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Las Vegas, NV - UFO or natural phenomenon?

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 03:30 AM
First off, forgive me, fellow ATS users and truth seekers, if this thread ought be somewhere else or I ought not have posted at all, however, I would like some assistance, however you feel you can provide it in regards to my experience.

Monday January 11, between 10:15-10:30PM Western Time, I was sitting in the desert right behind my house, examining a star. Now, this is where things are weird. I've read lot of things on ATS and do not usually reply or post threads (this is my first). One thing I've read is involving the concept of "mental telepathy". I was looking at this star, thinking along the lines of, "If out there, let me see", "If any spiritual beings out there helping out, or watching out, move, give me a sign, move in a line up and down if yes, left and right if not.".... along those lines. It was cold so I stood up from sitting down and was ready to give up and go inside, however, some part of me wanted to stay and bear with it, so I did and sat back down... within one minute, I was staring at same star and saw a light come from nowhere, streak for about, if I were to guess including distance and height (etc), 100 miles, then quickly fade as quickly as it had appeared.... and it went in direction from up to down (as early asked). I was examining the skies/stars that were East/Northeast from my position in North Las Vegas. Now, here's where fishy; light was bright blue (maybe abnormal or not?), and it coincided/synchronized with my thoughts, quite literally and on the dot timing.

Here's where I need assistance: 1.) did i post in proper area? Was I ok posting this thread?, 2.) Where/how can I learn if it was meteor/shooting star/comet/satellite? And does anybody know if it might have been one of those things? 3.) Did anybody else see it? I was North LV and this was in East/Northeastern skies.

Thanks for your time/effort in reading. Sorry if was incorrect/violation in posting this thread, please move to appropriate location. and please, no haters, disbelievers, or anything negative. I know what I saw and what I thought. Not connecting dots, meerly asking opinion. Thanks everybody....

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 04:53 AM
Well, based on your description of the event, I am left with only meteorite as the culprit.

Granted that you experienced a bizarre moment of sycronicity, I will ask you to please describe in full detail the flight path / trajectory of this object.

If it went in a Straight line from outer space towards Earth and then disappeared rapidly, possibly leaving a tracer streak behind, fits perfectly with meteorite events.

The blue colored light you mentioned is also common among meteorites.

Given that I have said this, bear in mind that flying saucers are indeed real (I have seen one myself up close), and that some form of telepathy does appear to exist to some extent.

What you saw was an unidentified flying object (or falling?). Identifying it will only be circumstantial as we will probably never find out exactly what it really was you saw due to the lack of enough details.

If it "fell" in a perfectly straight line towards the Earth, I have no choice but to go with meteorite on this so I apologize.

Do not let this dishearten you though, keep going outside and looking! Dude I have seen a flying saucer before, this crap is real, and odds are if you keep looking you WILL see it too. GL

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 05:43 PM
First thanks for the report. Muzzleflash is correct I believe and did a great job with the answer.

Keep looking.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:15 AM
Thanks a bunch for your assistance and opinion. To answer your questions:

Did not come toward Earth far as I can tell, it suddenly came to light, as there was no previous sighting/path of it visible to me, and I was looking. So it suddenly lights up, goes up/away leaving no path or trail or anything of that nature behind it. Then, went out/faded away in the same manner it had originally light (lite?) up. Few differences in what you described, however, like you said, we'll never really KNOW. however, Thanks a lot... and had many intense experiences?

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