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ABUSE CRISIS: Breaking News! Pentagon announces new Abuse investigations

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posted on May, 22 2004 @ 04:25 AM
Pentagon officials have revealed eight more investigations into the suspected murder of prisoners in US custody. The new inquiries bring to 37 the number of detainee deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan which under examination by US officials. Ten of the deaths are categorised as homicide.

Several prisoners have been found to have died during interrogation, but whether this was directly through abuse, or breaking through too much interrogation has yet to be established for several cases.

Only two cases of prisoner deaths have been confirmed at Abu Ghraib, the prison at the centre of the controvesy.
Seperately, the Department of Justice is investigating into the alleged abuse of civilian contracters in Iraq.

Some of the causes of deaths include:
- Multiple gunshot wounds and complications
- Blunt force trauma
- Strangulation/Axphysiation

An army official says that a soldier had been convicted of use of excessive force for shooting a prisoner dead who was throwing stones at him. He was discharged from the army but was not imprisoned. Another murder, committed by a CIA contracter, has yet to have it's punishment published.

The swift-moving pace of Justice is probably because the US wants to give the impression that it is completely unbiased and will not tolerate, let alone back, the abuse of prisoners and violation of the Geneva Convention, a document they so openly backed when it was first signed.


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