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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:10 AM
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A Brief Note: Consider this a Happy Holidays gift from me (even though I've been working on this for over six months). I decided awhile back that it would be a good idea to make a sort of encyclopedia of threads of cryptozoological/mythical beasts-related topics that people could reference on ATS.

It was way more effort than I had expected, but I hope that this will do a number of things:
-Spreading cryptozoological knowledge and interest
-Encouraging members to post threads about topics that perhaps have not been explored as much as they might (or should, in my opinion)
-And to assist members in being able to identify cryptids both in their research and (hopefully) in real life.

This may contain errors. It probably does. Please send me a private U2U and I will fix them.

I will be adding more threads every once in awhile to keep this up to date. That also means I will be booting some of these threads out in the future to keep it a manageable size. If you think you know of a super good thread that should fit in here, feel free to contact me and I will look it over.

I spent a really long time working on this. PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT. Please do not use it without my permission. Ask for permission, send me a U2U.

Additional (IMPORTANT) Notes:

Thank you to the members. This index does not contain every single thread. If your thread was not included, I sincerely apologize- I tried to include threads with good research, discussion, or insight, or a combination of those. I did read through all of your threads, and overall I was so proud and impressed. Thank you.

Thank you to the entire staff, especially Gemwolf and Djarums, who have been such a big help in making this project happen.

This project is dedicated to William One Sac.
Back when I joined ATS, you were such an influence for me, and you have been ever since. You sparked my interest in cryptozoology, which has helped to shape my education. You encouraged me to be curious about the critters on this planet. And you really rock, I just never quite told you. I know how much this forum means to you, as well. Hopefully this makes a difference. Rest In Peace, dear.

This project is also dedicated to Jkrog.
You were a constant source of encouragement. I miss you dearly. RIP, my friend.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:11 AM
A - Be

Albinism/Lack of Pigment
Albino Gorilla Dies of Cancer
Albino Sasquatch?
Albino Squirrel
'Ghost-Like' White Stag Spotted
Mythic Great White Whale Caught On Camera
Pink Elephant BBC News
Please Help to Identify This
Strange White Beast
Rare White Gators Found In Swamp
White Chipmunks!
White Crow
White Whale Migaloo Spotted Getting Amorous

Almas (See also Bigfoot)

Lake-Sea Creature in South Georgia

American Hyenas (See Hyenas)

Amphibians (See also New Species)
Exploding Toads Baffle Experts
Hammerhead Salamander
Mystery Eggs Found in Berlin, Connecticut
Mystery Over Five-Legged Frogs
Unique Frogs and the Decline of World Frog Population

Angel Sightings

Animal-Eating Plants (See also Man-Eating Plants)
Cow Eating Trees of Padrame

Animal-Growing Plants
Lamb-Growing Plants- The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

Animals Falling From The Sky
Raining Animals

Animals in Stone
Animals Found in Stone! Real or Fake??
Living Fossils

Arabhar and Other Flying Snakes

Arachnids (See Insects and Arachnids)

Architeuthis (See Giant Squid)

'Aswang' in Flight. Phillipino Monster?

Atmospheric Bioforms
Atmospheric Beasts
Atmospheric Bioforms
I Got To Thinking

Australian Yowie (See Yowie)

Baja Creature
"Baja Creature" Anyone Know What This Is?

Need Info On Banshees

Loch Ness Monster, Others Actually Basilisk?

Bathasphere Fish
Bathasphere Fish

Bear Hybrids and Genetics (See also Blue/Purple Animals and Nandi Bear)
Bald Bears: Possible Cryptid Explanation?
DNA Test Confirms Hybrid Bear (I Say The Government Did It)
Grizzly-Polar Bear New Bear
Miniature Bear in Central Kentucky!
New Breed of Bear Discovered


Beast of Bray Road (See also Werewolves)
American Werewolf: The Beast of Bray Road (Story on Fox News)
Beast of Bray Road/Michigan Dog Man
Bray Road Beast?

Beast of Banff (See also Mysterious/Rare Cats- North America)
Beast of Banff- Big Cat Sighting

Beast of Bladenboro
North Carolina Cryptids?

Beast of Bodmin Moor (See also Mysterious/Rare Cats- Europe)
Beast of Bodmin Moor

Beast of Bosnia
"Beast of Bosnia" Really a Baby T-Rex?

Beast of Exmoor
Body of Beast of Exmoor Found?

Beast of Gevaudan
Beast of Gevaudan
Beast of Gevaudan: Demon Wolf or What?

Beast of Gum Hill
Big Foot (new video) Beast of Gum Hill

Beast of Elmendorf (See Chupacabra)

Beast of Linkou
New Crypto: Beast of Linkou?

Braxton Beast
Braxton Beast, Myth or Fact?
New Photo Mystery- Braxton Beast Found on Game Cam

Bungard Beast
The Bungard Beast

Cape Breton Creeper/Beast
A "Cape Breton Creeper?"

Flatwoods Monster/Beast (See also Braxton Beast, Mothman)
Flatwoods Monster/Maybe Mothman?

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:12 AM
Bigfoot: Locations

Bigfoot (See also Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas, Gigantopithecus, Skunk Ape, Orang-Pendek, Patterson-Gimlin Film, Yowie):

Is This It? The Smoking Gun of the Existence of the Yeti?

Giant "Bigfoot Prints" in Borneo

Prob. A Hoax, Group Claims Bigfoot Capture (2003)

Bigfoot Like Creature from India
Indian Villagers Claim "Bigfoot" Sightings

Possible Evidence of an Indonesian "Yeti"

Bigfoot Search in Malaysia
Interesting Article on Malaysia's "Bigfoot"
Proof of a Bigfoot Colony?

Nepalese Defend Yeti

Photo of Russian Bigfoot?

Expedition Sets Off in Siberia to Check Bigfoot Sightings

Australia (See also Yowi):
Australian Bigfoot Photo?
New Video of Bigfoot in Australia

European Bigfoot?

Polish Yeti Caught On Film With Pics

Bigfoot is in Portugal

Breaking: Romanian Bigfoot Photos
New Romanian Bigfoot Video

United Kingdom
Bigfoot in the UK?

North America:

Protecting Bigfoot Bill

British Colombia
Bigfoot in BC, Added to Endangered Species List?
Bigfoot in Mountain Biking Video?
Bigfoot Tracks Found in Canada

Bigfoot Filmed in Manitoba
Easterville, Manitoba- New Footage of Sasquatch
Manitoba Bigfoot Video Finally Here
New Bigfoot Footage Looks Interesting

Blobsquatch Returns to Canada (Vancouver)

United States:
Legend of Boggy Creek?

California (See also Patterson-Gimlin Film)
Great Bigfoot Footage: Sequoia National Forest 2005
New Bigfoot Video (11-14-05)

Florida (See Skunk Ape)

Big Foot (new video) Beast of Gum Hill
My Bigfoot Story
Photographic 'Evidence' From The Bigfoottracker Boys In Georgia

I Heard Something Strange... Bigfoot Staying In My Backyard

Kentucky Bigfoot Video

New Bigfoot Photo Out Of Louisiana

Majority of Bigfoot Sightings Are In Maryland?

Ely Sasquatch Video

Pics of Bigfoot Family

Mystery Cat and Possible Bigfoot

New Jersey (See also Jersey Devil)
Almost Attacked by Bigfoot!
Bigfoot in NJ

New York
Bigfoot Seen in Upstate NY
Monster of the Northwoods- Upstate NY Bigfoot Stories
New York Must Have A Population of Bigfoot
Now They've Got Bigfoot in New York?

North Carolina
North Carolina Cryptids?

Encounter in Ohio w/ pics
My "Bigfoot" Experience

Bigfoot Sighting in Western OK?
Memorial Day Footage Found!
Oklahoma Bigfoot Picture (Needed)

Bigfoot Photo Mt. Hood (June 2008)
Just Another Blobsquatch
New Mount Hood Bigfoot Photograph
My Bigfoot Experience

Appalachian Bigfoot - Video (8/11/2009)
Bigfoot 8mm Footage Unearthed?
Bigfoot- Being Investigated
Philadelphia Bigfoot
Young BF in PA

Bigfoot Encounter at Flaming Gorge, Utah
Bigfoot Still in the Layton Utah Foothills
Picture of a Bigfoot?

Bigfoot? Skunk Ape in the Smokies?
Breaking News out of Tennessee... Has a Skunk Ape Been Killed in TN?

New News Video of Bigfoot
Police Expert Claims Bigfoot 'Proof'

Bigfoot Encounter at Flaming Gorge Utah

Bigfoot on Cell Phone Camera?
Bigfoot Pics from 1980 near Spokane, Washington
My Bigfoot Sighting This Afternoon... Maybe
New Bigfoot Photos (Taken by Hiker 11-17-05)

6/30/09 Thermal Video of Bigfoot?
Bigfoot Steals Deer Carcass out of Truck?

South America:
Bigfoot in South America?
Brazil's Bigfoot, the Mapinguary


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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:13 AM
Bigfoot: General - Chi

Bigfoot Continued
2 Bigfoot Creatures Killed and Buried? - 1976
Ancient Bigfoot Pictographs?
Bay City Bigfoot Clip (July 2008)
Big Foot...
Big Foot Encounters Involving Communication
Bigfoot = Missing Link DNA?
Bigfoot/Yowie- Meateaters or Vegitarians?
Bigfoot, a Gun, and a Camera
Bigfoot and Humans
Bigfoot Atop the Food Chain?
Bigfoot Caught on HuntTV Stealthcam - 2008
Bigfoot Is Out There?
Bigfoot: It Simply Doesn't Make Sense
Bigfoot: My Theory
Bigfoot Sound Clips
Bigfoot: The Cain Theory Finally Some Proof
Coleman on Where to Look for Bigfoot Bones
Could Bigfoot be Evolution in Progress?
Could Bigfoot Just be a Normal Monkey?
Did Anyone See The "Bigfoot" On Fox News Tonight?- 31/07/2006
Do Bigfoot Have A Language?
Has Anyone Here Actually Seen A Bigfoot?
History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken?
How Did 'Bigfoot' Escapt The First White Settlers?
How Does Bigfoot Stay Hidden?
Hunting for the Supernatural Bigfoot
If Bigfoot Is Nocturnal Why Hasn't One Been Caught Sleeping?
If It's Really Bigfoot...
IMO The Best Close Up Picture Of Bigfoot To Date!
Is There A Connection Between Bigfoot & UFOs?
Jane Goodall Believes Bigfoot May Be Real
Local Resident Presents "Bigfoot" As Biological Fact
Looks Like Matt Whitton Is In Trouble With His Boss
Luxembourg Bigfoot Revealed A Fake
Maker of the Bigfoot Suit Used By Whitton Interviewed
Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer Admit To Bigfoot Hoax
More Physical Evidence of Bigfoot? Compelling MonsterQuest Evidence #2
My Own Bigfoot Story
My Own Bigfoot Video
My Very Strange Theory on Bigfoot
New Bigfoot
New Bigfoot Footage
New Bigfoot Footage/You Be The Judge
New Bigfoot Photo
New Bigfoot Video (Amazing!) 19 July 2008
New Bigfootage...
New Luxembourg Bigfoot Video
New Photo of Possible Bigfoot Holding Animal
New Trail Cam Pic of Bigfoot and UFOs
Ok Guys! I Need Help With This One!
On Coast To Coast Right Now, Bigfoot Caught! (Hoax)
Possible Bigfoot Nest With Bigfoot Escaping!
Possible Bigfoot Recording
Professor's Bigfoot Research Criticized
Proof of Bigfoot, and Why It's Real

Black Shuck (See also Hell Hounds)
Black Shuck

Blair Witch
The Blair Witch

Bloop (See also Mystery Sounds)
Bloop, Cthulu and the Strange, But True, Story Behind a Movie
Enormous Aquatic Beast: Bloop

Blue/Purple Animals
Blue Animals
Blue Flamingo- Is It Real?
The Blue Tiger
Purple Bear
Purple Fluro Frog Discovered
Purple Frog

Borneo Rhino
Borneo Rhino Caught on Video

The Bunyip. An Undiscovered Species?
The Bunyip Explained?

Cadborosaurus willsi (See Caddy)

Cadborosaurus Willsi

Callicantzaros (See also Vampires)

Carnivorous Cows
Carnivorous Cow - India - Verified?

A Historical Reference to a Captured Live Centaur
Any Fossils of Centaurs Ever Found?
Centaur Remains?
Centaurs - Believe Them or Not

Champ Video June 2009
Fisherman Reports Encounter with Lake Creature
Footage of Champ has Vanished! Or Has It?
Lake Champlain Google Earth- Champ x 2?
Lake Champlain Monster Spotted
Lake Champlain NY
Lake Champlain Sea Monster "Champ" Photo
Lake's First 'Champ-Hearing' Recorded

Charlie White
Could This Be the Infamous Head of a Reptoid?
Is This a Reptiod Head?? *WARNING* Decapitated!!

Could This Be a Chimera?

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:14 AM
Chu - Do

Challenge Match: "Mythbusters! Chupacabra Anyone?"
Chupa Pics
Chupa Picture?
Chupacabra a CIA Mutation Experiment
Chupacabra a Reptile?
Chupacabra Doubts
Chupacabra in Mexico Video
Chupacabra News Report
Chupacabra on CNN?
Chupacabra on Monster Quest Partly Solved?
Chupacabra or Dog Shot and Killed in Texas
Chupacabra Pics... Real or Fake?
Chupacabra Related to the Whale? Maybe! See My Evidence!
Chupacabra? Real or Hoax?
Chupacabra Shot in Texas?
Chupacabra: What are you?
Chupacabras in Chile
Chupacabras Living in Abandoned Mines in Chile
Chupacabra Road Kill?
Dead Dog or Chupacabra?
Did Humans Breed Chupacabras?
Do Chupacabras Laugh?
El Chupacabra Video Showing Corpse
El Chupacubra
Farmer May Have Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'
For All My Fellow Chupacabra Believers
Has a Mythical Beast Turned Up In Texas?
Is Dead Creature in Texas a Chupacabra?
Is There Any Photographic Proof of the Chupacabra? No!
My Co-Worker Swears He Almost Hit A Chupacabra
New Chupa Picture! (Hoax)
New Possible El Chupacabra Sighting
Possible Chupacabra Pic (Hoax- Sculpture)
Possible Chupacabra Sighting (Texas)
Real Chupacabra Pic?
Texas Man Says He Has Mythical Chupacabra

OMG Check Out This Fish!
Return of the Coelacanth

Colossal Snail (See Giant Snail)

Colossal Squid (See Giant Squid)

New Viral Marketing/Critter (SONY Hoax)

Condors In The North

Cow Eating Trees of Padrame (See Animal-Eating Plants)

Christianity and Cryptozoology
Cryptid Odds of Existence
Dark Forces At Work In The Crypto World: The "Lost Evidence"
How to Catch A Cryptid
How is it Genetically Possible for These Creatures to Exist?
How to Identify a Known Animal (Fish, Bird, Insect, etc)
Ideas on What To Do if You See Any Strange Creature/Beast/Presence/Animal/Etc
My Case Against Cryptozoology
Mythological Creatures Are Possible
Proof of Life. Habeus Corpus?
Pterodactyl Program on Christian Channel?
The Top Ten Creatures of Cryptozoology
Top 10 Mysterious Creatures!
What Happened to Cryptozoology


Dadao Monster
Dadao Monster

de Loy's Ape
Dark Forces At Work In The Crypto World: The "Lost Evidence"
Pictures and Info on the DeLoys Ape

Demon Caught on Film? Looks Real!
Demon Outside My Window?
Has Anybody Been Attacked by a Succubus/Incubus?
Living Demons
My Different Experiences With Shadow People
New Here...(Shadow People)
Photo of a Flying Demon (9/11)

Devon Island Creature
Devon Island Creature
Devon Island Creature, Strange Fossil Discovery

Diatomyidae Rock Rat
Long Thought Extinct Species Found To Be Alive

Dinosaurs (See also Mokele Mbembe, Nessie, Plesiosaurs, Pterodactyls)
Dinosaur Footprints from Polar Australia
Dinosaurs and Evolution
Dinosaur Sightings
Dinosaurs Survived Cretaceous Extinction?
Dinosaurs- Are They Alive Today?
Footprint of Dinosaur in Africa
How Do You Think The Dinosaurs Really Went "Extinct?"
Humans Might Have Lived Along Dinosaurs
Is There A Dinosaur Alive in Africa?
Living Dinosaurs
Living Dinosaurs Near Palm Springs, CA?
Photo of a Modern-Day Kronosaurus? (Hoax)


Dolphins & Greys

Dover Demon (See also Demon)
Dover Demon Caught on Film?
The Dover Demon

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:15 AM
Dr - F

A Hunting "Ninka-Nanka" We Will Go
Archaeologists Find Dragon Artifacts
Baby Dragon Hoax
Can Dragons Actually Exist?
Can This be the Origin of the "Dragons" Myth?
Chinese Dragon Sighted? Or UFO
Comet Impact: Origin of the Dragon Myths?
Convincing Dragon Photo (Hoax)
Da Vinci and his Dragons
Dragon Sightings?
Dragon Topic
Dragons... Could They Have Existed in Some Way?
Dragons Exist
Dragons: Have They Ever Existed?
Dragons Have To Be Real
Dragons: My Point of View
Dragons Reality?
Fossil of Two Headed Dragon Found
Frost Dragons
Has Anybody Else Heard This Dragon Theory?
If Dragons Are Alive Today, Where Would We Find Them?
If Dragons Are Real, How Are They Able To Breathe Fire?
Megalania Prisca: Dragon of the Australian Outback
My Dragon Existence Theory
Ninki Nanka?
Preserved Dragon (Model?)(Hoax)
Possible Dragon Sighting?
Proof of Dragons? (Hoax)
A Hunting "Ninka-Nanka" We Will Go
Archaeologists Find Dragon Artifacts
Baby Dragon Hoax
Can Dragons Actually Exist?
Can This be the Origin of the "Dragons" Myth?
Chinese Dragon Sighted? Or UFO
Comet Impact: Origin of the Dragon Myths?
Convincing Dragon Photo (Hoax)
Da Vinci and his Dragons
Dragon Sightings?
Dragon Topic
Dragons... Could They Have Existed in Some Way?
Dragons Exist
Dragons: Have They Ever Existed?
Dragons Have To Be Real
Dragons: My Point of View
Dragons Reality?
Fossil of Two Headed Dragon Found
Frost Dragons
Has Anybody Else Heard This Dragon Theory?
If Dragons Are Alive Today, Where Would We Find Them?
If Dragons Are Real, How Are They Able To Breathe Fire?
Megalania Prisca: Dragon of the Australian Outback
My Dragon Existence Theory
Ninki Nanka?
Preserved Dragon (Model?)(Hoax)
Possible Dragon Sighting?
Proof of Dragons? (Hoax)
Unity of Myth: Rise of the Dragon

Duendes (See also Gnomes)

Duendes (See also Gnomes)

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny: A Mystical Creature?

Elephant Fish
Trunko and Other Elephant Fish

Elves (See Fairies)

Extinct Species Experimentation (See also Thylacine)
Cloning Extinct Species, Good or Bad?
First Extinct-Animal Clone Created
Mammoth/Dino/Prehistoric Megafauna/Extinct Animal Secret Ressurections?
Predator X

Extinct Species General and Fossils
1,545 Pound Giant Guinea Pig
5 Foot Penguins (In Peru)
Ancient Devil Frog May Have Eaten Baby Dinos
Discovery of Giant Ancient Snake
Earliest Evidence for Reptiles Discovered in Canada
Giant "Sea Monster" Fossil Discovered in Arctic
Real Picture of a Diplocaulus? (Hoax)
Hammerhead Salamander
Legendary Man-Eating New Zealand Bird "Did Exist"
Man-Sized Sea Scorpion Fossil Claw Found
New Flying Reptile Species Found
New Species of Dinosaur Discovered in Egypt
Please Welcome-- Oryctodromeus cubicularis-- The Burrowing Dinosaur
Possible "Lovenia woodsi" Fossil Found in North Norway
Possible Dragon? (Raptor)
Prehistoric Goose Was The Size Of A Small Plane And Had Bony Teeth
Real Michigan Wolverine Spotted for First Time in About Two Centuries
Remains of "Sea Reptiles Similar to Drawings of Loch Ness Monster" Found
Scientists Dredge Up Vestige of Chilling Monster

Fairies/Faeries/Pixies/Elves/Mist Folk
Are Fairies Real?
Argentinean Tree-Folk...Faery?
Do Creatures Such as Gnomes and Elves Really Exist?
Does Anyone Believe in Fairies?
Faerie Folk
Faery or Trick of the Camera?
Fairies, Anyone?
Fairys and Little People
Invitation to Elfland
Is This A Faerie/Fairy?
I've Seen Patupaiarehe/Mist-Folk
Magical Creatures
Opinions On Fairy Belief
Pixies... Real or Not?

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:16 AM
G - Giant Sq

Gable Film (See also Beast of Bray Road and Michigan Dogman)
Beast of Bray Road/Michigan Dog Man
New Pictures of the Michigan Dogman? (And Another Look at the Gable Film)
The Gable Film- Michigan Dogman
The Gable Film- Michigan Dogman Part 2

Gef the Talking Mongoose

Genetic Mutations (See also Albinism/Lack of Pigment)
7 Legged Cow!
7 Legged Lamb
7 Legged Transgendered Deer
Amazing Winged Cats- Egyptian Angels?
Calf Born With Two Faces
Cat Born With Three Eyes and Two Faces
Fossil Of Two Headed Dragon Found
Hunter Kills Deer With 5 Legs (Video)
Snake With Claw Stuns Scientists?
The Two-Headed Turtle
Three Headed Frog
Turtle Power Boosted By Second Head
Two Headed Cat
Two Headed Cow
Two Headed Tortoise Born in Dorset, England

Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg (See Gnomes)

Giants (See also Trolls)
15 Foot Tall "Humanoids" in Antarctica?
Giant Humanoid Discovery Claimed
Giant Movies?
Giant People... Giant Buildings...
Khmers Claim That Giant Built Angkot Wat
Magellan Ran Into Giants In South America!
Pictures of Giants From Times Past! Some of Those are Huge!

Giant Alligators
The Real Lake Placid Alligator

Giant Apes
Biggest Silverback Ever Recorded?
New Giant Ape Discovered

Giant Beavers
I Was Chased By A Giant Beaver

Giant Birds (See also Haast Eagle, Thunderbird)
Giant Bird, Argentina, 1980
Massive Bird Spotted in Alaska

Giant Chimpanzees
Giant, Lion-Eating Chimps Found in Congo Jungle

Giant Crabs
Look At These Crabs

Giant Fish
300ft Catfish
Biggest Catfish I've Ever Seen...
Giant Eel Questions
Gigantic Salmon Found in California River
I Need Your Help With Monster Catfish Research!
Indian Killer Catfish?
Is This Catfish Real?
Killer Catfish?
Largest Freshwater Fish on Record- Big as a Grizzly!
Leedsichthys Problematicus
Legendary Dog-Eating Catfish Dies
Locals Fear Giant Catfish Develop Taste for Live Humans After Feeding on Corpses
Massive Eel in Toxic Waters Video or Hoax?
Mekong Giant Catfish
Nessie Found in Australia (Giant Eel)

Giant Frogs
Giant Frogs in Peru
One Jacked Up Frog

Giant Gorillas (See Gorillas, Gigantopithecus)

Giant Insects (See Insects and Arachnids)

Giant Jellyfish
Can Somebody Tell Me About a Jellyfish Type Critter...?
Echizen Jellyfish
Giant Jellyfish?

Giant Kangaroos (See also Killer Kangaroos)
Dinosaur Kangaroos Spotted in Chile

Giant Lizard
Giant Lizard Terrorizing Rebieh Residents is Identified

Giant Moose
Giant Moose!

Giant Octopus (See also Sea Monsters)
Giant Octopus or Whale Blubber? You Decide
The Shark-Eating Octopus - Movie

Giant Pigs (See Hogzilla)

Giant Rats
Giant Rat!
Giant Rat Caught in China- Photo
Giant Rat Discovered in Indonesia (with pic)
Rats as Large as Dogs Regularly Seen in UK

Giant Sloth
Giant Sloth Still Alive?
Giant Sloth- The Sleeping Threat
Living Giant Sloth?

Giant Snails
Colossal Snail Caught On Tape

Giant/Strange Snakes (See also Sukuriju and Giant Worms)
100 Foot Long Snake Photographed in Borneo
Discovery of Giant Ancient Snake
Giant Snakes in the Congo
Gigantic Snake Tries To Pull A Buffalo Up A Cliff For It's Supper
Huge Rattlesnake Shot In Manor, Texas (With Pictures)
Longest Recorded Snake Possibly Caught in Indonesia!
Look At This Snake
New Species of Large Snake Discovered in Kenya
Oh No! Not Another "Is This Real" Post!
Python Eats Gator
Python Swallows Pregnant Sheep

Giant Spiders (See Insects and Arachnids)

Giant Squid
10m Colossal Squid Netted!!
25 Foot Squid Found Off The Coast Of California
Freaky Giant Squids
Giant Long Armed Squid
Giant Squid
Giant Squid Captured! VIDEO
It's Alive! The First Photo of a Living Architeuthis!
MonsterQuest- Giant Squid
New Research on Giant Squid
NZ Scientists Find Largest Ever Squid!
Pictures of a Mostly Alive Architeuthis dux (Giant Squid)
Rare Giant Squid Washes Up on Beach (With Pic) (7/11/07)
US Scientists Net Giant Squid

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:16 AM
Giant St - H

Giant Stingrays
Giant River Stingrays in Thailand!
Mysterious Giant Turtle- Photos

Giant Turtles
Giant Turtle Found in Vietnam

Giant Worms (See also Mongolian Death Worm, Minhocao, Tatzelwurm)
Any Help on Worm-Like Beings?
Giant Sea Worm Discovery
Giant Sewer Worm?
Maybe a Real-Life...
The Minhocao- Giant Earthworm or Legless Amphibian?

Gigantopithecus (See also Giant Apes, Gorillas)
Bigfoot-Sized Ape Lived Alongside Humans

Giglioli's Whale (See also Rhinoceros Dolphin)

Glamis Castle Monster
Monster of Glamis Castle

Gnomes (See also Duendes)
Do Creatures Such as Gnomes and Elves Really Exist?
Possible Explanation of "Gnome" Sightings

Goatman (See also Lake Worth Monster)
A Goatman Thread
Goat Man

Goblin Shark (See Sharks)

Gorillas (See also Giant Gorillas, Gigantopithecus)
Over 100,000 Gorillas Found!

Great White Whale (See Albinism)

Green Children
The Green Children

Gremlins are Real?

Are Griffins Real and Indicative of Ancient Genetic Engineering?

Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper Fact Or Fiction?

Guanches (See also Orang-Pendek)
The Guanches of Canary Islands

The Gulon

Haast Eagle (See also Giant Birds)
Haast Eagle

Hell Hounds (See also Black Shuck)
Need Info On Hell Hounds

Highgate Vampire
Mothman and the Highgate Vampire
The Highgate Vampire

The Myth of the Hippocampus

Hoan Keim Turtle
Didn't See One Of These Here...

Hobbits and Floresians
Mini Homo Erectus
Monster Quest- The Real Hobbit
New Skull Study Shows 'Hobbit' is Not Human

Hockomock Swamp
The Hockomock Swamp/Bridgewater Triangle

Boy Bags Wild Hog Bigger Than 'Hogzilla'
Documentary Confirms Hogzilla's Existence
Eleven-Hundred Pound 'Hogzilla' Killed in Georgia
Giant Pig on a Pilbara Cattle Station
Hogs Bigger Than Hogzilla Killed in Alabama (Almost 11 Feet Long)
Hogzilla... Is It Real?
Meet "Hog Kong" With Amazing Photo

Honawewe (See also Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti)


Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe Crabs

Human Hybrids
Are These Alien and Human Hybrids?
Bush Makes Mention of Animal Human Hybrids
Donkey Lady
Human/Rabbit Hybrid? What?

15 Foot Tall "Humanoids" in Antarctica?
Humanoid Creature Found
Mythical Races- Real Basis For Myth
Potential Humanoid Creature Spotted in Chile

Humanzee (See also Monkey-Man)
Humanzee Proven New Chimpanzee?
Humanzee (Oliver)
Oliver The Human Chimp

Hyena in Mississippi?

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I - K

Ilkley Moor Entity
Ilkley Moor Entity

Isle of Demons/Daemons
Isle of Daemons
Isle of Demons

Has Anybody Been Attacked by a Succubus/Incubus?

Insects and Arachnids
16 Legged Hairy Alien Creature? (Caterpillar)
6 Legged Spider?
Dragonflies are Up To Something?
Enormous Wasp Nests Uncovered in Southern US- Scientists Stumped
Giant Beetle!
Giant Spiders Anyone?
Has There Ever Been Records of Giant Insects During The Human Eras?
Huge Insect Found in Iraqi Desert
Furry One-Inch Monster Can Kill A Human. Yikes!
London Man Finds World's Largest Species of Centipede in His Apartment
Meat Eating Bees?
Mystery Bug Bugs Experts
Okay, Now This Is Just Odd
One Of The Scariest Stories I've Read...
Prehistoric Dragonfly?
Pub Regulars Baffled By Bizarre Bug (Dark Bush Cricket)
Really Big Praying Mantis
Question About New Animal Species

Invisible Creatures
Invisible Creatures That Roam The Earth

Inzignanin (See Reptilians and Giant Fish)

Ivory Billed Woodpecker
Bird Thought to be Extinct Sighted
The Ivory Billed Woodpecker

Jabal-Barez Skeleton (See also Dragons)
Killing the Colossus (Hoax)

Jackalopes... Are Real

Jaguarundi (See also Mysterious Cat- Texas)
Black Cat Native to SE Texas!

Jersey Devil
Is This The Jersey Devil?
Jersey Devil Murders?
Jersey Devil Pictures
Jersey Devil Info
Looking For Info On The Jersey Devil
Maybe That Wasn't The Jersey Devil...
New MonsterQuest- Jersey Devil
Question About The Jersey Devil
The Jersey Devil

Jon-Erik Beckjord (See also Patterson Film)
Jon-Erik Beckjord
Jon-Erik Beckjord Controversial?

Jose Escamilla (See Rods)


Kasai Rex
The Kasai Rex

The Kelpie

Killer Catfish (See Giant Fish)

Killer Kangaroos (See also Giant Kangaroos)

Komodo Dragons
Komodo Dragons Are Not Dragons- Get It Right!
Komodo Dragons...

Kongamato (See also Ropen, Pterosaur)
Flying What?

Kraken (See Giant Squid)

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:17 AM

Lake, Bay, Lagoon, Loch, and River Monsters:

Great White Shark Seven-Metre Long 'In Lake'

China's "Nessie" Sighted
China's "Loch Ness"
Kansas Lake Monster Making Headlines- Video 5/7/2007
New Sightings of Chinese "Lake Tianchi" Monster

Lake Van Monster- New Theories?
New Lake Van Monster Video = Japanese?

Lake Muckross
Lake Monsters: Loch Muckross

Scotland (See Nessie)

Dutch Loch Ness??

Piranha With Hands And Legs Caught In The Thames (Hoax- Photoshop

Lake Monster in Western Ukraine

North America:
Great Lakes
Sea Monsters In The Great Lakes?
Lake Champlain (See Champ)
Lake Ontario Serpent

British Columbia
Cadboro Bay (See Caddy)
Thetis Lake Monster
Lake Okanagon (See Ogopogo)

Lake Simcoe/Igopogo
Investigators Search for Canadian Lake Monster

United States:
Chesapeake Bay

Monster Could Be Lurking in Connecticut Lake

Georgia (See Altamaha-ha)

Lake Pepin
Anyone Ever Heard of the Lake Pepin Lake Monster?

New York
Lake Placid
The Real Lake Placid Alligator

Pennsylvania's Loch Ness Monster- Photos Taken Feb. 2006

Creatures in Fish Lake Utah

South America:
Argentina (See Nahuel Huapi Monster)

Has Anybody Ever Bumped Into A Lake Monster?
Lake Monster Activity
Lake Monsters... Your Opinion?

Legend of Boggy Creek (See Bigfoot-Arkansas)

Does Anyone Know Anything About Leprechauns? I Believe I Have Encountered Something...
Leprechaun! In Alabama! Do You Believe?
Leprechaun Spotted in Alabama
Proof of Leprechaun-Like Beings

Behemoth, Leviathan, Ziz
Leviathan... He's Definitely For Real
List of Devil Names
Monster Seabeast in the Bible

Leyland Cat (See Mysterious Felines and Rare Felines)

Are There Other References to "Ligers"
Cool Thylacine Videos (Liger)
Ligers: New King of the Jungle?

Little Green Men (See also Little Men)
Little Green Man?
Little Green Men!

Little Men (See also Gnomes, Duendes, Orang-Pendek)
Little Man
Little People of Nebraska

Living Fossils and Rediscoveries (See also Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Coelacanth)
Brazil Scientists Discover Prehistoric Ratfish
Creature Thought Extinct Found in Cuba
"Extinct" Whale Reappears
Living Fossil Thought Extinct For 11 Million Years Found In Laos
Living Shark Fossil Sighted
Long Thought Extinct Species Found To Be Alive
Possible Evidence of Surviving "Fossil" Species
Pre-Historic Fish Found in Russia (Trilobite)
Previously Extinct Rodent Found Alive and Well
Rare Fossilized Shark, Frilled Shark Caught on Tape
Real-Life Furbys Rediscovered
Real Michigan Wolverine Spotted for First Time in About Two Centuries

Lizard Man (See also Reptilians)
Lizard Man
Lizard Man Attacks Minivan (Shocking Damage Photos!)
Lizard Man Discussion on C2C Tonight

Local Cryptids
Anyone From Around TN-VA-NC?
Anything in Iowa?
Creatures in New England
Encounters in My Lifetime (Maine)
Local Flavours of Monster
North Carolina Cryptids?
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia

Long-Eared Jerboa
Long-Eared Jerboa Filmed For The First Time

Long Living Creatures
Creature That Lives For 300 Years
400 Year Old Clam- A Record Breaker!

Loren Coleman
$1,000,000 For Safe Capture
$17 Million For Baby Bigfoot?
Coleman on Where to Look for Bigfoot Bones
The Clearest Pictures of Sasquatch
Sex and the Single Sasquatch
Mysterious Giant Turtle

Loveland Frogs (See also Reptilians, Dover Demon)
Bipedal Reptilians
C2C Image: Unidentified Animal
The Dover Demon

Lusca (See Giant Octopus)

Lycans (See Werewolves)

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M - Myl

Maltese Tiger (See Blue Animals)

Mammal-Like Reptiles
Mammal-Like Reptiles

Mammoths (See also Mastodons)
Mammoth Sighted
Woolly Mammoth In The Human Era

Man-Eating Plants/Trees (See also Animal-Eating Plants, Umdhlebi)
Man Eating Plants
Man Eating Trees/Plants
Man-Eating Trees and Mongolian Death Worms

Mapinguary (See Bigfoot- South America)

Markham Monster


Mastodons (See also Mammoths)
Mastodons Still Alive Today?


Megalania Prisca (See Dragon)

Megalodon Caught on Deep Sea Camera
Jaws- Myth? Or Still Lurking In The Deep Blue Sea?
Megalodon- Are They Still Alive and Still Swimming Near You?
Megalodon Caught on Deep Sea Camera (Hoax- Pacific Sleeper Shark)
Megalodon Video (Hoax- Pacific Sleeper Shark) (Put these two in Sharks and here? Or just here?)
Megalodon- Will We Ever See It Again?
Possibility of Meg Being Real

Melonheads- Cryptid, Encephalitic Freaks, or Urban Legend?

Memphis Monster
Memphis Monster?

Memphremagog Monster
Woman Reports Seeing Memphremagog Monster

Mermaid (See also Fiji Mermaid)
Are Mermaids Just A Myth?
Dead Mermaid Washed Up On The Shore?
Mermaid Found (Hoax)
Mermaid in Philippines!
Mermaid on Ebay (Hoax)
Mysterious "Mermaid" Rises From The River

Mexican Specimen
Monster Quest Flying Humanoid/Mexican Specimen

Michigan Dogman (See also Beast of Bray Road and Gable Film)
Beast of Bray Road/Michigan Dog Man
New Pictures of the Michigan Dogman? (And Another Look at the Gable Film)
The Gable Film- Michigan Dogman Part 2

Minhocao (See also Mongolian Death Worms, Giant Worms)
The Minhocao- Giant Earthworm or Legless Amphibian?

Miniature Elephants
Miniature Elephants

Minnesota Ice Man (See also Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti)
Dead Sasquatch Photo?
Minnesota Iceman

Mist Folk (See Fairies)

Mokele-Mbembe (See also Dinosaurs)
Is There A Dinosaur Alive in Africa?
Living Dinosaur
Mokele-Mbembe (Dinosaur in Africa)
Mokele-Mbembe Video
Mokele-Mbembe Footage?

Monckton's Gazeka
Monckton's Gazeka Identified

Monongahela Monster (See Sea Monsters)

Mongolian Death Worms
Journalist Hunts for Acid-Spitting Mongolian Death Worm
Man-Eating Trees and Mongolian Death Worms
Mongolian Death Worm

Monkey-Man (See also Humanzee)
Colombian Monkey-Man Attacks Geologists in 1920 *picture*
Monkey Man
Monkey, Hominid, or Hoax? (Hoax/Spider Monkey)

Chupacabra on Monster Quest Partly Solved?
MonsterQuest- Giant Squid
Monster Quest- The Real Hobbit
Monster Quest Flying Humanoid/Mexican Specimen
MonsterQuest Caught Hoaxing Evidence?
MonsterQuest Sasquatch Attack at Snelgrove Was Faked (with Video)
MonsterQuest Show Where Are The Monsters?
More Physical Evidence of Bigfoot? Compelling MonsterQuest Evidence #2
New MonsterQuest- Jersey Devil
(Video) Crew Member of History Channel's 'Monster-Quest' talks about Sasquatch Attack!

Montauk Experiment
Montauk Experiment

Montauk Island Creature
Another Strange Animal Washed Up On Shore
Montauk Island Creature

Mora (See Horla)

Mothman (See also Thunderbird, Demon)
Any Mothman Sightings in Germany?
Bridge Collapse- Forwarned by Mothman?
I Think I Saw Mothman?
Is The Mothman Beelzebub?
Mothman Again?
Mothman and Maybe a New Insight to What They Are
Mothman and the Highgate Vampire
Mothman in Illinois?
Mothman in Montana
Mothman in Saskatchewan?
Mothman on Video in Hamburg, Germany
Mothman Photo?
Mothman Photograph?
Mothman Photographed in Dallas?
Mothman Recordings
Mothman Sighting
Mothman, I Don't Get The Moth Part
Mothman... Giant Owl?
Mothman/Thunderbird Connection?
Possible Mothman Sighting

The Mpakafo

Mud Womp
The Mud Womp

Do You Believe That Mummies Can Come Back To Life?
Pedro The Mountain Mummy

Mylodonte (See Giant Sloth)

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Mysterious F - Na

Mysterious Felines and Rare Felines (See also Feline Hybrids)
New Cat-like Creature Found
Possible New (Mammal) Species Found in Borneo

Photo In The News: World's Rarest Big Cat Captured

Big Black Cats in Oz
Mysterious Panther Sighting in Australia
Panther-Like Creature Stalks Homes

New Zealand
Mysterious Cat-Like Creature Spotted in New Zealand
New Zealand Mystery Animal Photo
New Zealand Panther

Europe (See also Beast of Bodmin Moor):
Big Cat Knocked Down and Killed
Ferocious Big Cats Do Live In Britain- After Being Seen By Forestry Commission Rangers
Policeman Takes 'Big Cat' Photo
The Legend of the Leyland Cat Creature

Injured Horse in Scotland "Attacked By Puma"

North America:
Beast of Banff- Big Cat Sighting

United States:
Area 51
Mystery Tiny Feline Adult Mummy Found Near Area 51

Legend of the African Lion Alive in Colorado Springs

Help Solve the Big Cat Mystery w/ Video

Maine Mystery Cat- Photograph *Update*

Mystery Cat and Possible Bigfoot

New York
Mysterious Black Cat Sightings in NY

Horse Brutally Attacked by Unknown Animal

Black Cougar Sighting in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

South Carolina
Big Black Cat Sighting

Texas and Midwest
Big Black Cats in Texas
Black Cat Native to SE Texas!

Mystery Creature Photographed in Seattle-- A Kangahippomouse?

Proof Positive: The Wisconsin Couger Exists!

Black Lions in America
Mysterious Black Cats
Mysterious Creature Baffles Officials
Real Black Panther

Mystery Sounds (See also Bloop)
Mystery Sounds of the Pacific
Possible Bigfoot Recording
Preliminary Acoustic Analysis of Unusual Animal Vocalizations

Naga (See also Reptilians)
Dinosaur Sightings
The Nagas and their Underground Cities

Nahuel Huapi Monster/Nahuelito (See Also Lake Monster- Argentina)
Nahuel Haupi Lake Monster Reappears (Photo!)
Nahuel Huapi Monster is Back and Shows His Face

Nandi Bear
Nandi Bear

Nari Pon
Is There Any More Info on Naree Pons?
Nari Pon

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Ne - Ny

A Determination to Find Nessie (1922-2009)
BBC Proves Nessie Does Not Exist?
CNN: New Loch Ness Monster Video
Cool Nessie Story (Woman Shoots at Giant Sturgeon in Loch)
Do You Think Nessie Could Be Real?
Does Nessie Venture out of Loch Ness into the Open Ocean?
Draining Loch Ness?
Elephant Implicated in Nessie Sighting
Famous Loch Ness Monster 1930's Photo- Just A Circus Elephant
Impressive Nessie Pics!
Incredible Nessie Videos!
Is The Plesiosaurus The Explanation Behind The Loch Ness Monster?
Italian Journalism Claims He Invented Nessie
Loch Ness Caught By Holiday Makers from Huddersfield?
Loch Ness Live Cam
Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster Footage
Loch Ness Monster Video On Youtube
Loch Ness Monster Video On Youtube: Cryptids Are So Easy To Fake
Loch Ness Monster Was A Circus Elephant
Loch Ness Pictures
Loch Ness Sighting
Loch Ness- New Video
Loch Ness Monster Theory
Loch Ness- Size Comparison Footage
Man Plans to Harpoon Loch Ness Monster
Man Says He's Got A New Loch Ness Monster Video
Mini Nessie
Nessie Alert: Flesh-like Material From Loch Ness To Be DNA Tested
Nessie Caught On Film?
Nessie Debunked?
Nessie Fossil Found!
Nessie on Land Photograph
Nessie... Why?
Nessie's Tooth Found?
New Loch Ness Monster Video
Possible Sonar Hit of Nessie
Purported Loch Ness Monster Video

New London Monster
Another Strange Animal Washed Up On Shore

New Species (See also Bear Hybrid, Feline Hybrid)
27 New Species of Spiders, Scorpions and Other Creepy Crawlers
40 New Species Discovered in Amazon
700 New Species Found in Polar Region
Antarctic Giant Sea spiders, New Species?
Clouded Leopard 'Is New Species'
Giant Ape May Be New Species
Giant Rat
Discovered in Indonesia (with pic)

Giant Sea Worm Discovery
Many New Species Found in Greater Mekong
New Animals Could Be Appearing
New Bizarre Animal Discovered in Japan (Hoax)
New Cat-like Creature Found
New Creature- Elephant Octopus?
New Creature Found (Worms)
New Fish Found (Electrolux)
New Giant Ape Discovered
New Species
New Species Discovered, Promptly Eaten
New Species- Furry Shark?
New Species of Fish (With Arms)
New Species of Large Snake Discovered in Kenya
New Species of Whale Discovered
New Type of Monkey Discovered, No Such Discovery for 83 Years
Plate-Sized Spider Among 1000 New Species!
Possible New (Mammal) Species Found in Borneo
"Punk" Catfish Among New Species Found in Venezuela
Purple Fluro Frog Discovered
Purple Frog
Rare Discovery: New Type of Rodent Found in Vegetable Market
Science Team Finds 'Lost World' New Species Found
Tiny Seahorse, World's Longest Insect Among Top New Species
Unknown Species of Giant Apes Discovered in Congo

Nimerigar (See also Little Men, Orang-Pendek)
Evidence of Little People?

Ninka-Nanka (See Dragons)

North American "Dog-Stealing" Wolf (See Mysterious Beasts)

The Legend of Nyaminyami

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O - R

Crypto- Monster Eel with Dragon Head
Oarfish Video

Octopus (See also Giant Octopus, Oklahoma Octopus)
Amazing Footage of How An Octopus Defends Itself
The Shark-Eating Octopus- Movie

Baby Ogopogo Found?
Ogopogo At It Again
Ogopogo Carcass May Have Been Found
Ogopogo Caught On Film/Documentary Filmed
Ogopogo "Monster" Pics (6/6/2009)
Okanagan Lake Creature

Ohio Grass Man
Ohio Grass Man Expedition Aug. 2008

Oliver (See Humanzee)

Okapi Rediscovered in Africa

Oklahoma Octopus
Oklahoma Octopi Now Dangerous Killing Machines?
Oklahoma Octopus, Scientifically Plausible/Need More Information

Orang-Pendek (See also Guanches)
Fresh Evidence Supports the Orange Pendek
Orang-Pendek Discovered & Documented?
Orang-Pendek: The "Short Person" of Indonesia

History of the Owlman
The Owlman of Mawnan

Panther (See Mysterious Felines and Rare Felines)

Parropigeon (See Pigeons)

Patterson-Gimlin Film
Bigfoot Patterson Foorage Analyzed
Ever Notice This About The Patterson Film?
Jon-Erik Beckjord
Man Claims He Wore Ape-Suit in Famous Patterson Film
New Twist to the Patterson Film: "She Was Shot"
Patterson Bigfoot Film Creature A Female?
Patterson Bigfoot/Human Comparison
Patterson Bigfoot May Be Bigger Than First Thought
Patterson Bigfoot Footage Stabilized and Analyzed (from ATSNN)
Patterson Bigfoot Stabilised- Fake
Patterson's Fakes
Patterson Film Has Gone Through A Lot Of Discrimination, But...
Patterson Film Location
Patterson Footage Creature Proven Not A Suit
Patterson-Gimlin Film
Patterson Lied About Being A Liar- Convincing New Photo!
Patterson Reel Number 2? (Bought At Yardsale)
Patterson Video Supporters, Have A Look At This
Supposed Photo of "Patterson Bigfoot Costume"?

Patupaiarehe (See Fairies)

Pedro (See Mummy)

Pegasus Are Real

Phoenix (In Fire Shape)
Phoenix... Or Something Else?

Phuket Monster (See Sea Monsters/Creatures)

Piasa Bird (See Thunderbird)

"Hippy Pigeon" or Parropigeon?
Pigeons Evolving

Pixies (See Fairies)

Plesiosaurs (See also Lake Monsters, Nessie)
Basking Shark or Plesiosaur
Britain- Home to Plesiosaurs?
Loch Ness Monster Lookalike Found

Popo Bawa/Popobawa
Popo Bawa

Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?
Flying What?
New Flying Reptile Species Found
Pics of Living Pterodactyls and Pterosaurs?
Pterodactyl (Model)
Pterodactyl Causes Car Crash in Washington (12/27/07)
Pterodactyl Hits Plane? (Bird)
Pterodactyl Program on Christian Channel?
Pterosaur? (Bird)
Pterosaur and Civil War Soldiers (Hoax for Freaky Links)

Purple Animals (See Blue/Purple Animals)

Pygmy Hippos
Rare Pygmy Hippos Caught on Film

My Take On Quetzalcoatl and the Serpent of Eden

The Rebobs of Napa Valley, California

Red Eyes in Tree
Blazing Red Eyes in Tree

Reptilians (See also Charlie White)
Bipedal Reptilians

Rhinoceros Dolphin
Rhinoceros Dolphin

Help Me Understand Rods Please!
History Channel's MonsterQuest- Escamillia Tonight
Jose Escamilla's Roswell Rods
Mysterious Skyfish?
Rainbow Rods?
Remember the Rods? (Video)

Ropen (See also Pterosaurs/Pterodactyls)
Ropen Footage

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San - Su

Santa Claus
Festive Cryptids
I am 29 and I Believe in Santa Clause

Sasquatch (See also Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie)
Albino Sasquatch
Ancient Bigfoot Pictographs
Blobsquatch Returns to Canada (Vancouver)
Clearest Picture of Sasquatch Ever
Could Sasquatch Have Been A Human Lab Experiment... and Escaped
Easterville, Manitoba- New Footage of Sasquatch
Ely Sasquatch Video
If Sasquatch is Found, What Happens Next?
(Video) Crew Member of History Channel's 'Monster-Quest' talks about Sasquatch Attack!
(Video) Paul Freeman Sasquatch Footage... The Real Deal?
I'm Going To Find Sasquatch!
Miniature Sasquatch?
MonsterQuest Sasquatch Attack at Snelgrove Was Faked (with Video)
My Sasquatch Theory
My Theory of Why Sasquatch is Never Captured Nor Bones Found
Recent Sasquatch Sighting (British Columbia)

Sea Monsters/Creatures (See also Giant Fish, New Species, Giant Jellyfish, Giant Octopus, Giant Squid, Sharks, Megalodon, Plesiosaur)
Mysterious Amphibious Human-Like Creatures...

Skunk Ape
Interesting Account of a Man's Close-Up Encounter With A Skunkape
New Skunk Ape Video
Pics of Florida's Skunk Ape
Skunkape Screaming
Weird Sound in Florida

Killing the Colossus

Strange Fish-Alligator Surprised Villagers in Phuket

Giant "Sea Monster" Fossil Discovered in Arctic

Mysterious Jellyfish-Blob-Thing
United Kingdom
Mysterious Creature Washed Up On Cumbrian Beach
Nessie's English Cousin? (Windmere)

New Zealand:
Deepest Ever Deep Sea Fish Captured on Camera

North America:
Research Team Launches Search for Serpent-Like Vancouver Island Lake Creature
Ducks Eaten Alive by Giant Marine Animal

United States:
Mystery Fish Stumps Barrow
Another Strange Animal Washed Up On Shore
Man Says 30 ft "Monster" Lurking in Canals of Madeira Beach

South and Central America:
Bizarre New Fish Discovered
Giant Octopus or
Whale Blubber? You decide

Paraguay- Mystery Fish With Hands And Feet

Are There Any Creatures...
Bathasphere Fish
Monongahela Monster

New Sea Serpent Claim
New Video of Strange Sea Creature
One Member's Crazy Oceanic Experience
Orkney/Stronsay Beast 1808 Carcass
Remember The Ugly Fish?
Shell Perdido Oil Platform Creature (Long-Armed Squid)
Some Weird Looking Sea Life
Strange Whale
(Video) Underwater Astonishments- Amazing Creatures

Shadow People (See Demons)

Shamir Worm
The Shamir Worm

Sharks (See also Megalodon)
Goblin Shark Caught on Video
Living Shark Fossil Sighted
Mariana Trench
Norfolk Great White
Picture Evidence of Great White off Scotland?
Rare Fossilized Shark, Frilled Shark Caught on Tape

Snakes (See Giant Snake/Strange Snakes)

Shunka Warak'in (See Mysterious Beasts)

Giant Horned Skull
Giant Snake in Ice?
Help Identify This Unknown Skeleton
Skeleton Found in Ice Berg, Could it be a Mammoth?

Skunkape/Skunk Ape (See also Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch)
Bigfoot? Skunk Ape in the Smokies?
Breaking News out of Tennessee... Has a Skunk Ape Been Killed in TN?
Genuine Footage of the Florida "Skunk Ape"
Interesting Account of a Man's Close Up Encounter with a Skunk Ape
New Skunk Ape Video
Pics of Florida's Giant "Skunk Ape"

Solomon Island Giants
Soloman Island Giants

Spiders (See Insects and Arachnids)

The Mysterious Indian Sphinx

Storsjo (See Sea Monsters/Creatures)

Succubi (See Demons)

Sugar Flat Road Creature
Creature of Sugar Flat Road

Sukuriju (See also Giant Snake)
The Sukuriju

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:23 AM
T - Z

T-Rex (See also Dinosaurs)
"Beast of Bosnia" Really a Baby T-Rex?
T-Rex In Aussie Country
Living Dinosaur

Tasmanian Tiger (See Thylacine)

Tatzelwurm (See also Giant Worms, Mongolian Death Worm)
Austrian Tatzelwurm?
Has Anyone Heard of This Creature?

Thoughtform Creations and Tulpas
Entities Created From Our Minds! Birth of Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster

ATS Hunts For The Missing Thunderbird Picture
Behemoth, Leviathan, Ziz
Dark Forces At Work In The Crypto World: The "Lost Evidence"
Has Anyone Seen (Or Knows Someone Who Has) A Thunderbird?
Mothman/Thunderbird Connection?
Piasa Bird- Terrifying Creature In Illinois

Cloning the Thylacine
Cool Thylacine Videos
Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Gene Brought Back to Life
Lost Digital Photo of Thylacine
New Photo of Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)?
Possible Thylacine Sighting in Australia
The Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)- Alive And Well?

Toilet Creatures
Crazy Toilet Dweller
What Creature Could This Be?


Could Myths about "Trolls" be Referring to Neanderthals?

Trunko (See Elephant Fish)

Tulpas (See Thoughtform Creations and Tulpas)

Evil Tree Species- The Umdhlebi of Zululand

A Real Unicorn Found!
Ancient Unicorns
Are There Really Unicorns?
Are Unicorns Real?
Capturing A Unicorn
Couple Films Alleged "Unicorn" in Switzerland
Hunter's Camera Shows 'Unicorn Deer'
My "Unicorn" Sighting
'Unicorn' Born in Italy
Unicorn Caught on Tape

Vampires (See also Highgate Vampire)
Are We Mistaken About Vampires?
Classicals and Inheritors (Vampires)
Do Real Vampires Exist?
Energy Vampires
General Vampire Discussion
Looking for a Vampire?
Milosevic a Vampire?
What's Your Thoughts on Vampires
New England Vampires
Origins of Vampires
Psychic Vampires?
Proof of Animals
Public Vampires
Real Interview With A Vampire!
Vampire Encounters
Vampire Sightings
Vampires Exist
Vampires, The Real Deal

Vegetable Lamb of Tartary (See Animal-Growing Plants)

Waitoreke: The Enigma From New Zealand

Walking Tree
Mystery Illness Makes Roots Sprout On Man

Wampus Cat (See Also Mysterious/Rare Cats- North America)
Anyone Heard of a "Wampus Cat"

All About the Wendigo

Werewolves (See also Wolves)
British Werewolf Sightings!
Chicken Eating Werewolf Seen in Argentina!
Do You Believe in Werewolves?
I Have A Question Regarding Werewolves
Is It Possible To Turn Into A Werewolf?
Man Admits To Being In Werewolf Clan
Peter Stubb Werewolf of Bedburg (1589)
Werewolves: Do They Exist, Or Are They Just A Myth?

White Whale (See Albinism/Lack of Pigment)

Will 'o The Wisp (See Fairies)

Winged Cats
Amazing Winged Cats- Egyptian Angels?
Cat in China Grows a Pair of Wings
Chinese Cats Grow 'Wings'
Winged Cat in China

Wolves (See also Mysterious Canines)
Legends of the Wolf: An In-Depth Look

Woolly Mammoth (See Mammoth)

Yenaldlooshi: Navajo Skinwalkers

ABC News Story on the Yeti ?
Could There Be Yeti Fossils in New Tibetan Find?
Explorers to Scour Himalayas for Mystery Yeti
Is This It? The Smoking Gun of the Existence of the Yeti?
Jungle Yeti Prints Found (Sumatra)
Nepalese Defend Yeti
Polish Yeti Caught On Film With Pics
Possible Evidence of an Indonesian "Yeti"
Possible Yeti Leg Discovered?

Yowie (See also Bigfoot- Australia)
Australian Yowie- Bigfoot Down Under
Bigfoot/Yowie- Meateaters or Vegitarians?
Dog Killed by Yowie in Northern Territory
My Yowie Encounter- Photographic 'Expedition'

Ziz (See Thunderbird)

Dawn Of The Dead Scenario
My View on Zombies (In Accordance to the FVZA)

The End

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:30 AM

I haven't really got anything to say except S+F for this mammoth effort!!

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:23 AM
Foolish human race! Organizing your knowledge by category just made it easier to absorb. Dewey, you fool! Your decimal system has played right into my hands!

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:42 AM
Its not posted in the Cryptozoology forum, but in the Ancient Civilizations/Myths/Legends forum. It may be of interest to readers of the Cryptozoology forum too.

Rise of the Dragon

Good work on indexing all of this, bookmarked.

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