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Parallel Reality Earth Humans - The Greys

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 11:09 AM
The Purpose of this thread is to discuss the theory that the greys carrying out the abduction program are not actually Extra Terrestrial they are parallel reality earth humans. The idea is that they are humans from a paralell reality earth who are extremely advanced scientifically. However in their technological advancement they have also become devoid of all emotion, they do not experience emotions whatsoever as I understand it.

To begin with I am going to look at the theory of them being devoid of emotion. I refer you to the following case study of an abductee as evidence for the lack of emotion in the greys.

Six Hours Onboard A UFO by Preston Dennett

"As the experience progressed, Jack came to realize that the beings seemed almost devoid of emotion. Their thought processes were also very different from our own. Says Jack, "It was kind of like these things were like - I don't know - it's kind of like they were indifferent about everything"

"What impressed Jack the most about the beings was not so much their indecisiveness but their lack of feelings. Says Jack, "They're indifferent, like no feelings - most machine-like I'd guess you'd say. It was like no emotions…like they could care less. Like just throw me out of the thing and it would have made no difference to him, that one. But the other one was saying, 'No, we can't do that.' But like I said, it was just like a jury on every single thing that the things did."

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