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Israeli Nuclear Capabilities

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 08:42 AM
I am shocked to learn that the nation of Israel which not happy with obtaining more than 50% of a nation that was never originally theirs to begin with have secretly been creating weapons of mass destruction and are now said to have approx 200 nuclear warheads!

Iow the western world have not only stood by and done practically nothing to stop what has effectively been ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people over the last 50 years, but now we stand by as Israel a supposed God loving nation with obviously no concept of humanitarian compassion towards the Palestinians and quite possible a similar attitude towards non-jews generally are producing deadly weapons above and beyond what is needed to defend their country.

The US attacked Iraq at the drop of a hat under the pretence that WOMD were present. Yet here is a nation with almost genocidal like tenancies towards the Palestinians developing nuclear weapons and yet absolutly nothing is done to stop them.

Can such a nation really be trusted with such power?

I smell a rat and a lot of smelly fish here does anyone else?

BTW for you info this documentary sums up what is really going on in Israel quite nicely.

Occupation 101

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