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Precognitive Deja Vu

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:21 PM
I suppose this would be the best place to ask about this or to describe the sensation that has overcome me lately. In my past years I have been no stranger to the experience of deja vu, however, more recently something about it has changed drastically and I am trying to figure out why and perhaps the meaning behind it.

Allow me to first start with a little bit about myself. As early as mid 2008 I started having a feeling of dread come over me as if something drastic was coming. As time has gone on I have felt it grow stronger but never to maximum. I find myself looking on to tense political situations and wondering if something drastic will come out of them. I've heard many people express this feeling around ATS so I was not surprised. I believe we are all linked to one another and the universe regardless.

Back in July of 2009, my friend, who at the time was stations in Iraq with the National Guard, were talking about this tense situation rising. Him being Christian he prayed that night for some answers and I mediated on it. The peculiar thing that occured that night was a vision of sorts, almost like a dream but too real. If felt as if I was living it then and there. I won't go into detail about it but it did involve TEOTWAWKI.

Anywho, I was surprised to find that my friend had the exact same vision as I did - (sounds preposterous I'm sure but he was the one to even bring it up. I was shocked.)

What has happened since then is an increase in deja vu however, and this is the part that gets me - I have precognition of events to come with the deja vu. For instance, the first time it happened I was typing a document on the computer when all of a sudden the sensation came over me, though stronger than it was ever before. After the original strange feeling of familiarity passed, the sensation that followed was undescribable. In a blur of images the next 5 minutes or so played out in my head - a conversation to come, a move to a different room, and even the food that we were about to eat.

It came true exactly as it played out in my head. I was skeptical at first, thinking that it wa sa self fulfilling prophecy, however, I watched my friend closely to what he did and sure enough, I did not have control over his actions.

The second time it occured it was very similar panning out the next five minutes or so.

When it happened for the third time I saw the precognition as normal, however, having seen it I refused to follow what I saw. Instead of leaving the area I was as I had seen in my mind, I opted to stay put and break the chain.

Tonight it happened for the fourth time and this time it was even more different. I was typing with my friend over a messenger program and viewing a website when the sensation hit again. However, the procognition was different in that it only showed about 30 seconds ahead of time, followed by a point later in the night that I didn't realize until I was at that point. It was not another deja vu feeling, it was actually remembering the result of the deja vu experience.

Some key thing to note are -

*It has only happened this way while in contact, via online or personal with my friend who shared the vision with me.

*It has only started to occur after I became more spirtual. (Prior to mid last year I was a hardcore atheist.)

*So far the events I have seen have played out exactly except for the third time where I intentionally went against it. I was along at the time and thus I don't know if my actions would have affected those around me different if I would have seen them.

*I haven't really been able to find a trigger for it besides certain points of contact with my friend.

So my main questions are:

Has anyone else experienced something similar to this and does anybody have any ideas how I should approach this?

The main reason I ask if because I don't know the validity of precognition, and I never really believed in anything of the sort until I have been personally experiencing it. The only qualm I have with it is if what I am seeing is truly the future, then what does that mean about my vision? Will it come true or will I be able to change that path like I did with the third experience?

Any help or comments are much appreciated.


posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:56 PM
Welcome to the club where only reality itself can initiate you and invite you in. I also have precognitive dreams from time to time. They are very real. I speak of course from my own personal relationship with them.

To advance you past Deja Vu which Dr. Vernon Neppe will say is only temporal lobe epilepsy, you can refer to it as Deja Reve (already Dreamed). Although you may not agree with the reality of what potential lies within exploration of this phenomena, I am sharing true expeirences in my lucid precognitive dream thread where during one phase I started to consciously interact with these types of dreams and started to consciously change them.

You will find many other ATS members who also have had precognitive experiences. I can only answer from my experience any questions you might have as to why they happen.

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 12:04 AM
I've had this experience twice in my life. At least I think it was the same thing. First time was when I was 10. I had chicken pox at the time and a very high fever with hallucinations (which totally freaked me out since I had no idea there was such a thing as hallucinations).

Anyway, I heard the footfalls of one of the nuns swishing down the hall and knew by the rhythm which nun it was. The steps kept getting louder as she made her way down the hall closer to my room. Eventually she was right outside my door and I looked up expectantly as I heard the doorknob turn. I waited. No one came through the door. Then there were no more sounds.

About 5 minutes later the exact same scenario played out in exactly the same way except this time the nun came through the door. Even as a child in a fevered hallucinatory state, I realized that something extraordinary had just happened. It did not happen again until a couple of weeks ago (40 years later).

I was babysitting my grandchildren and heard their mother's car pull up in the drive. As I was walking to the door to unlock it for her, I could hear her footfalls on the porch. When I opened the door, no one was there. I did not have a fever this time, wasn't sick, no drugs or alcohol were involved. I turned to the grandkids and said, "your mother will be home in a few minutes." Sure enough, within 5 minutes the same scenario played out in exactly the same way and their mother really arrived.

It's one of the strangest things I've ever experienced. I can actually hear the sounds as if they're really happening, recognize the distinctive footfalls of the person soon to be approaching. It's not like a vision or a dream. It's like an experience. Pre-cognition?

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:31 AM
I believe every one of us has this ability to to a certain level, I had this ability quite strongly right into my late teens which has declined quite a lot into adulthood. I am sure everyone you will ever speak to has had that quick 1 second flash of recognising the same situation.

I sometimes had a full played out vision of what was going to happen, but only about 10 seconds warning, I stood and watched my drunken friend fall of a child's swing in the local park, I was going to warn her but stopped myself to see what would happen, this played out exactly as I saw it, on another occasion I saw my boyfriend at the time bump his head on a low ceiling whilst at a rock club, I just sat there and let it happen (I know I really should have warned him) it happened exactly how I saw it, including everything in the background, time seemed to slow down whilst this happened? on these 2 occasions I had been drinking but this seemed to heighten my awareness of certain things when I was a teen - but this no longer happens.

I heard and then saw a vision whilst asleep at my friends house when I was 16, of my sister who decided to throw a full tin of tomatoes into a red hot frying pan and almost set the kitchen on fire, I saw and heard the whole thing. I went home the next morning and told her exactly what had happen she was totally shocked and asked how I knew, even mum was astonished!

Whenever I had any unusual feeling of dread which was not very often, meant to me someone close to me had died or something terrible was about to happen to me, and surely those feelings were correct every time.

I knew both my children were female, I had dreams about them before I knew what sex they were, I seemed to know that I would have girls well before I was pregnant?

Because my ability wore off or declined into my twenties (I am now in my early thirties) I was never able to test out whether I could change any event the way it was played out, all I get now is a very quick mental image on the rare occasion of something I will see in the near future, it usually does happen and I do get a strange feeling with it that lasts a split second, so I know it will happen.

Although one time I was in a very bad relationship I had a quick flash in my head of a newspaper headline that read something like " woman and 2 children found dead" accompanied by that strange feeling, we were in separate rooms at the time and while he was out I looked in his bedroom and next to the bed was a lump hammer, that was enough for me, I moved out of that house with my children and never went back, that relationship ended needless to say. I'm still here so either my head was playing games or I changed what was going to happen.

I would love to get the full ability back again, you are lucky to still have it, what I would do is experiment with it, change the things you see that you don't like and see what happens?

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:41 AM
Thanks for all the replies so quickly.


I have tried lucid dreaming in the past to no avail. As far as my dreams go, I have very vivid dreams on some occasions and very bland dreams on others. However, people I have slept around inform me that I speak very clearly in my sleep, full sentences and the life and coherent thoughts. From my experience, talking while sleeping is usually very sporadic and broken, so this concerns me.

As for deja reve, I have experienced this many times with dreams. There are some recurring dreams that I have had since childhood that in my later years I have been able to control and change drastically, usually with terrible results, however. In fact the last one I experienced of the said dream was probably a year ago. I am always older in the dream, perhaps a year or two older than I am now (I was an adult in the dream even when I had them as a child). The usual dream had be running away from armed gunmen after collecting my family. However, when I decided to change it, I stayed behind to fight just because I wanted to see who these men were - something that had been bugging me my entire life.

When I stayed behind I was shot and blacked out within my dream, waking up to find my family and the gunmen gone. I remember feeling like I made a terrible mistake by changing it and since then it has simply not occured again.


That sounds about like what is happening to me.


The only problem is that I do not know how to control it. As I said, so far it has only happened while in contact with my friend who shared the vision with me. Secondly, it doesn't happen all the time and so far when it has, it was always mundane stuff.

I don't know if I should mediate on it or what because while I want it to continue, I don't want to do something that might offset it. It is pretty new territory for me so I'm not sure what to do.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

I am not one to sugar coat the experience with dreaming. It is a discipline, you need to keep at it. It requires a good balanced sleep regiment and if you slack of you'll get slow at it again.

I've started to get into dreaming, almost lucid dreaming again every night. I have to keep journaling and preparing myself before sleep, and when I wake up. What makes it difficult for me is sleeping patterns and lifestyle changes since I got married and had a kid.

Regardless, lucid dreaming is attention focusing and a skill we can improve on with practice.

I'm journaling my dreams in the thread on my link, right now it's a lot of hollywood style dreaming for some reason. Action, violence, big monsters and seems to just facilitate entertainment more then any growth... or to keep my interested long enough to get suckered into some good growth dreams when my memory and focus is fully reved up to recieve it.

There is a super-intelligence behind each of us with many steps ahead of our current thought process. I'm trying to go with the flow to get in synch with that really means.

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