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Argentina - Giant UFO Causes Huge Commotion 11/26/09

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by internos

A big thanks for the update mate

Very encouraging that the independent witnesses are corroborating the craft's description!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that some decent pics are floating around somewhere and will surface soon.

Once again my friend, many thanks

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by internos

thank you internos for the excellent update !

your effort is greatly appreciated and the fact that ufologists are investigating this and have already said the witnesses have the same story definitely makes this case a real event. please tell your friend (Patricio J. Barrancos) thank you for me and we all will be looking forward to anything else that can be reported.

here is a link to your update so everyone can see it...

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:32 PM
UFO report from Chile'

Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chile: UFO Reported Over Iquique

(Video) The strange body remained suspended and motionless for several minutes before moving in a south to north direction.

The manifestation of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the skies over Iquique was a source of consternation this afternoon.

The unusual event was noted after 18:00 hours today, when a group of workers at the harbor became aware of an object moving over Cerro Esmeralda. They immediately alerted journalists from La Estrella de Iquique, who corroborated the presence of the figure in the city’s skies.

Cylindrical and white, green at its core and purple at its base, the odd structure remained static for several minutes, then engaging in a south-to-north direction.

The object displayed bright colors at times. While spectators tried to explain that this was due to the sun’s reflections, many speculated that this was on account of the object’s movements.


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 05:40 PM
It sounds like South America might be on the verge of a significant UFO wave.

Thanks easynow for that report.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by StevesResearch

your welcome ,

there have been some really incredible UFO reports from South America

this one about fighter pilots chasing ufo's is really interesting

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:56 PM
The Salta Province in Argentina had another interesting UFO related incident in 2008

Chicoana, Oct.2008, lights and giant geometric figures

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Witnesses Claim UFO / OVNI Fleet Landed In Chicoana, Argentina

Strange, deep marks left on three wheat fields. Hundred of witnesses reported the event to the police, but law enforcement gave it little importance.

The marks left on the fields measure nearly one meter deep and are geometrical in shape.

A series of strange geometric marks – circular and rectangular – allegedly left behind by UFOs that landed on three wheat fields in Chicoana: at Quebrada de Tilian, to the south of the community; at Pulares, to the west, and next to the Las Mesitas Camp Ground to the north. They have become the great mystery of this community in Valle de Lerma, 35 kilometers south of the capital.

The prints appear to have been made by the “legs” of enormous structures and were seen at dawn last Thursday, after an evening that to hundreds of witnesses was “unreal” because they were able to see “strange lights dancing” above the fields in question, although “at a given moment, they stopped their nearly-erratic movements and remain suspended at low altitude for a considerable amount of time, after which they took off and vanished over the horizon.” This was the description given by perplexed and astonished Raul Martinez, a local resident from San Cayetano, two miles from the Las Mesitas Campground and of one of the wheat fields that was marked with the peculiar cracks.

“We saw the first lights with my son around 3 a.m. and tried to film them, but curiously, our cellphones stopped working, as though they had no batteries in them. It was a wild succession of flashing colors that died down and appeared to form part of an enormous framework. I saw this phenomenon for five minutes. Later, whatever landed on the field, the source of the flashes, took off and went away at an astonishing speed. Our cellphones worked normally after that,” explained Martinez.

Moreover, students from the Maria Valdivieso Rural School #588 in Villa Fanny, at Quebrada del Tilian, seven kilometers south of Chicoana, also witnessed the phenomenon, which took place at a considerable distance from the northern accessway to the locality. Its characteristics were nearly identical. “We tried to phone the police to report what was happening, but our cellphones wouldn’t work.”

“The spectacle lasted around five minutes and no one could record the images because our cameras weren’t working,” said another student. The next day, they discovered the same geometric shapes in one of the wheat fields.

But that wasn’t all: six kilometers west of Chicoana, in the vicinity of Pulares, locals also claimed having seen a light show that took place during the same span of time and at the same hour. A seal identical to the other two was left behind here. Impressions measuring a meter or more in depth and of equally unexplained origin.

It is interesting to note that the vertexes of the three “affected areas” can form an isosceles triangle, so to speak. At the triangle’s heart can be found the infamous La Candelaria and El Antigal mountains, the scene of three fatal air accidents, all of them caused by unexplained systems failures.

The Villa Fanny shelter school has 100 students. That night, 80 of them were present and all claim having witnessed the luminous phenomenon. Neighbors of the little school say that animals hid when the lights manifested, even though no noise was heard.

Residents of Chicoana as well as numerous tourists pulled up in their cars on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to photograph and look at the strange marks that were left on the wheat field located next to the access road to the town.

Federico Arnaldo Gutierrez, a technician with Nortevision Satelital, a local TV station, was one of the few who crossed the barbed wire fence and inspected the marks. “It’s very odd. The soil looked like something extremely heavy had landed on it. Wheat was flattened but not cut. There were no signs of burning or anything similar, only the geometrical marks.”

Graciela, a biology instructor who also arrived with her camera to take pictures of the figures left behind in the fields, remarked: “This area has a wealth of strange phenomena and UFO sightings. Remember that over the past 15 years three aircraft plummeted from the sky and in all cases, the reasons were the same. Their instruments stopped working, just like what happened to those who saw the colored lights on Thursday morning and tried to photograph them, but couldn’t because their instruments didn’t work.”

Authorities with the Chicoana Sheriff’s Department did not comment. One law enforcement officer, who asked to remain anonymous because “I’m about to issue a personal opinion that shouldn’t be construed as an official story” informed El Tribuno that many remarks “had indeed been received about the situation, but no one wants to make a written complaint. In my opinion, all of these marks are the result of wind and rain.”

However, after consulting the weather bureau, there was no precipitation or strong wind during previous days or on the days that the events occurred. And should this be the case, why were the marks only on three wheat fields and not all of them, which can be found in the hundreds?

José Silva, principal of School 558, whose students witnessed the events, ventured an opinion: “I’ve lived here for ten years and had never seen marks like this. I reject the possibility that they were caused by nature or made by someone. It’s weird, very weird.”

Children living in the shelter also told El Tribuno that those of them with cellphones, and who saw the lights, tried to take pictures and couldn’t. “My aunt,” said Pedro, 13, “lives near the school and has a video device. The same thing happened to her. It didn’t work, as though its batteries had run out.”

Silva adds: “I never saw anything like it. If people are saying that the prints were produced by the lights, let’s be clear about one thing: lights are weightless,” concludes the principal.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:45 AM
I hope this gets updated quite a bit. It's sad when an umbrella gets unlimited pages, and something serious... a sighting that is exactly what we are looking for, gets lost in the shuffle.

Let's keep a very close eye on this one.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by fleabit

i hope so too fleabit , and i understand the frustration about other threads but we can only post updates as they develop. this is a very interesting incident and once some more evidence is presented i am sure this thread will continue to have some great discussions. i will make sure to keep an eye on this case and will post any updates i can , you can bank on that my friend

there have been some amazing UFO cases from South America and one that i find extremely interesting is the case from Colares , Brazil

some other pics i have in one of my threads


here is a good video report about the case.

part 2

according to the video presentation

before his death, Colonel Hollanda revealed to investigators that he had contact with an Alien being



posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 08:19 PM
Didn't notice this update, saw it on a couple of sites (this one from theufochronicles):

4) 40 kilometers from town, a row of 5 low voltage street lights were found completely carbonized in their upper section, their wires burned and shorted out. The light posts have 35 meters (114 feet) of separation between them, which suggests that the element causing the situation acted over a strip of no less than 140 meters (1500 feet) across.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 11:41 PM

Skip to the * Part of the thread* at the end to avoid hyperbole by me.

Originally posted by aristocrat2
reply to post by aorAki

INcidentally, the correct phrase is...


Another sad demonstration of what happens when you lack an ENglish education I guess.

Actually there are many variations upon this dog-Latin phrase; "Nil carborundum illegitamae" being my favourite. The closest correct Latin phrase (which still has some Ancient Greek in it) is "Noli nothi permittere te terere".

I'm all for education myself however with multiple intelligences, differing hierarchies of need from culture to culture, decorum when dealing with another and no Platonic ideals framework agreed on by all it's pretty hard to muster up the nerve to claim to be more or less educated than someone else. I just go at it like Socrates must have done (play it by ear).

Originally posted by JohnnyAnonymous
I would just like to say that you folks are pretty quick to dismiss a sighting based on what technologies "You" assume that everyone in the world has..

I would like to say that my default stance is always to dismiss a sighting until evidence has been brought forward to substantiate it. This thread has found a kind of balance now which is better than the first 5 pages of polarity between those who share some of my beliefs and those who believe a bit more easily than I.

What we have here is clearly a case of misinformation at some level (whether intended or not) which through sceptical analysis has helped us determine how 'developed' the region in question is and how factual the gambit has been with particular details. Having been scrutinised we still have an interesting puzzle which defies our complete understanding and requires further investigation.

Both parties play their part in finding the 'truth'. Although it still cracks me up to read that the reason there are no photos or videos is that the UFO stops them from working. I mean it's a very credible theory - just sadly negates my personal need for evidence and based upon certain stereotyping opinions of '3rd world' poverty posts beforehand seems to alienate even the possibility of sceptical explanation immediately.

Surely sceptics have a right to be sceptical as much as believers have to believe?

Anyways sorry for flogging the same old horse I always do. Together there has been sterling work produced and I'd like to thank everyone for their part in it. I've learned a lot (That SAA field is very intriguing...) and see there is much more to look into so a S+F to the OP (and various posts) now that there are little chunks of at least some testimony to go and hypothesis upon.

* Part of the thread*

There was a thread here over a week ago entitled: Ufologists Claim Earth is "Monitored" by Extraterrestrials which stated:

Specialists participating at the 4th World Congress of Ufology, held in the Peruvian capital, stated that the Peruvian coastal region of Chilca, as well as extensive areas of Argentina, are under “constant monitoring” by aliens.

Now I dismissed it as hookum for the freeloaders of UFOology exploiting the locals at the time but since this has occurred within a week of their 'Congress' it could either lead to facts based upon evidence of monitoring, a hoax perpetrated to increase their value to the UFOology community or some other phenomenon we're as yet unaware of.

Just my two-cents.


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:24 AM
another source reporting the story..

According to testimonies of people, "and no contradictions, it is a very large object, with an elongated shape (of Tuscan or cigar), and very bright, light emitting viraban type flash from white to red. The neighbors also said they saw him flying over the area of the plant (for the El Tunal, which appeared after a turbine burned).

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:41 AM
And how about a report of a gigantic cigar shaped UFO spotted in Salta, but in 1956?


From Project Blue Book Archives, MISC-AFOSR4-355

Item 3 Salta, 23- July 1956
- Reports from Claudio Level Spitch, an engineer, about "strange beings" near the El Macon glacier have been further amplified by several natives. They tell of foot prints of human-like, but gigantic, beings near El Macon and the surrounding snow-fields and for the "first time one year ago near Telar Grande, after, an earthquake. At. the time no official investigation was made, although the natives maintained that a cigar-shaped object was shattered there.
The newly-found tracks are associated more and more, by the population with the appearance of several flying
over Salar de Arizaro some months ago. Their length was estimated at 1,000 feet; pictures of the objects were said, to have been given to Re-press by the constabulary. Scientists are reminded by the foot prints in the snow of those of the famous Himalayan snowmen
"Le Qaotitien"
(trans.note: Salta is in etr. Htf of Argent., Buenos Aires, 2 july 1956
Editor Helnrich Ragaz -adds: "the edits. of Courrier Intplntr. describe the mothership in the pix as fully identical to that in Adamski's pix. The police released an exact report about the sighting of the 1,000 long machine by their own Members, in "La Razon" of 4 June and declared the pix came from Maximo Chilo of the Vialidad Nacional.

I would forgive the part about alleged similarities with Adamsky stuff.
I've digged a little bit, and found some articles dated 1956:
From Ovni en Salta:

This story begins in 1955 when, from Tolar Grande, a town close to the Macon glacier, there was a huge commotion when some large object crashed on one of the slopes of the hill. This was not investigated too, but witnesses in the case, people in Tolar Grande, stated that it was a huge cigar shaped object.
In those years, the country witnessed a wave of sightings that allegedly lasted until 1956, the important thing is that this year, in the area of the Salar de Arizaro, several objects were photographed. Also National Road Administration staff and area residents, showed that on several occasions they saw in the foreign bodies and bright sky. They described that it was
long objects, silver, tapered, most of them were heading north-east to south-west, making it sometimes impossible to track them, different from known aircrafts at that time. Noiseless while moving, giving off a white smoke trail covering the sky

The newspaper El Tribuno, in its issue of July 17, 1956 reported:

We are able to report from some people who lately have visited different parts of the highlands, especially near the snowy Macon, more than 5,700 meters. They claim to have observed huge human footprints that exceed the size of elephants ones
.... this data would be perfectly in relation to the occurrences of certain aircraft, which, like huge cigars have sailed the skies light of the Puna and especially with the mysterious crash recorded in the hill side Macon, about which there are so far no other news ........"

The report was followed by two more articles, dated 18 and 18 July, 1956:
El tribuno, 18 July, 1956

In June 1956, finally, the Argentine National Gendarmerie issued a statement saying:

By extending the previously released, it has been confirmed that on 13 April it was spotted by section staff Tolar Grande National Gendarmerie, under the Squadron of the San Antonio Brass, based in the province of Salta, a strange flying cigar-shaped object, 300 mts. long, silvery reflections given off by giving the impression of aluminum, moving with great speed over the Salar de Arizaro northwest direction toward Socompa, leaving a white trail. Due to the rapid rate of the object can not specify the characteristics. With reference to the attached picture, it says that the recorded communication Mr. Maximo Chilo, National Roads Authority employee, who was in the alluded nearby and caught the flying body. "

Heck, it doesn't occur everyday an official statement from some National Gendarmerie about a metallic cigar shaped flying object, does it?
Non, it would be interesting to find that pic: the only one i've been able to find (and i'm not even 100% sure but according to the title of the article it has to be) is this one

Whenever I think that i've been there for one year while I wasn't aware of all this stuff, i would kick myself in the butt.

Edit to add a darn "/ex" tag.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by internos

Wow. great find internos!

What is about Salta that attracts these objects?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by internos

internos what an amazing report ! thank you for posting that

Applause !

for the first time ever i am speechless

this is undeniable..

By extending the previously released, it has been confirmed that on 13 April it was spotted by section staff Tolar Grande National Gendarmerie, under the Squadron of the San Antonio Brass, based in the province of Salta, a strange flying cigar-shaped object, 300 mts. long, silvery reflections given off by giving the impression of aluminum, moving with great speed over the Salar de Arizaro northwest direction toward Socompa, leaving a white trail. Due to the rapid rate of the object can not specify the characteristics. With reference to the attached picture, it says that the recorded communication Mr. Maximo Chilo, National Roads Authority employee, who was in the alluded nearby and caught the flying body. "

what can these cigar craft be and why are they here ?

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:14 PM
i really hope there is some footage, but it sounds to good to be true. I mean, a ship that size will be breaking news over here in Holland, actually everywhere on the planet, because it would be THE proof. And in Argentina not even a local tv station rushes to the scene? Hard to imagine.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by internos

Awesome information mate

Vialidad Nacional is Argentina's highway department - presumably they have continued as the same body since 1956. I wonder if their archives might contain Maximo Chilo photographs?

It's a long shot - we're talking over half a century ago - but there's perhaps a better chance with La Razón publication (still published).

This is the Adamski 1952 photo - and Not one of the cigar-shaped UAP's photographed in Argentina 1956. However, acccording to the 1956 report, the Chilo photos are of a very similar styled UFO (Thanks to Free Spirit for Identifying the correct source)

Still searching for the actual Chilo photos

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:44 PM

Chinese Lanterns or perhaps Weather Balloons, or perhaps fake, or perhaps ufo's ?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by mckyle

This is purportedly a photo of one of the cigar-shaped UAP's photographed in Argentina
1956 (I am still trying to verify this)

Internos: mate does this pic look familair to you? I am hoping it is one of the Chilo photos.

Certainly not. This is the alleged cigar shaped mothership photographed by famous
contactee George Adamsky on May 1, 1952. Just Google him and you will get the

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by tristar

Chinese Lanterns or perhaps Weather Balloons, or perhaps fake, or perhaps ufo's ?

This sighting took place in Lima Peru and it's not related with the Argentina case.
This ufo fleet from Peru has been debunked by ufologist Antonio Choy who claimed
these were just balloons but didnt provide any evidence, just his words.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

Free_spirit: many thanks mate for identifying that Adamski photo and bringing it to my attention

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