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What If Obama Won A Nobel Prize in 2010?

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:17 PM
Dear citizens of our free & progressive society.
Last year saw much controversy over whether or not Barrack Obama wanted the Nobel peace prize, or if it was somehow forced apron him by his wife's political desire to benefit all mankind.
Whatever the case, the reputation of the Nobel Brand has certainly benefited from its decision. Not only is the peace prize now, forever associated with a great man, but it's also associated with the war in Afghanistan, a war (which we all know) is for peace.
It's a war that if lost would almost certainly lead to the total collapse of Western civilisation. On the other hand (should we prove victorious) it's a war to prevent a future of terrorists, continuously, climbing over U.S borders, and blowing themselves up in shops, hospital beds, even public toilets! Nowhere would be safe, since only then would terrorist maximise their psychological impact.

But we would not be enjoying such successes in Afghanistan today if it were not for President Obama's, FAST decision, to avoid "over-crowding" the country with soldiers.
His brave decision- to send half the number of soldiers the generals wanted (and a mere tenth of what many, prominent, Anti-War democratic had wished for) has led to the more efficient use of resources, whilst significantly reducing the number of deaths, on all sides.

Yet this year, the war in Afghanistan continues. Our brave men & women who have had to fight, high, in the mountains, without: food, water or ammunition, for days, sometimes even months at a time, face the daily scourge of fighting Depleted Uranium, mutated, 3 headed, Taliban.
Bravely they take on the fight for our country; and they do so in the wish peace will be brought to the valleys where minerals may one day be extracted, oil pipelines constructed, and international trade routes placed under a friendly government (i.e. one that never trades with Iran!)

But the moral of any fighting force must remain high at all times.
So what better message to reaffirm the commitment of all who serve our country, than to let them know the President has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize twice?

The normal rules may prove problematic. But if they can't be changed, there is still a possibility the President be awarded a Nobel Prize for something else e.g: Maths, Physics or perhaps a new one like "Liberal Philosophy"? Meanwhile the world would understand the true reason for the prize is the improving situation in Afghanistan, the Climate Scare Industry, and the fact the president's the most Democratic leader since Napoleon won control of France in 1799.
They even cares about what your children think:

P.S. Apologise to those who don't appreciate sarcasm. It's just that I decided not to criticise the government!
So are there any other prizes (apart from the nobel prize) you think could be awarded to Great Leader?

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:45 PM
Given the apparent new criteria for the Nobel Prize, I think it is more likely that Dick Cheney or George W. Bush will win the prize in 2010.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Walkswithfish

You should know better than to feed the trolls!!

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 09:22 PM

I think it is more likely that Dick Cheney or George W. Bush will win the prize in 2010.

Yes it is quite unfare that George Bush can't win a peace prize after what's happend to Iraqi society. The way I understand it, the main thing he did wrong was to run as President as a Republican and not as a Democrat. The second thing was to talk about the word "freedom" rather "change".
"Freedom" implies that once invaded things will somehow be better than they were before. "Change" on the over hand merely implies they will be different; something that's so much easyier for everyone to achieve!!!

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