plight and develope a routine. Neighbors actually met and got to know their neighbor..this was in a suburb and developement, full of city slickers, office workers, country folks made good, transplants, and such. We all visited and helped each other, it was really quite nice.
However, on such a scale...I conceed to you your point, many would do well, many not so well. I think in small towns it would be ok, in big cities like NY or Memphis, not so. It's unfortunate really, I suppose Haiti is almost a dress rehearsal.
Damn it, I was winning thisdiscussion until I started agreeing with

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:47 PM
I agree, this is a possibility that really could happen.

I read these three books a while back that dealt with exactly this possibility.

BUT, in these books, not only was all electricity gone, but any kind of, I guess, electrical sparking ability (I don't know how else to describe it) was gone as well, so firearms also, would not work.

Interesting reading, check them out to get an idea of what we could be facing.

The author's trilogy, "Islands in the Sea of Time" is good as well.

Author's website

Dies the Fire (Emberverse I)
S.M. Stirling's trilogy "Dies the Fire", published by ROC:

1. Dies the Fire - published August 2004 [sample chapters]
2. The Protector's War - published September 2005 [sample chapters]
3. A Meeting at Corvallis - published September 2006 [sample chapters]

A trilogy set in the world that the island of Nantucket left behind when it became an "Island in the Sea of Time". This world is hit by "The Change" causing electricity, high gas pressures, and fast combustion (including explosives and gunpowder) to stop working.

This is very bad news for the majority of the population, but the books follow some of the survivors and show how different groups choose different ways to adapt to the changed world.


God Bless

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by AlreadyGone
reply to post by zysin5

Thank you, and I see your point. But I think you underestimate yourself and others. After Hurricane Fran, it took about 3 days for everyone to accept their plight and develope a routine. Neighbors actually met and got to know their neighbor..this was in a suburb and developement, full of city slickers, office workers, country folks made good, transplants, and such. We all visited and helped each other, it was really quite nice.
However, on such a scale...I conceed to you your point, many would do well, many not so well. I think in small towns it would be ok, in big cities like NY or Memphis, not so. It's unfortunate really, I suppose Haiti is almost a dress rehearsal.
Damn it, I was winning thisdiscussion until I started agreeing with

Your welcome! I am glad you bring a postive counter to my thoughts! And on ATS here, different points of views are welcome, and they are embraced by myself! As this is how I expand my mind, and learn more!
However lets note, what IM talking about is not local isolated events..
IM talking world wide power outage! There is no 911! There is NO help comming.. NO aid.. Everyone is without power, and everyone is pretty much disconnected from eachother..
Sure there are some very resourceful folks who have some ways of staying in contact... But over all.. like in a hurricane.. Aid will come... But in this case.. Sadly.. You are on your own!!!! No one is comming, to your aid.. No firemen, no police, no hospitals.

One great point you make is about local churches, and the better parts of our society... To group up and band together with these groups...
But like with everything in this world you have bad elements.. Such as Gangs and the likes..

You gave me a great idea to atleast go and speak with some of my local people about what plans they have put forth, just in case..
As the only way you will be able to live in such an event, is within a group..

Either you are with a group that helps those with less, and bands together to make for a better furture..
Or you will either band with Raider groups, and thugs, Gangs.. And take what you need...
Families are to come first.. And thats going to be all our first responders main agendas.. Take care of their own... But to do so.. Would to group with other like minds...

You might find things turning 50/50. So with that said.. This is the kind of topic no one really wins at.. hehe We are working together here... Atleast thats the mindset I keep.. So I also agree with what you say...

But hurricanes, earthquakes.. are isolated events...
Apples and oranges..
When the whole worlds power goes out... We are left fending for ourselfs..

No one is comming to the rescue.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:17 AM

Originally posted by timewalker
Yes, you raised a good point, money will be no good. That was another thing that I saw. No power no cash registers no credit cards. I saw a news person on (generator) power TV that actually got one store to sell him some supplies as he was about town reporting and he paid upward of $40 dollars for a few soft drinks, chips and candy bars. A mark up of about 700%. All perishable food had already perished.

yeah price gouging at its finest.... Thats when people decide that it would just be cheaper to kill the merchant than to pay the price..
However if the merchant is backed by a team of mercs.. Well the price must be paided....
Plus you can't count drugs... Drugs and pills would become a source of currency.. Mostly pain pills, stolen from pharmacies... Medications and the likes would be a BIG part of this powerless world...

Money would be useless.. We would go back to barter and trade system...
Or the take and kill system... Depends upon what groups you find yourself with...

I could also see slavery coming back into our soceity... But it would be a slow process.. Like I said.. it wouldn't happen over night...
But in a matter of time.. All moral fibers would break down...

While keeping postive, some groups would hold onto that moral fibers, and try to help and rebuild, and make due with what they have... Yet they would be at ends with those with degraded morals standards...

Funny enough.. kinda reminds me of that Game Fallout 3... But instead of nuclear War.. it would be solar flare that takes out the worlds power grids..

And at anytime.. I am open for counter points of view!!! I enjoy having others come in to test the limits of my ideas...
I am not claiming this to be 100% truths... Just possible outcomes, from what we have all been told...
Funny how this life works huh?

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:20 AM
300 million people in the U.S. will have the same idea. Leave the city for good hunting grounds. There will be no rural areas anymore and nothing to hunt.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by zysin5

Really dark and very interesting post! I think the future could very well be like the movie Mad Max.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by MDSJR1967
reply to post by zysin5

Really dark and very interesting post! I think the future could very well be like the movie Mad Max.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my thread here! Its been a while since I have posted a new thread! Yeah it would be a Mad Max world, until the Elite surface with their military, and make The New World Order a reality!
So far the New World Order is creeping into our everyday lives... Its just there are so many of us that the true Ideas of the New World Order is just to hard to do with all of us here... A small population would make a New World Order ideal! It wouldn't take long to rebuild, and repopulate to their Pop CAP.

Heres some more videos you all might enjoy watching...
Conspiracy Theory 2012 Jesse Ventura

Just a Few of them.. You can see the rest on youtube
Or catch the Show on TruTV... A great show IMO!
to Jesse Ventura!!

Since I came to ATS.. I have been doing alot of research about the Denver Airport.. That place has always had this spooky aura about that place.. Not to mention the paintings on the wall... The massive land its on. The statues of a huge evil Blue horse!! Which BTW- fell on the man who created it.. later his family finished the job.. and now the Blue Horse stands guarding Denver airport... 1 of the 4 horsemen ...
Plus the Queen of England owns land either near or on Denver airport.. But Denver airport is a whole other thread topic in itself.... this only scratches the surface on that place!

Also, its good to note how many men of power, and great wealth are putting their hard earned cash into bunkers, and things like this...
I'm not saying its 100%... But the signs are all around us..
I just happen to pick up on these things, and my ears perk up...

The Sun is a powerful being! And much about the Sun is still unknown to us.. As a natural process... The Sun is the life giver, and it can also bring death to those not evolved enough to move onto the next stage!

This is a bit off topic.. But prehaps aliens and beings of other worlds are not waiting for us to make warp drives or stuff like that... But prehaps survive long enough to prove we are worth our salt, and earn our place in the galaxy..
How many races of humans out there have lost their whole population due to ignorance? And or many other factors...

Is this part of our test as beings of this universe? We are on our own in the big picture.. And soon if this comes to pass.. Each of us will be on our own in the little picture... Just an off topic thought...

Edit---Added Denver Airport Info.

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posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 01:16 AM
I read somewhere that it takes about 3 days for 'civilization' to break down. Obviously thats not in an instant, some places and groups will hold up longer than others but thats about how long it takes for it to sink in that you are really on your own.
Interestingly the more 'advanced' nations will fall faster and harder. Where I live nearly everyone still cans, almost every home has a special 'cool' room for storing things like smoked meat. (thats done by how its ventilated and shaded not with air conditioning)
A city a man can not walk out of in a day is too big.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 01:29 AM
Just watched the clip of Jessie Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory," and was I sent for a walloping after what I saw. First, when he explained the location of the airport, the distance from the the major city it services, and the enormous size of such a place. It would appear that someone or something within the government has big plans for it. Then I saw those huge industrial mountains that were described as being oil drums, quite a significant reserve could be stored if the need arises.

Then what floored me the most was the murals along the walls in the airport. I can't believe people remain oblivious to such dark images in non-other than a public airport terminal? Those paintings show the reckoning of humanity plain as day.

Very sinister imagery and I am absolutely floored by it. It is as though the "in the know crowd," are arrogantly laying their plans out before us and laughing as we remain oblivious to it all. The nerve of some people, really astounds me! Who do these people or sinister forces think they are? What makes them above dealing with the perils that are before their brethren? The arrogance of power is just dastardly!

Back to the murals and the image of the soldier from the future as they put it. What struck me was the weaponry which was an AK 47 and the gray uniform and hat. Look closely at the hat and the uniform and look at the image that is third to the last in the link below.

Now, tell me that image isn't strikingly similar to a man wearing a Chinese uniform from the 1960's. The mural has symbolism, and is it only highlighting that confrontation with the East is inevitable. Could it be intrinsically linked to the debt the United Staes has with nations of the East? Really, the most astounding vision of the mural was that uniform of the soldier. So, apparently, the TPTB are aware of the crap storm heading our way. I am very aware of the Dark Ages that has been mentioned in the thread. It will be like nothing humanity has every experience even after the fall of Rome during first one.

First, at the time of the first Dark Age, most people were agrarian and could work the land without chemicals and machinery. Now, people are dependent upon those things to harvest crops, and if those crucial elements are taken out of the equation, people will starve. There is nothing I fear more than a person starving. That is when the gloves will come off, and it could be a neighbor, a best friend, or even a trusted family member willing to do harm to survive. Heck, they might even eat you if no alternative is presented to stave off the beast of hunger.

Now, people talk about how they will live out the storm with their stockpile of goods and six shooters. However, when they are raided by a group of marauders with more guns and a seedier disposition than theirs, the prospects of staving off the pillaging is minimal at best. He that has the most weapons, functioning vehicles, fuel, and ruthlessness will prevail. That is the scenario, and it will be every dog for themselves, literally.

Now, the phenomenon of sun spots and the affect on the weather. Some believe that possible activity that is going with this sun's solar cycle has happened before during the last Dark Age. Below is some information from past cooling periods and the beckoning before us in the present. Plus, an article from 2008 that shows the lack of the sunspots and the affects.

Drop in solar activity has potential effect for climate on earth.

The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.

The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity – which determines the number of sunspots — is an influencing factor for climate on earth.

According to data from Mount Wilson Observatory, UCLA, more than an entire month has passed without a spot. The last time such an event occurred was June of 1913. Sunspot data has been collected since 1749.

When the sun is active, it’s not uncommon to see sunspot numbers of 100 or more in a single month. Every 11 years, activity slows, and numbers briefly drop to near-zero. Normally sunspots return very quickly, as a new cycle begins.

But this year — which corresponds to the start of Solar Cycle 24 — has been extraordinarily long and quiet, with the first seven months averaging a sunspot number of only 3. August followed with none at all. The astonishing rapid drop of the past year has defied predictions, and caught nearly all astronomers by surprise.

The hottest and longest period of warmth was during the Bronze age, when the Minoans were leading humankind into a new era. The second place warm spell, which was about as warm but much shorter was during the Roman Empire, another period where humanity advanced significantly. The 3rd warmest spike in global temperatures was in the Medieval times right before the Dark Ages – when the Little Ice Age brought disease and famine and heartache to the world.

The Little Ice Age was the coolest period of the last 5,000 years, and we have been slowly warming up ever since. The thawing from the Little Ice Age brought humanity the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, the Computer Age and the Internet Age. As usual, when we are not required to fight for survival we have the opportunities to grow and evolve.

Lets look in on our notion of reality, and it is one of infinite potential, when in all reality it is finite. Our entire civilization is dependent on fossil fuels, and the take from that is getting slimmer; and more difficult to obtain as each year passes. When the oil stops flowing everything will come to a halt, because when you think about it, plastics come from oil, chemicals to grow crops, and every other aspect of the economy. The video below shows the hold it has over civilization.

Now, throw in a significant volcanic event, perhaps, Yellow Stone popping off or an unseen cosmic impact; and that will be all she wrote. The trivial things of now like the Republicans or Democrats, retirement, government spending, or the football game, or other pursuits will be all but a memory.

However, the writing is on the wall and it may not be 2012, but the elites are having a jolly old time milking the cow for everything until inevitable demise occurs. When it does, they will disappear into their subterranean lair to watch flat screen TVs run on generators with a can of spam in hand, while the rest of humanity devours each other. Truly in that sense, the meek will inherit the earth or what's left of it. Civilization is in the path of a perfect storm for collapse, and apparently the writing is on the wall, no pun intended; after seeing the murals on the wall in that airport.

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posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 01:32 AM

Originally posted by Chett
Interestingly the more 'advanced' nations will fall faster and harder. Where I live nearly everyone still cans, almost every home has a special 'cool' room for storing things like smoked meat.

Yeah I could see 3rd world countries doing much better than places like New York City in a time like what Im talking about...
It sounds like you are in a place that is more suited to live without the aid of power than most people. Smoked meats last long amounts of time! The only trick to that is protecting that meat.. and making sure you are far enough out of the way that others don't take what you have and make it their own!

But I get the sense where you are from.. I think you can handle some would be raiders trying to score and easy meal, or shelter..

Thanks for your thoughts!

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 02:01 AM
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Great reply Jake! Yeah man, you are in for a treat! Just do a simple google, or ATS search on the Denver airport and you will start to uncover alot of odd things through out this airport! So if you have not already.. Start looking deeper into the Denver Airport!

I will see If I still have my photos of the paintings on the walls... There are a few of them.. and they tell us a story.. Right in front of our eyes..!

Infact that was one of my first threads here on ATS.. Was about Denver Airport.. I was going over it with google Earth.. and I found something odd about the grounds there.. Not sure if its still on Google earth today..
But it looked like oil looks in a puddle of water.. That rainbow coloration..
To me it looked like energy fields, but I was poo'ed off and told it was nothing, or just a scanning glitch on google maps.. heres the link see for yourself.. something is going on down there.. I know it!
My First ATS post.. Denver Air Port

Here are the google map cords.

39 53'43.76"N 104 41'49.17"W

Denver airport was one of my first research topics here on ATS back a couple years ago, before the 2012 ordeal got so BIG! Which in my case, it makes it harder to be creditable when talking about anything to do with 2012..

The 2012 conspiracy IMO has been whored out in a sense, to make everyday folks say.. Oh thats just a movie, or its some old Mayan calander that marks a new age.. Which very well may be true.. I am not going to totally dismiss any of that, as it comes into play with the Suns solar Maximus.

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