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my bedtime conversations with the green thing

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 04:57 AM
I was lying in bed just last Wednesday not really that sleepy at the time when I noticed a strange green glow in the corner of the room just above the foot of my bed. As I watched this glow I thought it must be something from outside until it disappeared and then reappeared closer to me in bed. I can only describe it as about a foot square and a dim almost florescent green glow. I thought how strange as this green box like object flickered between the corner of my room down to the foot of my bed and back again a number of times.

Just as this was happening I recalled something similar when I was very young which back then frightened the nuts off me. Now however a strange feeling of euphoria came over me a very calming feeling of love and peacefulness. My mind became open to the fact that I was having a mental conversation with ‘something’. So I thought to myself what do you do to prove to yourself that this is not your imagination and something very strange is happing?

I spoke to the green glowing box in my mind saying that I understand your not from here and you’re a visitor in my room and in my mind to which I did not have any objections. So that after the mental ‘telepathic’ conversation I would require proof of your un-deniable existence and ability to interact with me. I woke the next morning feeling on top of the world and while bathing recalled this rather odd situation and thought nothing more of it other than it must have been my mind playing tricks on me or I was a lot more sleepy than I gave myself credit for. However this was not to be the case…

I walked to work a 30min hike at speed across the bridge from South London to West London a bitterly cold winters morning and I noticed a black bird singing away to it’s self all alone in a tree, I thought poor sod must be freezing and lost. After opening up I grab some paper hand towels and notice what look’s like claret ‘blood’ on my right cheek, turns out the bugger had shat on my face and I did not feel a thing. Odd but I thanked my lucky stars assuring myself I will win the lotto.

On the Thursday evening after returning from work I ditched my uniform because I was going in with civvies on the Friday and because of such placed a blank envelope in my breast pocket of my coat for a weekly report. On the Friday morning before leaving I was putting my phone in my pocket and noticed my envelope had gone… I had not left home that evening my wife had not touched my coat but the envelope had gone! Ok I thought very funny.

That evening after my weekly session I was in bed again and the green glow had came back. Right I thought you have messed with my envelope is that the best you can do? I had searched my coat and it has gone I will be most impressed if you can return it.

The weekend passed and Monday morning I trundle along to work only to find a dead black bird on my access ramp right slap bang in the middle of the ramp at the very foot of it. So I brushed it aside thinking now that things are getting just a tad strange but carry on regardless without giving it a second thought. I return home yesterday evening telling my wife about these odd encounters, I even joke that if there is anything in it at all my bloody envelope will turn up back in my pocket. Only seconds later I go to my coat pocket to take my phone and low and behold guess what I find, the same envelope that I lost I tell you the hairs all over my body stood on end.

I ask you has anybody recently had similar experiences? Is this just a glitch in the matrix or do I need try harder when in contact with green glowing boxes. I will admit that despite all the doom I have been feeling the last few years regarding the state of play on a global scale just now things have been calm very very calm which for me is a wonder I have never known.

Thanks for reading


posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by extramileman

That's a really interesting sequence of events. I don't give coincidence much weight myself, and it sounds to me like whatever this energy might be, it's trying to get your snap you out of your everyday assumption about what's possible and normal, with all these chaotic little messages. It might not be too useful to get wrapped up in the symbolism of what's happeneing, but rather just to accept that there is weird stuff, and allow it to help you notice more. Maybe the things that really do have a significant messages for you have yet to happen, and this weirdness is merely a way of waking you up to it in the first place.

I've had similar things happen to me recently, which I don't really want to talk about on and open thread, but if you would like to send me a u2u, I will be happy to talk about it in private.

Keep looking, and maybe start keeping a diary of weird stuff would be my suggestion.

Cait x

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Just before leaving work I noticed a dead rat a rather large one in my lower light well. Strange thing being it was not there this morning, this light well is about 12 feet below street level all the drain covers are very heavy with small slits. I have managed this building for over three years and know every inch of it so how this bugger just pops up dead right in the middle of the day in the middle of my light well remains a mystery.

I have no infestation problems at all and my light well is very secure having a government area downstairs, the walls are lined the metal with very sensitive motion sensors etc etc. I shall keep this post updated with any further updates. I know some of you will think ha a rat big deal... I have worked close to the river here in London and know about rats they don't do daylight or people so this again seems rather odd. How did it find it's way to a very secure area, just pop it's clogs right there in the centre of the well?

I don't like rats myself and have a well trained 'kittycuss' cat if I thought for a second they had breached my building I'd have taken the cat in long ago. It's certainly turning into odd winter...

Anybody else enjoying likewise issues?

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