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The future of mankind based on science and technology

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 09:55 PM
If we don't blow ourselves up, this is where we might be headed.

You can sum up our future in one word, Robosapien.

Soon there will be a discovery that will change the world forever.

We are good at manipulating large scale computations through things like chemistry and engineering. We can put together a TV or a table.

We are not very good at manipulating small scale computations. This is things like nanotechnology, quantum computing or claytronics.

This small scale computation already occurs in nature we just can't manipulate it yet. When we do, the whole world will change. Everything will be made up of tiny computers that we can manipulate. You will be able to turn a regular watch into a diamond Rolex or you could drive a Lexus one day then change the car into a BMW the next.

This will be very easy once we master small scale computations. It will just be like producing a laptop computer or a chair.

This will kill the economy because who will work when you can just turn your Mickey Mouse watch into a Rolex.

This is where Robosapien will begin. Robots will begin to work in Bars and Clubs as we make this transition. Eventually Robots will become the dominant species and it will be like Neanderthal (homosapiens) and cro magnon (robosapien). Humans will have to meld with machines and become Cyborgs in order to survive. For instance, a man can put on an exoskeloton and lift 500 pounds like it's 5 pounds or walk for miles without breaking a sweat. Regular humans will become a drag on the growing robosapien society.

I think humans who don't want to mix with machines might form a treaty with robosapien. This might be the only way we can survive. Regular humans might be allowed to live if they agree to enter virtual reality simulators. So we could be immersed in a virtual world instead of becoming a robosapien. We will not be a drag on robosapien society because we are basically asleep in a virtual reality simulator. We could be in one now and we don't realise it.

This is just based on reading about and watching some of the amazing technologies and science that are being worked on now. It will just take a few major discoveries that will put us on the road to robosapien rule over the planet.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:03 PM
Reply to post by Matrix Rising

Look up this word please, transhumanism. It entails a little to much optimism to be realistic IMHO.

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:08 PM
It sounds mostly realistic to me. Heck, it's almost logical. However, I think that this future is very unlikely to be reality in my lifetime. You didn't mention a time frame for the events to occur, which is wise, but who knows, there may be another technological advancement in the future, but before the events you described which puts the robots on the back burner, and humanity in the forefront again...

All we need to do is ensure that we don't have an "I, Robot" situation.


posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Well Matrix Rising it's worse than that -- check out my Actual Matrix Plan expose:

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:19 PM
It's to be suspected that the 'animal' version of occupant of this planet will be phased out through a variety of means

after which, with a much smaller, smarter population, the world will begin to demonstrate its true potential

It's to be suspected that in that future, there will be strict population control. Breeding will be conducted in laboratories, using only tried and tested 'superior' DNA. 'Failures' will be terminated

Vast tracts will be devoted to 'Nature'

Sustainable energy and resources

Probably far less if any reliance on animals as food

Vastly decreased reliance on 'food' generally

Breeding dormitories

Elimination of crime

Unimaginable technological development leading to interaction with other dimensions

Our current world will occupy the musty upper shelves of 'history'. We'll be regarded in much the same way as we now regard the simple organisms which slilthered from the primeval soup. 'Human' characteristics such as genitalia, body-odour and sexual urges will be regarded as disgustingly primitive, shameful and those throw-backs of the future who're stricken in this way will be quietly 'eliminated' in secret

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