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Of Sacred Shapes and Energy

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:06 PM
Hello ATS! This is my first post so please be patient with me. ;-)

I have been very interested for years about Sacred Geometry and its effect on nature. Take a walk along the beach or in the woods and you can see the interesting designs that mother nature comes up with, such as the Fibonacci spiral in shells, and the interesting hexagonal shapes in the clouds of Saturn.

What I am wondering however, is how these physical shapes work with and/or affect energy fields. Here is a well known example: The Giza Pyramids, which are very large tetrahedrons.


The tetrahedron is one of the many shapes in Sacred Geometry, and one of the shapes I see the most used in construction. Also if the tetrahedron is constructed using the Golden Ratio (, it supposedly takes on new properties. You might see small golden mean pyramids for sale boasting healing energies or the ability to add properties to objects placed inside of them, such as the claim that razors stay sharper, etc. While I am not saying that this is true or not, I am curious if these shapes can be used to harness energy from our surroundings.

You might be familiar with the Giza Power Plant theory, which I am sure is explored in more detail in other threads. What is interesting though, is how this shape can harness the electrostatic potential between the air and the ground. The larger it is the better of course, due to the differences in potential. Inventor Peter Grandics does some excellent research on this, which can be read here:

*Note: is an amazing site to visit if you're interested in esoteric patents of all types*

I found it fascinating that the static energy pulses in AC, and can easily be harnessed using a coil and bridge rectifier. But, what about other shapes? Could these also be used to harness electrostatic potential?

One way that I have seen energy and physical shapes interact is by the use of a Chaldni Plate. ( This device incorporates an oscillating plate driven by a transducer and can be tuned to various frequencies which show up as different shapes in sand placed on the plate. Here is a video on it in action, be warned the audio can get quite loud:

I'm wondering if a physical 3d model of one of the shapes on the plate were constructed out of a conductive metal, and bombarded with the same frequency that was used to generate the shape on the plate, would it resonate? Could we construct a more efficient antenna or electrostatic collector for example by applying different shape physics? Has anyone experimented with this or vibratory physics?

It is my belief that there must be some low tech alternatives to the generation of energy than are available now. If anyone has experience with this field, or is interested in it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Congratulations on your first was a great one!

I will admit I have nothing further to add....I but I did want to give you kudos for a job well done.!

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 03:32 PM
Very interesting, thanks for sharing this information.

There is a concept of getting electricity out of pyramid with a Magnet... I'll look for the video and further description.

Again, thanks for this thread

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 07:42 PM
There is energy in the atmosphere which must be utilized by
some method. As far as a shape being important I know about
some Tesla coils. One is cone shaped.
So not so Sacred and thus we see no energy in it per se.
However the wires of the coil operated properly will lift all the UFOs
people could ever want to see.
ED: The flat Tesla coil is a flattened cone or pyramid coil.
See any of Tesla radio patents.
The spiral is not a symbol for inductance, Tesla meant to use a spiral.
All is copied from Tesla, but not exactly.
You will see Tesla used a one loop primary of ac to energize the coil
opened at one end. Like a big cone coil antenna the will send out
DC pulsed only at 1/4 wave tuning. The length of the coil is 1/4 the
wavelength of the ac frequency.
So I've been told.
So as Tesla says in Colorado Springs Notes.

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ED+: Why the coil has physical lift we do not know or people will
not tell us. The ether pressure wave as sound in air is what Tesla
always mentions. We do not talk of Tesla that much or use his
hook ups or even recognize his ether that transmitted power and
physical force. Force directly from electric field with no intervening
mechanics. Well there was all his mechanical circuit break controllers.
That is a small amount of energy to lift a great gravity held weight.

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 07:50 PM
O.K. I'm going to help you out here. Essentially the Golden Ratio is a Western construct -- the real secret of the Tetrahedron is that it is composed of "complementary opposite" ratios which then resonate to infinity -- automatically. Yan Xin calls this the


The full-lotus yoga position is the most effective because it's a tetrahedron -- made up of eight triangles -- each resonating as 2:3:4 -- with 2:3 as yang and 3:4 as yin.

Oh and the Chaldni Patterns are based on the SAME "Tetrad" ratios -- just read Hans Jenny book -- at the end he refers to the 1:2:3:4 ratios.

I just posted this over at and I'll post it here just so you know that there is a great secret to the tetrahedron. I assure you that I sit in full-lotus as much as possible -- the Chinese person I took classes from sat in full-lotus for 49 days straight in a cave -- nonstop -- taking no sleep, no food and no water the whole time. Chunyi Lin is his name and now he uses the Tetrahedron Full-lotus for healing people in collaboration with the top hospital in the world -- the Mayo Clinic.

Yeah you can watch these amazing vids on people healed by Chunyi Lin:

I did intensive SFQ practice back in 2000 and then have been researching what I experienced through books since then plus continuing the practice through full-lotus third eye transmissions.

I went too strong too fast and then I stopped practicing but then Chunyi Lin stuck his E.T. finger to my forehead thereby permanently magnetizing the middle of my brain with magnetic bliss.

But still my chakras closed up quite a bit so I mainly do "fa jing" now -- not "fa chi" -- but in order to do external third eye transmissions at some point you had to have been able to do "fa shen" transmissions -- which means seeing dead spirits and having nirvikalpa samadhi spacetime vortex travel, etc.

So I went 9 days on just half a glass of water -- the bigu fasting state -- and I healed my mom but I also accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her skull. People were freaking out around me and I had telepathy and telekinesis and precognition. My mom screamed at me super bad because I had been fasting but also because I was exorcising evil spirits from her.

haha. That's pretty much it -- except that after going 9 days on just half glass of water I was in this post-death state and I started eating out of dumpsters because that's what poor people do in India, etc. Crazy zen stuff. Then I discovered that I gave females climaxes and they gave me climaxes when I was in full-lotus so I called this the "O at a D" -- orgasm at a distance. It happens automatically and heals the females. I can shoot the energy into males as well but females naturally sublimate through the internal climax.

reply to post by cerberus00

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by drew hempel

Ha ha. THANKS !

I sensed that if I stuck around long enough, I'd encounter the holy-grail of online posts and yours is it

Has it all: profundity, laugh out loud-ness, humour, intrique and behind it all, a real character

Thanks again. Worth the wait

Re: the spirit and the old-lady: was it your mother and was the spirit you extracted some sort of parasite ? How's your mum now ?

Post more please .. much more. It's good reading

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by cerberus00

Hi Cerberus,
I have studied Sacred Geometry for 2 years now. My boss from work had also studies what you call BioGeometry under Dr Ibrahim Karim. He is well known in BioGeometry and I am certain he will explain alot for you. His website BioGeometry



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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 08:38 PM
Well I have a blog which has a blog book "deep disharmony" -- and the intro page lists tons of articles, interviews, my masters thesis, a book fully readable for free preview, etc....

Anyway what happened was that I had been practicing seriously and then on the weekend there was a guild meeting for the students to practice healing on each other. The assistant to Chunyi Lin -- Jim Nance -- he wasn't a qigong master yet. Anyway he didn't practice fasting like I had done -- so he asked me to share my experience with the group.

When I did share this then this old lady approached me and asked for me to practice healing on her. I feel really bad looking back at this since it was all so innocent. She sat in a chair and she faced forward while I stood to her side. The healing is where you open the "small universe" of the person being healed -- this means that you move your left hand down the front center of the person -- about 10 inches away and then you use your right hand to connect to the underside of the person and your right hand goes up the center of the person's back where it meets the left hand on the top of the person's head.

So that's the small universe practice -- it's the foundation practice and there's 12 energy points along the outside of the body -- I discovered in my own research that this is, again, the yin-yang points as from the nonwestern music scale -- 2:3 is the Perfect 5th and 3:4 is the Perfect 4th. So sells a really great "small universe" c.d. and you can also read the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" translated by Charles Luk for the advanced small universe practice.

Anyway after I did that I then used the Shaolin sword fingers to break up her energy blockages -- this is yin or electrochemical energy shot out of the index and 2nd finger while the thumb holds on to the pinky and 4th finger -- so you make a sword with your hand.

Then I pulled out the energy blockages with my hands -- again without any touching. She could not see what I was doing but I forgot that Chunyi Lin taught to never pull energy blockages out of the top of the skull -- the center point of the skull. I didn't realize what would happen and I forgot he said this. I didn't know my energy was that powerful!!

So I accidentally pulled the energy blockage out of the center of her skull -- my hand was maybe 6 inches from the top of her skull. When I did this I felt this heavy electromagnetic blob get pulled out of the top of her skull. RIGHT when I felt this -- without her seeing what I was doing -- without me touching her -- she just immediately screamed and bawled in tears. She was immediately crying and bawling.

So I just stopped what I was doing but then I realized that everyone else had finished their healing practicing -- or maybe they all split when they heard the old lady bawling. Anyway someone else came to comfort her -- there was nothing I could do. I'm not sure what happened after that.

All I know is everyone was leaving so then I found my college friend who had been downstairs. He was walking to leave out the hall and I said to him -- "you're not going to believe what just happened to me." Then I turned to leave with him and walking towards me was the old lady and she was STILL bawling. Someone had their arm around her. So we looked at each other and she knew that I had good intentions so she wasn't mad at me -- she was too busy still crying.

I imagine it must have been something like salvia. I had a friend who did every type of psychotropic but then he did one hit of salvia and was too afraid to ever do it again -- his spirit flew out of his body and into the floor.

So I then tested salvia against the permanently magnetized third eye full-lotus energy. The salvia TRIED to pull my spirit out of my body -- it get half way out -- but then the electromagnetic force of the third eye overpowered the electrochemical energy of the psychotropic. So I was laughing at the salvia while my spirit was stuck half way out of my body. Strange experience. I kept trying stronger salvia and I had an amazing third eye vision -- I could see rainbows around my hands even though my eyes were closed.

As for spirit exorcism -- now I can sense where people have their "essence" -- their subconscious electromagnetic spirit -- stored in their body. Gurdjieff describes this very well in Ouspensky's book "In Search of the Miraculous" -- so you have Number 1 person -- they are basically pervs and have their electromagnetic essence stuck in their lower chakra. This means that personality is superficial and talk is cheap -- for a Number 1 person they will always talk about one thing or anything but the whole time they will be trying to suck people off -- suck off their electrochemical life force energy.

There's also people who are possessed by other lower emotional energy -- so the liver is anger, the lungs are sadness, the pancreas is worry, the kidneys are fear. So if a person drinks too much they are possessed by anger since the alcohol damages the liver -- but emotions are actually electrochemical energy. So an energy blockage that causes sickness means that the electrochemical blockage prevents the electromagnetic brain energy from going back into the emptiness through the pineal gland third eye.

The emptiness is when the shen or biophoton light energy reverses the phase or time so that it's black but as pure consciousness or time-reversal. So there's different levels of emptiness based on how purified or harmonized the body's electrochemical chakras are. The goal is to turn the body back into rainbow light energy -- the top of the skull gets soft and the center of the hands and feet "breath" with electromagnetic pulsations. Then you do not need to breath with the lungs much nor use the heart much and the third eye creates water through electrolysis of the atmosphere energy -- it's an ionization from positive ions. At this point there is no hunger and food should be abstained from -- it's a post-death experience and then there is real astral travel out of the top of the skull only it's experienced as spacetime travel. I didn't quite get through that so my third eye didn't open up fully -- which is quite rare -- it's what Gurdjieff calls a Number 5 person.

reply to post by Dock9

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by cerberus00

I would like to point out that Pyramids are not the same as tetrahedrons as the former have four faces (+bottom) and the later only three (+bottom). The two large pyramids of Giza, Khufu and Khafre, actually have a depression down the apex of each face that geometrically make two obtuse triangles, per face, which gives these shapes eight sides plus the bottom. In other words the foot print of these pyramids do not make a square as the lines bow inward just a little. The reasons for these shapes I believe are specific and not coincidental.

One way that I have seen energy and physical shapes interact is by the use of a Chaldni Plate.

This sounds like Cymatics.
If your up for a bit of reading here is a link pertaining the Wave Structure of Matter.- 3D spherical standing waves that resonate to create physical points of mass.
As for a connection to ancient geometric shapes here is a page about Pyramid Resonance.
What a first thread to start.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by Devino

Thank you all for the info! As for your post yes I know the pyramids have 4 sides, I guess that is referred as a polyhedron? In the patent I posted from Peter Grandics he used a polyhedron for his experiments, but I'm guessing that it would still work with a tetrahedron. I thought it was interesting that his model had to be aligned N-S for it to generate electricity, and I'm pretty sure this is magnetic north. Wouldn't it be great if we could construct a large building in this shape that could double as a greenhouse or apartment housing, and generate electricity at the same time? In this day and age we really need to think of efficient energy ideas, regardless of climate change.

As for the post on Tesla by TeslaandLyne, the way I think about electrostatic levitation and other anti-gravity devices is similar to how watercraft operate. The electrostatic field makes it "buoyant" to gravity, which is tied very close with magnetic fields. I think this is why, to those that are interested in ufo's, some of them seem to wobble as they fly through the air, like a ship in the waves of the ocean. It almost reminds me of the title of Thomas Moray's book "The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats". He invented a generator that also pulled energy from the air. It supposedly generated up to 10k watts. Here is a good article on it for those interested:

Also, another late inventor by the name of Les Brown also studied golden ratio pyramids for healing, but also stumbled upon the generation of electricity as a by product.

Youtube vid of Les Brown describing energy from a pyramid:

He was such a genuine sounding person and the dvd which that vid came from I recommend for anyone interested in this or pyramid/crystal healing. His invention was very low tech and incorporated just the shape, height, two coils and a strand of wool. No moving parts is a plus! Check it out. =)

Edit: I'm dumb and forgot a pyramid is a polyhedron

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