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U.S. to store 800M military supplies in Isreal... Humm,

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:37 PM
this is interesting -- i wonder what happend to our ability to be anywhere at any time on planet earth. all of a sudden we need to store stuff in Isreal...? I guess it all depends on what Military Gear are they referring to...
article ...

U.S. to store $800 m in military gear in Israel
By Amos Harel - Haaretz Last update - 03:13 11/01/2010

The U.S. Army will double the value of emergency military equipment it
stockpiles on Israeli soil, and Israel will be allowed to use the U.S.
ordnance in the event of a military emergency, according to a report in
Monday's issue of the U.S. weekly Defense News.

The report, written by Barbara Opall-Rome, the magazine's Israel
correspondent, said that an agreement reached between Washington and
Jerusalem last month will bring the value of the military gear to $800

This is the final phase of a process that began over a year ago to determine
the type and amount of U.S. weapons and ammunition to be stored in Israel,
part of an overarching American effort to stockpile weapons in areas in
which its army may need to operate while allowing American allies to make
use of the ordnance in emergencies.

The agreement was signed by Brig. Gen. Ofer Wolf, who heads the Israel
Defense Forces' technology and logistics branch, and Rear Adm. Andy Brown,
the logistics director of U.S. Army European Command.

The United States began stockpiling $100 million in military equipment in
Israel in 1990, 12 years after it first began storing weapons within the
territory of key allies, starting with South Korea.

An American defense official told Defense News that the U.S.-Israel
agreement reflects the Obama administration's continued commitment to
Israel's security and the understanding that changes in U.S. economic
conditions and inflation have limited the weapons available to Israel.

The deal allows Israel access to a wider spectrum of military ordnance, and
the U.S. official said his government was considering which forms of
military supplies would be added to stores in Israel. Missiles, armored
vehicles, aerial ammunition and artillery ordnance are already stockpiled in
the country.

The agreement is expected to aid Israel in its effort to bolster its weapons
stockpiles for use in an emergency. Israel's stores of aerial and artillery
ammunition were depleted during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, nearly
reaching levels the IDF considers dangerously low.

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