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Michael E. Kreca shot be police. Conspiracy?

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 10:02 PM
Michael E. Kreca was shot to death in San Diego by police officers, at close range on February 11, 2006.

The official story is that the police were responding to shots fired and found Kreca on the side of the road. Kreca seemed distraught. They stopped him, ask him to frisk him, and when they did, they found a gun.

He went for his gun, allegedly, and the officer shot him in the chest, twice. The other officer on the scene reported that the gun had hit the ground just before the gunshots.

The gun was empty and Kreca had a clip in his pocket.

Bullet holes were found under a bridge nearby.

It's not that this is suspect. The police acted in according to California State Law, if the story checks out.

Michael E. Kreca was a economic reporter, writer, and proud ethnic Serb. His friends and family did not see him as a person who would do something like this.

Other than this, there are other oddities.


It is curious that no one at or issued a response. This was a highly-capable writer, who had been researching, among other things, the CIA's MK-ULTRA experiments (see below). Kreca was also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, exact classification unknown--although some who knew him state that he had worked on submarine craft as a skilled electrician. Kreca was born in Serbia and emigrated to the United States, date unknown.

LINK to his article on the Drug War and Intelligence Connections

That article was the "(see below)" in the quote.


Lew, I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Of course this is highly suspicious. Michael had told me before of a run-in with the cops wherein he was beaten by the bastards. If I remember correctly, he suffered severe injuries from that beating. He often talked like he thought he was a marked man, though I never fully understood it. These pigs obviously knew who he was when they pulled him aside.

Apparently, he was also beaten by the police on another occasion and he thought he was in some kind of trouble.

I cannot find much about this guy, and I would like to know more.

I am hoping ATS and all the resources people have here will help delve into an investigation.

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