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Global Warming from a Different Perspective

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 01:49 PM
Hi all, I just posted this in another thread and I wanted to show it here for a little more air.

Originally posted by whoshotJR
Originally posted by DeathShield
Good thing global warming made snow and cold winters things of the past.

Good thing this is exactly what will happen with global warming/climate change. Your summers will be hotter and your winters get colder but your overall average for the year will continue to rise.

The added melt off from glaciers will mix with the currents and mess up the way the water flows and goes from cold to warm. This will have a major change to the weather and plunge us into a mini ice age as we see average temps drop.

I really like your perspective and most of what is being posted in general.

Rather, instead of an ice age, this is going to most likely round out more than a few degrees hotter than what we have normally lived with our entire lives.

Most people I hear who keep trying to debunk global warming by saying our temps right now are (apparently literally) polar, fail to grasp the long term effects of global and universal change on the whole. A system comprised of fractal systems will have many unexpected results when widespread change is immanent. Cold areas could be significantly warmer in the short term, even if a global ice age is rearing its ugly head.

In contrast, the poles are the source for the cold, and seasonal change we experience our entire lives. Now that they are rising in temperature, that lingering cold is pushed to the areas that were almost always warmer in general.

I mean, Antarctica is still pretty much frozen solid, and that cold is not just going to go away. Just like a sofa next to a refrigerator or heat lamp, even if you turn the device off, the over all environment of that area (i.e. the couch, device, and a part or all of the room, etc.) will reflect those temperature changes for even longer than your senses can detect.

Just because one spot of the couch is cold or even freezing, it doesn't mean the heat lamp isn't on or isn't going to stay on for the rest of the day. If it is a big enough couch (just use imagination here) in a big enough room, you might not even feel the heat lamp or see it, but with enough time the room will eventually be warmer than were you blowing cold air in the room or did nothing at all. Even in a portion of that room, what happens in one part, will effect change in the entire room even if it were an imperceptible difference.

Then in response to temperature change within an enclosed system (such as is in our universe and biosphere for the most part), temperatures will predictably vary in a fairly unpredictable manner. Strange weather, geologic changes, pole shifting, and anything else you could think of are what lead up to a new global and universal temperature equilibrium.

A lot of people are convinced that global warming is completely hooey. Not really, the politicized global warming agenda is, but because a lot of warmer places are colder right now, people will simply think it will stay that way for lack of knowing better.

This is refrigeration bleed off in a very basic way. If power is cut to a refrigerator, for a time after basic defrosting of the freezer there could easily be parts of the refrigerator that are indeed colder and over time the entire interior will normalize to a consistent temperature. If the door is cracked open, then you allow for long term environmental change within the refrigerator and then after all thawing has occurred, the normalized temperature will reflect that outside temperature as well and could even be rationalized into temperature zones.

Plug it back in and leave the door open, then you will find that even if the device is fundamentally the same, the environment could be significantly changed from before. Ice deposits and air flow will be affected by the outside environment and a new equilibrium will naturally develop in response to leaving the fridge door open.

Ice build up can happen even in the warmest of refrigerators should the environment prove ripe for it. With the old freezers it seemed to happen anyways and if you didn't chip or melt the ice out, eventually the build up would be so severe you couldn't close the fridge at all. This could happen even in one that is losing its freon and getting warmer over time.

Even without freon, at first parts could be quite below freezing, but in six months don't count on it. That is why we have these colder temperatures right now, the idea of an open door to the fridge symbolizes new environmental factors that are in play (or just further change over time) and once left open for long enough, the environment will just seem like it was always that way. Even if the reason is your psycho roommates constantly staring at the fridge with the door open.

If your roommate moves out, then your fridge will naturally be colder overall, even if it is barely noticeable (yet, at least you will save a few pennies on your power bill every month and have better preserved food).

The poles are never going to go back to their old temperatures and with a little more time for dispersal, these cold spells (and colder global temps in general) will more than likely be a thing of the past.

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:06 PM
I'm not opposed to the idea of "climate change", BUT it is my belief that the climate is always changing and has always been changing. Cycles get warmer, then cooler. Geology and meterology and even archeology point to 3 verifiable ice ages, which means it got warmer 3 previous times, too.
Since the weather is always changing and I believe that there is a minimum as to how we can impact it, I think our money and efforts would be better utilized in dealing with the changes. More clean, fresh water wells, better medicines, advance food production, better housing, vaccines for common debilitating diseases, etc.
For instance, it is cold in the UK and it is a shame when, according to news outlets; people have to heat their house with cheap books burned in chimneys.
From what I've read, if we did everything suggested by the "experts", we would only reduce the temps by 1-2 degrees in 50 years. Better that we ensure the survival of the populace, certainly more tangible.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:26 PM
All I know is now that I Got myself a Christmas present, I'll probably never see snow again in S.W. VA.

Yes! It appears I can control the weather too.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone


What I think the problem is with the Global Warming Party, is that our governments apparently learned a long, long time ago that outright lies only work some of the time. Much better to just hide what you know, use it as a blueprint, then just butcher it how you want to make the new half truth stick.

If you know global warming is on the horizon and you feel the need to maintain absolute control over the economy and the world in general (just think globalists rather than the I word, it makes it easier to digest), didn't Tim Geithner put it best when he said "Never let a good crisis go to waste."?

The idea here is to bend this out of proportion so that the data points to global extinction if we don't crap our pants and sign off on the rest of our money to counterfeit Green Jobs that are more likely a safer way to launder the already worthless currency that is currently showing signs of being phased out.

Too many people are CONFUSING the global attempt to pull on our heart and purse strings with global warming being completely untrue.

In this situation, they win either way. We do as they say and are further robbed blind, or we ignore all evidence to natural global warming and in doing so lose out on figuring out what is really happening to our environment.

This is all about making sure the truth is blurred by lies and manipulation long enough to lock everyone (except the current world leaders) out of any chance to bring real hope and change to our societies and the world.

I saw this image as I was looking up Geithner, and found it to be oh so fitting in a round about way. Really, there is no one in charge to trust and the few people trying to make a turn around (Ron Paul) will never dislodge themselves from the corroded gears and strangulating red tape that is the political process pretty much everywhere, except maybe Bhutan.


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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by 5 oClock

Worst case scenario you have yourself one hell of a blockade breaker! Well once you install the bullet proof cocoon to keep the bullets at bay from the government drones sent to ensure your safety through obedience.

Or you could just tell 'em that you have already done your part to go green!

Yeah, that's the ticket.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by GideonHM

I've never said that climate change isn't happening. The signs are all around us and are undeniable.

My issue is with Gore & co. trying to push all of this carbon credit and greenhouse gas garbage down our throats. Their solutions to the problem so obviously will do nothing to affect global temperatures, it is a blatant fraud. They are merely seeking ways to take more of our money while at the same time assuming even greater control over our lives.

IMO, climate change is caused by solar activity and is cyclical. The best we could do is to accept that the climate is changing and adapt as best we can to the conditions. We cannot control the weather and we sure as H-E-double-hockey-sticks cannot control the climate in any way shape or form.

We should be looking at ways to adapt to the climate change and help our fellow creatures to adapt as well, trying to avoid extinction of cold-climate species if possible. We should accept what we can do and not fight forces we are powerless against.

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by FortAnthem

Well, if it makes you feel better, I never said you did.

For the rest, I in general agree with your sentiment, yet humans effect the weather every day. Sure, some of the methods to do so are electrical stimulation (HAARP does affect the ionosphere and weather, just how much, is the conspiracy), cloud seeding is typically benign (then again Chemtrails are a possibility, it's aluminum particles and so on that make clouds), CO2 production does have an effect on weather and our societies do create change to the weather simply by being there (just because we poison everything we touch, doesn't mean there isn't a natural cause as well).

It just feels like you are taking a defeatist tone when the depressing world events are bearing down on us with no release. It won't be ok, but what choice is there? Survive no matter what, or your life up till this point is a waste of your time.

Be strong, hope for a little sun through the clouds of death, and never say die.

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