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My personal UFO experience

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 08:30 AM
This happened to me the summer of last year 2009;

I was on a New Age website chatting in a chatroom;
There was this speaker/teacher in there and everyone was asking her all kinds of questions;

So i asked her if 2012 was real and whats going to happen;
She told me all the negative people are going to die and all the positive love people are going to a New Earth;

I asked her what this "New Earth" was like; She told me it is currently being built and they have teleportation pads and stuff;

She also told me about how i have an aqua aura and other things;

I was kind of skeptical so I did a little meditation and asked "The Light Beings" (which is what i call them; some call them angels, ghosts, gods or whatever)
I telepathically asked "Is that psychic lady for real? Is this "New Earth" real? and am I going to be going to this "New Earth";
I didnt hear an answer because Im not that telepathically powerful;

So next night; I forget all about it;
I was bored so I decided to go to the beer store about a mile away from my house;

As I was heading down the street to the beer store I noticed a really bright star in the sky;
Im looking at it like "WOW!!! That star is really bright"
I turned the corner and headed to the store and got my beer;

As I was driving home; I started to stare at the star, thinking
"That star is really bright!!!!"

Then as I was about to turn down my street the star flashed a red light at me; twice; It was just 2 quick red blinks;

I immediately stopped my car in the middle of the street staring at it; thinking "WTF WAS THAT?!?!"
after about 5 to 10 seconds it dawned on me that "OMG I THINK THAT MIGHT BE A UFO!!!!!!"
So i started racing down the street to my house and parked my car as fast as i could;
I ran into my house and out to my backyard;

When I got into my backyard, I started waving my arms in the air and yelling "HEEYYYYYYYY" (like one of those stranded people that needed help)
I stood on my back porch staring at this light;
For about 5 minutes;
Then I ran into my house and grabbed my digital camera;
I couldnt find the rechargeable battery so I said # it, it might go away by the time i find the battery; so i run back outside;

Im standing there for another 10 minutes wondering "Is that a UFO? Its not moving....; Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, Maybe its a planet"
I start waving my arms and yelling "HEEEYYYYY" a couple more times;
and still it didnt move or anything;

After another 5 minutes;
I started thinking "Its probably just a star" and was about to head back into my house;

Then all of the sudden;
The light dropped about 5 or 10 feet;
And glided directly towards me;
I said out loud "ITS MOVINGGGGG!!!!!!!!"
It moved in a way that looked like it was sliding across the sky; like how a hockey puck would move when someone slides it across the ice;
It mustve been about 2 miles away and got to me in about 5 seconds;

When it got close to me it started slowing down;
It mustve been 100 feet in the air;
By this time Im looking directly straight up into the sky;
It was just this gigantic ball of light about 15 to 20 feet in diameter;
It kind of paused for a second or 2 directly above me;
Thoughts started rushing through my head like "IS IT GOING TO ABDUCT ME?"
Then it started moving towards my front yard;
I ran back in my house and out the front door trying to follow it;

When I got out into my front yard I started looking for it but could see anything;
I started walking down the street looking all over the sky for it;
but it was gone;
I mustve stood there for about 10 minutes trying to see where it went;
But it was gone......
It just disappeared......

After that, all throughout the night I kept looking out my window to see if it came back;
And to this day I look up at the sky from time to time to see if it comes back

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 09:05 AM
great story
it looks like you will have to keep your eyes out all the time it just makes me wonder what we are missing all the time as we go about our buisness how much time we take to look up and see whats actualy going on up there maybe if we did take a bit more time to do it maybe we would already know fully about ufos


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