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My fathers sighting...( no pics or vids, just the story )

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 01:15 PM
Hello fellow members.

I just want to share a short notice about a sighting my father had a few days before x-mas. He is one of those who believes in life elsewhere but not that they are able to visit us, I might add.
There is no pics or video clips regarding this I'm afraid, but only what he told me.

We live in the Scandinavian area and at the moment we have some hard and cold winter weathers now. When it is this cold the stars are brighter than ever and you can see more stars than usual. A typical Disney sky.....well, sort of.

Anyway, he told me he saw this during the night, while walking his dog.
Not to far below the moon, and that very bright evening star ( not sure it is Jupiter or Venus though ), he saw a small light coming towards him and was heading on it's way over his head. Looked like a star. And it wasn't flying to fast either.
And it, according to him, looked like as it was extremly high up in the atmosphere, if not even above it.

But befor it had reached over his head it made a turn of some sort, and it then looked like it went straight away from him directly. Like it was ascending towards the stars in the same angle he looked up in. he told me it looked like this because of the movement and because of the "halo"...or "orb" if you like were getting smaller in size. It did after this turn again, and then went, maybe a tad faster then before, over the sky for about 30 sec.

The "ascending" part of this had already left my father wondering what the heck he was looking at. He told me he was trying to convince himself that it was a plane that had just dimmer their landing lights or something like that.
I thought about this during these 30 seconds he was watching it go over the sky as well...
When it suddenly made another U-turn and bursted away in an extreme speed. He described it as a streak of light.
He pretty much ruled out air plane at this point. And so do I.
I can't really find any "known" explanation for this behavior of movements.

I just wanted to share this with you, not to convince anyone or prove anything.
Just felt this might be a story worth telling here, therefor I chose the Grey Area to write this. Since I can not provide any kind of evidence or more info.

But to me this was intriguing and I wanted to share this.

Good evening to you all

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 03:31 PM
That's awesome, I've had a similair experience but not with the fast speeds like your father described.

On my way to work around 5:00am on a Saturday morning in mid-November, I too saw a gleaming light near the moon. Perhaps this could be some type of regular phenomena, or not! I remember trying to identify what the light exactly was since it appeared to be much closer to earth than the actual moon. It gleamed red, then would change to white.. not like flashing lights on an airplane though, since it didn't change in timed intervals.

I remember thinking of a space craft but thought, "nah, that's crazy" and dismissed it. I had never seen anything like it though, nor have I seen it again. It was strange to see a light just sitting in the exact same spot for the full 30 minute drive to work. It did nothing but change color, then it was simply gone.

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by slcstealth

Yeah, I've seen weird lights as well. But, the ones I've seen have been going in the "normal" pattern of movements. So most likely Satellites and planes and stuff. I look up often hoping to see something that doesn't fit into the "normal" behavior airbourne crafts of our own can have.

But what he described was something totally different.
So I envy him a little, hehe.
I would really wanted to have seen that turn and that insane acceleration.


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