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Israel rejects bill allocating equal land to Jews and Arabs

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 04:14 AM

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday rejected a bill proposed by MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al) proposing that the state enforce equal allocation of land to Jews and Arabs.

"Yet again, the Israeli government has proven that it is avoiding the principle of civil equality," Tibi said in response to the ruling. "The same government which approved the selection bill of [Jewish] MKs David Rotem and Israel Hasson, ignores Arabs' rights, and hasn't approved the building of a new Arab village since 1948. The government failed at the challenge I placed before it, and that saddens me."

The bill's authors stressed the importance of it in an explanation to the committee.

"Since the foundation of the state, the Israel Lands Administration is solely used as Jewish land administration. The director of the Israel Lands Administration has used all the tactics, with the help of the Jewish Agency, to allocate state land only to Jews. Despite the bitter attempt over the decades, not even one Arab town has been established since the state's foundation. Therefore a bill must be passed which stipulates that the Israel Lands Administration will serve all the state's citizens without discrimination on religion or nationality, and will promise an equal allocation of land to better the Arab population of Israel."

Tibi's proposal was intended to counter a bill passed two weeks ago which states that reception committees of Israeli communities can decide who will reside in their towns. One consequence of that bill is that Israeli Arabs would not be able to live in those towns if the reception committees decide so.


This is another blatant case of discrimination in Israel against minority Israeli citizens who are not of Jewish heritage. Incidents such as this tear thru Israel's self proclamation of "democracy" and increases tension against people of Jewish heritage, even though these policies are controlled by Israeli Govt.

At times it seems like Israeli Govt. is hellbent on making Jewish heritage people scapegoats thru such official political discriminations. Equality in a society cannot be enforced from outside, the change has to be within the society, the people should demand for equal laws from their Govt.

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 04:40 AM
Not being there I'm cannot speak for the people, not being Jewish , I cannot speak about the people.
But speaking for myself , I know these words would be hard to hear to anyone over there and for a lot of people over here and on ATS, but if I were a civilian targetted by the government over there I'd be trying to up and leave, but before I left I'd poison the well and scorch the earth as to make it uninhabitable.
But then I'm in a spiteful mood today..
So Flame away , and say about peoples lives being ruined, if I lived there and my life was in danger of being ruined , I'd make the effort to force me out not worth their while. so please flame and complain away as I, like the governments of the world, won't be listening.

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