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British judge orders 'No Jury' for robbers

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:28 PM

Four men have appeared in court in the first crown court criminal trial to be held without a jury in England and Wales for more than 350 years.

From the BBC...

Too expensive to take the normal jury protective/isolative measures? Is the UK in that much financial trouble that it needs to save money this way?

Suspending due process out of fear of jury tampering, are we really at this point? The jury could be tampered with so it's better not to have one? Is our system that ripe for disassembly that there being a chance of something occuring is enough to throw out centuries of process/progress?

Yes, governments are using this excuse when passing laws to 'protect' us from terrorists, but this isn't terrorism folks. They stole some money.

...but thats it isn't it. These guys committed the worst crime possible in the eyes of the elite; they stole money. I'm not having visions of Robin Hood here, they broke the law and need to face the music; music that is supposed to come from a 12 piece ensemble, not a soloist.

What concerns me most when looking at the big picture is it seems that governments are taking turns enacting inflamatory legislation (the judge in this case is using a new law that allows for no jury trials) so that no one nation is seen pushing an agenda (NWO). Over the last few years we have seen globally the gradual suspension of our rights and freedoms while at the same time increased power is given to government and police groups.

Power that is obviously never going to be relinquished, only further enhanced.

One country takes a hit and gets it's nose bloodied a bit, then the rest of the world uses that country's actions to justify doing the same thing within thier own borders.

Very, very disturbing.

Doubly so when you factor in that western law is based on precedent; if this goes to a verdict the door will be kicked wide open for massive abuses in the future. Today it's fear of jury tampering, tomorrow it'll be an emotionally charged case where a jury can't be trusted to be impartial. Before too long all it will take is reasonable doubt whether the jury will find a person guilty.

Check your watches, it's getting late.

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