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Not order rather Reformulation

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 09:20 PM
Patterned Adaptation The first thing any NWO would do would simply just basically change humans for the better - im sorry to all the 'human' secret societies you dont actually count since the actual new world order wouldnt actually contain much of anyone aside from something like myself but of course not completly there would be a limit. There is no need for really more than one person to actually know what everything actually is to be on this planet more than one at a time. What i type are basically small reformulations into human language a fraction of the things i conceptualise. Check the conceptual linguistics used in all my wordings they can all be deconstructed per syllable to be correctly defined intrinsically.

Reciprocation using what one would call the 'hole' theory basically run the information through a different compiler depending on desired explanation of current stimulus.

Compartmentalization of all observable universals*

*Any globular cluster but i mean in terms of particulate only - any substance not composed of catalytic sponses but rather neutra. Would represent everything in this universe you could visually identify in some way even including the aid of technology.

Compartmentalization is a nice logic theory to base your entire formation rectifier but it becomes redundantly isolative in terms of formulations. Meaning that the ideas themselves would become presorted before they were actually thought out in the brain. Oddly enough you only have so many theoretical subject identifiers in the brain but not enough or even all the correct ones needed to identify all the basic formulations of all conceptually available spectrums of existence. Strangely enough each existence layer is basically the same thing including this universe. They would all basically be basic compilers of not genetic what i would call frenetic material depending on its luminosity of something like light but ultimately the unique variabilistic string code that basically ultimately always can identify down to the smallest to the most complicated thing from an individual particle in this universe to the end of that particles life span which would be in essence pretty much forever. Nothing can be better(numerologic comparison IE your entire math system) or compartmentmentalised(your current lettering system would rearrange add or remove 75% of your word conceptualizations adjusting for linguistic dialects of course would become a writing system of more or less symbolic representations of conceptualizations but these symbols themselves would pretty much just sound English when read out loud) Your basic linguistic speak would sound relatively the same with even all currently existing dialects it would be a change in almost all types of tele linguistic communication - your idea of 'words' is actually an out of date idea they would become symbolically represented but also be able to be conceptually said. Take a theoretical deity but i doubt he would think of any word in his head say if he was adding concempsation reticles to a forming micro universe. The thing you call words to a deity would be considered permanent ideals. Temporary ideals would not actually be considered a word in conceptualisation as a word would be the identification of an rotationary cycidic reticule rather would be constantly instantly adapting to the changing environment even an actual god would have to frequently change his temporal makeup to be able to adhere to his unifying existensial cohesion strand in particlised verberation through the reacting unifier. You can not conceptualise words in a universe that is instantly always constantly changing with no actual increments between changes. What im getting at once you get to this point you dont actually formulate anything there is no need for any symbolic representation of anything because nothing needs to be completely identified only correctly reacted to. Say the current incoming resctrionary for god would have been an inversion template aperture - god would instantly reorient is orientational variance but in essence completely changing again to something different but essentially with an added mind. God would always increase if something affected him but he would also get in essence like an upgrade allowing him instant adaptation to anything regardless if it was misidentified because would reform at the same time of the incoming change god would never not adapt to his changing environment simply because nothing after this universe really changes it just becomes more temporal - basically everything that exists in everything that is everything's from the complete absence of it pretty much everything is at a race to become the newest change. Oddly enough complete change is what everything ultimately is varied around. Nothing that could be grouped or even numbered. Pretty much everything you see could be labeled the same way in terms of its duality. Most dialect should be composed of almost completely unique conceptualisations every time. Nothing communicated would ever have to be required to be repeated as long as it was at least perceived. Words will still be used for humans but they must be adapted to also allow for increased representational value - the amount of information inferred during all enunciations. You would become more commutative with a tone of voice than what information was actually contained in it. Basically my tone would infra ct a slight temporal identifier to it. I would talk completely out of time but i would at least contain the universal cosmic date - an original old thought belief. This would be identified in terms of reciprocating adherence to current conceptuality as we actually all currently perceive it at least physiologically. You would have basically all the before and after and current but in terms of exact variabilisation you would understand the particles themselves but you could never identify their location vectorscopes. Everything perceivable is more less something elses path the path is what you only see and quite frankly pretty much what even god would see he would just adapt to it with lighting relfexes why it might take you several hundred thousand years.

I talk about a god here and allot but if you could understand my wordism im generally inflecting a non human belief structure explanation of god and actually something quite different then you actualy conceptualise. NO WORSHIP

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Sonata
All that typing and said nothing? After suffering throughout your posting here, I see that you have fallen into the ranks of the abyss of those who have become dissplacent. You have heard so many things in your lifetime that you don't seem to care one way or another about what happens, just as long as something happens to substantiate either one group or another.

Jesus is coming back, the nwo is taking us over, martial law is coming, the sky is falling, etc. I know exactly how ya feel, for I have walked this fine line myself, and even to this day I am still walking it as fine a tight-rope as it is! During my 47 years on this earth I have learned to follow no man, trust nobody but God, and never say never.

I don't know what your spiritual preference is, but I am literally begging you as a brother in christ to seek God out! He will show you what's happening, and even guide you to not be afraid of what's coming. I am saddended and sorry to say, but this planet and the sinners who are occupying it right now are the ones who are really scared to death!

THey and their master (satan) know that their time of reign is almost up! Just a few days ago, I was really bummed out, so I hit my knees and read my bible, and God showed me many things, but he only showed me them after I asked him to. So far, in the last 3 months or so, I have lost a brother-in-law, and a close cousin. Both young men, and I felt like giving up myself, but something inside me just kept digging at me until I started looking for answers!

Let me tell ya something right now too. Man is not going to save me nor you! It was man who screwed up things to begin with! Turn to the Lord, he has the answers to every question you could ever think of! But you have to seek him with all your heart! Godspeed............

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