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Lets be Clear about 2012

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:50 PM
All around internet there is a lot of speculation about 2012. I think there are some points that can be made clear:

1. Mayan Prophecies are quite open to interpretation.

These prophecies come from the different Chilam Balam books, and I think they were very influenced by the stress caused by the Spanish conquest. So although Mayan culture is admirable, these prophecies are not solid ground. The site Chilam Balam is a good place to get a taste of the 'ideas' surrounding these prophecies.

2. Mayan Calendar End means the end of a cycle, not the end of anything else.

In the movie 'Christine' the evil living car, there is these scene when the odometer that is at 999999 miles (or some number with lots of 9's). What happened then? the odometer returned to 000000. So the end of the big count signals just the end of a very big cycle, you go from to that is equivalent to Does it mean something? Maybe, if we accept that the Mayans have a real knowledge about cycles, then the end of the cycle may in fact be a prove that something important is going to change in the world. Although I am not sure if we would recognize it immediately, i am not very aware when the night turns into day, or when the winter turns into spring... so its nice to have calendars and clocks that remind you important events are happening.

3. There are many, many more things about 2012 than just Mayan prophecies.

The site Dire Gnosis has a very nice compilation of topics related to 2012. In particular in the link DireGnosis News you may read up to 241 different subjects related to 2012.

You may or may not like all the 2012 buzz, but still it is a FACT that we are living very interesting times, and that we ARE involved in some cycles that do have a climax point. For example:

A. Old enough people can agree that life in the zeros was very, very different than life in the nineties, and that life in the nineties was different than life in the eighties. Internet, Cellular phones, computation power. I am unable to quantify how fast is culture changing, but i have the impression that is fast, and every year becomes faster than the previous.

B. Human Knowledge is growing at incremental rate. The really nice question is "how many time takes to humans to duplicate its knowledge?". The answer changes with time, and leads to a 'natural' singularity. Somewhere i read that in 2012 we may be duplicating our knowledge every second. I don't have that link at this moment but in this site The law of Accelerating have a very nice
discussion about this topic.

C. Solar Cycles. The sun rotates faster in its equator, than on its poles. This generates quite a complex set of cycles. This cycles do influence human behavior. There are people taking this into account to make decisions: Activists
There are lot of articles about this influence on internet.
And it happens that in this times we have a huge hole on Earth magnetosphere, so we are in this moment particularly vulnerable to solar activity: Giant Breach
But the sun itself (its heliosphere to be more precise) is also under a special pressure from cosmic rays: Solar Wind Minimum
There is even some discussion about being cosmic rays the responsible of world warming and even of solar system warming: Solar System Warming

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:52 PM
So, if we are influenced by the sun, the sun is being affected by bigger cosmic rays AND the earth is particularly open to sun influence... well, I think we can be sure, that Big changes are coming.

We may be near to one or many singularities (Terence Mackena?), or/and we may be approaching a specific set of circumstances. It may happen in 2012 or around that year. Personally i have quite clear that our lives are in fact changing. For me the real question to debate is how fast are gonna be does changes and how profound will they be.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 08:10 PM
I applaud (sorry, no points) the effort you put into your thread. It's well thought out and thought provoking.

Here is what I've done in the past two days to prepare for the unknown: I'm installing a solar system at our house. It's taking a very long time, as recent governmental edicts have made all our local electricians wary of getting involved. Thus, I've had to learn on my own, and taking things step-by-painful-step.

Actually, it's not painful. It's wonderous. I'm learning again, and that excites me. I will be flipping de big switch no later than Monday, which will take us off the grid.

A few days ago, I built a faraday box for my delicate and costly electronics. Within the space of six cubic feet, I have over USD $5500 worth of electronics. Solar max is upcoming. It takes forever to get things shipped to this wee island. My homeowner's insurance won't insure alternative energy electronics.

I have two lightning/surge arrestors and one capaciter, and just last week called a company near Los Angeles to order a 500amp shunt. It'll be here tomorrow, probably via FedEx.

I look at the future with wonder, and hope and DAMNATION! it's an amazing time to be alive.

Last year I built a time capsule, and lacking input as to how to mark it, settled upon a 4 X 4 X 1/4" section of polished aluminum bolted to the rock above the cave. There are many, many works within that cave. I hope and pray they aren't needed. I hope and pray that if they are, they are discovered. The only other thing I want to go into that concrete vault within the cave is a primer on the English language -- something enscribed in metal, someting that might enable a future civilization to translate my rantings and the books and other media archived within.

I hope we live. I choose to live. I choose to laugh and dance and sing, and, if I'm able, to peddle our tandem trike with m'Darlin' throughout the rest of our days.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 08:58 PM
Great thread friend!

I think the most popular mis-interpretation about the Mayan calendar is that it "ends" on 2012. It doesn't! It's just the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one; like an odometer at 99999 turning over to 100000.

The Maya themselves have never said the world is going to end; they say it is going to change.

What is most interesting about their calendar, is that the last cycle started in 3113 BC; this is the year that an asteroid supposedly hit somewhere around sumeria, and the same year that the first known egyptian hieroglyphics were made. This seems like the start of our recent civilization, and it seems fitting for the cycle to end in 2012: A point where civilization must begin to choose a new direction, or we face our own destruction.

As for whats actually going to happen, I don't really know; I think some kind of conscious/spiritual shift seems most likely in my mind. I'm not too worried about the collapse of civilization. If there is no food, and the western world is thrown into chaos, I'm pretty sure 45% of people would kill themselves, and 45% of people would kill each other. I would just run away with my family to the Canadian Rockies, fishing and hunting and eating herbs

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by argentus

I would love to be energy independent also. Great project. Although I think (and hope) the dire world energy shutdown its not going to show. Still the energy business is one of the things that really can make a difference in the world. Its a hot topic this days.

Do you know the PesWiki ?

It will be quite a revolution if oil stop being our main energy source.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:24 AM

Originally posted by Monts
I'm pretty sure 45% of people would kill themselves, and 45% of people would kill each other. I would just run away with my family to the Canadian Rockies, fishing and hunting and eating herbs

One of the new ideas i am beginning to accept, is that reality is a mind product, so although this scenario you describe is quite possible, I am doing what is in my hands for bring to this world a much nicer one

You may disagree with David Wilcock, but his ideas and propositions are very positive, i like to read his site Divine Cosmos, because it makes me get great and positive thoughts

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by oshdra

I wasn't famililar with that site; Thank you! Looks like tons of resource material.

Yep, oil independence would be great. One thing I've always wondered is if a generator could be made to run exclusively from hydrogen gas, and if that hydrogen could be produced within the unit, so no gas itself had to be stored. It's already known that water can easily be separated into hydrogen and oxygen.

In regard to changing times, I agree with you in the sense that I've come to belive that our collective "imagineering" tends to shape our reality.

I'm not fretting about 2012; hopefully we're on the cusp of a sense of beneficial responsibility as a species for our own preservation within context of more intelligent managing of our global resources.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by oshdra

Hey friend!

I'm don't disagree with David Wilcock, in fact I find most of his messages to be very meaningful and positive in nature, and ones that we should all be very mindful of: We create our own reality, and there are forces way greater than we can imagine that are working for our benefit.

My comment about the collapse of civilization is purely hypothetical; I'm honestly 99.9% sure that this scenario is NOT going to happen. It's just fun to imagine it happening sometimes and then try and think about what you would do.

We are the creators of our own destiny; and I see signs all the time that we are indeed moving towards some kind of shift towards a better world.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by argentus

Of course it can be done! if fact, it has been done:

And it has been discussed here:
ATS Japanese water car thread

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:38 PM
This thread is just the kind of change i am talking about: The great Awakening

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Monts

I would like to correct you if I may.
As a species on Earth, actually as souls within these temporary bodies, living here is simply about learning lessons, souls come here for the Earth and world around to change THE SOUL, to teach the soul how to survive and live within this DUALITY/POLARITY world. That's the WHOLE point. To learn and experience HARDSHIP and the world you live in RIGHT NOW.
Trying to ease the suffering in the world and make life better for everyone is a noble cause and I'm all for it. But just know, this will never happen(FOR NOW) and could have never happened before either,on Earth..because the whole point of reincarnating here on Earth is to experience hardships among happy moments etc.

You have to realize that while we are within human bodies in this 3D dimension, there will always be polarity/duality. ALWAYS. That is the point for Earth to exist,as a planet of learning,among many other planets.

So we volunteerily all incarnate here on Earth in order to experience struggles/hardships/suffering/what have you and not only happiness/joy/peace etc

The joy and love is our constant existence anyway, outside of the polarity worlds as humans(for the souls on this level of evolution right now,who incarnate as humans) and this temporary illusion is designed to be this way.

You are just trying to change the temporary illusion, which is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.
You can't change the illusion, you will never get rid of duality/polarity within this 3D physical illusion because it is designed to be what it is.

All you can do as a soul experiencing the illusion to gain lessons, is to change your OUTLOOK on things.
That is all one can do within this illusion. You are not all-powerful gods who can change this reality illusion by thought power.

That said, it's good to hope and believe,and to strive towards that. Having that outlook,that the world is beautiful and there's many great things here and the understanding that all suffering/pain etc is here for a reason.
Souls LEARN from this.

For ex. as Wilcock said, the main 2 reason why souls incarnate into places like Darfur etc and suffer all their lives are:
A) karma, they are working off their negative karma, they volunteered to work it off,and chose that life to do so.
B) really experienced and strong souls who if keep their dignity and good heart whilst living that horrible life in Darfur, will evolve spiritually as much as hundreds of "normal" lifetimes on Earth, the ones we have more or less.
That soul,if successful,will evolve a lot more from that lifetime, than we will from this one,the usual one.(the so-called "american" or "german" person etc)

So change the outlook, because you cannot and for a reason in your own best interests, you cannot change the world.

That said,on certain occasions, your guides and teachers may grant you certain "dreams" and "wishes" if they don't interfere with your life lesson/lessons in your current incarnation. Those certain situations are what the ''law of attraction'' is.

But one cannot change the world, or even their own reality entirely. For soem osuls, they cannot change anything at all by simply thinking hard enough and believing in it, not while being humans on Earth.

As for 2011-2012, many people will ascend THIS year, those who are already more than ready. 2011 will be a very busy year for it.

Many personal ET contacts will be made, not on a mass level probably yet, but many personal ones,more than ever.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 04:57 AM
For me 2012 is not the end of the world. I believe the "Dark Rift" theory has some weight to it. We know a galaxy's black hole generates a magnetic shield around said galaxy. I personally believe that on our "SINE"wave pattern through our part of the neighbourhood we cross the galactic equator where this field would be more concentrated due to the large amount of debris trapped by the black holes gravity around this same equator. Hence why most if not all galaxies are relatively flat and disk shaped or pinwheel.

As we all know the Earth's core is believed to be a solid chunk of iron with a spinning liquid outer core generating our shield. I believe that the Earth's Iron Core is already beginning to interact and has been for a while with the Magnetic Field concentrated at the Galactic Equator as the North Pole has been racing West and accelerating almost exponentially for the last 4-5 years

Natural Resources Canada

Long term movement of Magnetic North

The reason I post this link is to scroll down to the graph for it's acceleration. FREESTONEW posted a link to it. A very good theory but a different place.

I believe that the Earth's Core caused by it's polarity will try to align with the Galactic Equator's polarity as we approach it and while we pass through it and this will trigger the geographical pole shift. Scientists always refer to the reversal of the Magnetic Poles as being devastating and I'm sure they don't help but what if they are only the opening act and coincide with geophysical pole shifts.

The resulting change in orientation and spin of the core will cause friction with the liquid rock outer core which will try to align with the new inner core spin. The mantle will follow suit and physics and torsion effects take hold and boom MEGA Earthquakes, lot's if not all volcanoes go off including all SUPER Volcanoes, these are the deep ones spewing magma from deep in the Earths core and spewing it into the atmosphere hence the moon turning to blood and all the other Book of Revelations and other religious descriptions of the event.

Something fairly regular triggers Ice Ages every 100 000 years and it wasn't us driving SUV's.

On Dec 21 2012 the Sun will eclipse the Galactic Center(Black Hole) and we pass through the ecliptic of concentrated Galactic Magnetic Field. We also line up with 2 very large sources of gravity and magnetism and a large 3rd(Jupiter) is very close to alignment. I believe that this alignment is what transfers a lot of electromagnetic energy.

There's a lot of Earthquake activity lately big ones but all faults are fairly active right now as well as a lot of meteor sightings and a lot of NEO's for the upcoming few months. Some good sized pieces in those lists. I'm not saying that they are going to hit us just seems to be a lot more visible sightings on Earth of good sized ones. If we're seeing fireballs then they are a decent size.

And nothing could happen. But last time I checked thinking was free and it doesn't hurt to put some thought into. A lot of Ancient Cultures put a lot of thought into it and they covered different parts of time and geography with no known interaction. They were all astute astronomers and observers and relied heavily on knowing the natural cycles with as much precision as they could. In the case of the Mayans and Egyptians they were quite good.

If you're a believer in 2012 look for some signs,

ramp-up in large Earthquakes, Intense geo-magnetic activity, especially the acceleration of the Poles movements and it's position, frequent observable meteor sightings around the globe(debris field GC). Strange solar and Earth magnetosphere behavior. We should also be keeping an eye on our neighbors especially Jupiter and the larger outer planets as they would have the most notable change in behavior due to their size.

This is just my take on it, I got a spot within driving distance that puts the Canadian Rockies between me and the pacific ocean and is above 3500' and if all those maps you see of the predicted 40deg pole shift are true then I'll be just above the equator around 10-20 deg North Lattitude. Other than an Emergency kit that we have a few months of food and water we're pretty much screwed for long term survival.

Good thing some of us don't view hunting as barbaric and wrong and have learned how. I have a feeling those that have learned how to feed themselves will be the only ones left.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by DEEZNUTZ

Very interesting information DEEZNUTZ. What i would like to point is that there are many different events going on at the same time: Earth and solar system synchronization with the galaxy, human culture evolution, spiritual progression. For me, the synchronicity of so many events from a wide range of phenomena, is what makes me feel 2012 will be like no other year in many millennia.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by oshdra

Well if you think about it a change in the strength and frequency of the Earths Magnetosphere would have a profound effect on life here. It would change us physically and psychologically as our brain operates at roughly the same frequency thus changing the way our brain works and how we perceive reality since reality is an electro-chemical process in our brain from information obtained by our sensory organs.

This Thread by Romanian

The above thread is discussing how NASA thinks they've solved the Giant Ribbon at the outer edge of the Solar System.

The following from the article sourced NASA is what I find interesting and I have bolded the referenced text below.

"If this mechanism is correct--and not everyone agrees--then the shape of the ribbon is telling us a lot about the orientation of the magnetic field in our corner of the Milky Way galaxy," notes Heerikhuisen.

And upon this field, the future may hinge.

The solar system is passing through a region of the Milky Way filled with cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. The magnetic field of our own sun, inflated by the solar wind into a bubble called the "heliosphere," substantially protects us from these things.

However, the bubble itself is vulnerable to external fields. A strong magnetic field just outside the solar system could press against the heliosphere and interact with it in unknown ways. Will this strengthen our natural shielding—or weaken it? No one can say.

"IBEX will monitor the ribbon closely in the months and years ahead," says Posner. "We could see the shape of the ribbon change—and that would show us how we are interacting with the galaxy beyond."

I think this is another piece in the Grande Puzzle of the Universe. Massive amounts of energy are going to be flying around the Solar System in a few years. From our sun, galactic center, Jupiter.

On the plus side, it should be a great light show.

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