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Obama's State of the Union address

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 11:52 AM
It will air either January 26th or February 2nd. Either time slot will push back 2 highly anticpated shows, both American Idol and Lost respectively.

While this is hardly news at this point, I'm curious how many of you think/know this will be the moment that Obama comes forward with disclosure.

I know many on this forum hope and believe that it will be coming very soon (this year), and while I'm in that same camp, I won't get my hopes up.

That being said, I do personally feel that one of these time slots would seem opportunistic. There will be many Americans glued to their TV's so what better time really?

Although another thought crossed my mind. If something as monumental and colossal as disclosure is to be aired in a 2 hour event (such as Wilcock proposed), then wouldn't it be best to air it across all channels so that MORE people can witness the event?

What are the intelligent members of this forums' viewpoint?

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 12:14 PM
I agree that it would be a fantastic time slot, but of course we prolly won't do it. Wouldnt it be awful if disclosure was going to happen, and got pre empted? lol

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by Cigar

Man I really hope so, and my fingers are definitely crossed. But I really don't wanna hold my breathe on this one... Unfortunately there are far more pressing issues in the world today. With global warming, economic disaster, world catastrophes and much larger issues... disclosure will most likely be put on the back burner again.

Hopefully I am wrong, and I will be the first person to eat my words... But based off of history and the current "state of the union" I really don't feel like this is even a relevant matter. Unless of course these aliens are here to direct humanity towards a global enlightenment and better path to the future (which may I note - is very very unlikely)

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by Cigar
While this is hardly news at this point, I'm curious how many of you think/know this will be the moment that Obama comes forward with disclosure.

One hundred percent, unequivocal, no. There really is not much more to say. It won't happen.

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 12:31 PM
I really do laugh at some people ha ha ha. What did you think was going to happen? That obama was only going to disclose to the U.S and only the U.S.?

Please dont tell me that you were seriously thinking that?
Its a global thing that involves everything and everyone for gods sake

If such "disclosure" was to happen then wouldnt it be during a given time zone to give a better spread of information.
But hey star and flag though for the joke it had me in creases.

Also as for david wilcock? well lets just say the boy that cried wolf, but in honesty though i really hope steven greer doesnt follow the same way but we`ll all find out soon enough.

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