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The world is profiting from the American blood and money

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 04:38 PM

Our two wars have been sucking us dry in two countries where state-owned Chinese companies have just scored significant economic victories. “While the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda [in Afghanistan],” wrote Wines, “China is securing raw material for its voracious economy. The world’s superpower is focused on security. Its fastest rising competitor concentrates on commerce.”

Already, the follow-up pieces are starting to come out and heady cocktails they are: one part awe and one part bitterness mixed with one part despair. In Esquire online, Thomas P.M. Barnett put it this way: “Worse still: Will the rest of the world end up profiting from our blood and money?... The reason why Obama neglects to mention any regional interests like Pakistan's? Admitting the larger logic of regionalization would make too painfully obvious the nature of our current strategic bankruptcy. Because it would suggest that the only 'victory' to be found would be 'won' by those neighboring powers who did nothing to stabilize the situation. In other words, their 'treasure' and our 'blood.'" At Foreign Policy online, Stephen M. Walt chimed in: “While we've been running around playing whack-a-mole with the Taliban and 'investing' billions each year in the corrupt Karzai government, China has been investing in things that might actually be of some value, like a big copper mine.”

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Very interesting read the least, China is profiting from both occupations. My dad recently went to Afghanistan and honestly all gadgets are imported from China. American imports are too expensive, so basically Afghanistan being stable helps China in great numbers.

All Chinese goods can be found in Afghanistan, my Mom brought a Chinese phone back with her, you know Chinese products
it stopped working after a week

I see only two possibilities here, either the American empire is falling or America has a great plan. Most likely America is falling, most evidence points us to that direction. Either America change its name like the USSR to survive, or face complete damnation muhahahaha

Sorry for the exaggeration lol just trying to keep it interesting.

What are your thoughts on this


posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by oozyism

Another nail in the coffin for America, as America starts losing it's status as the worlds only super power.
Don't get me wrong but America has also profited out of these wars too in many ways, Oil fields for exxonmobil and chevron are just one.

Every thing is cheap from china because their many many workers are so cheap to employ. It is basic economics friend.

It what happens when big business realises that it can make bigger profit from moving form country to country where the labour is cheap, Capitalism at it's finest.


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