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Area 51 as information jamming

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posted on May, 21 2004 @ 09:16 AM
Here's my working hypothesis:

There are no genuine alien bodies/craft/tunnels at area 51. Those things don't actually exist.

Remote Viewing does exist. The government has no technology for shielding their weapons development programs from other governments' remote viewing programs. A lot of developing countries cannot hope to match the research arms of US/UK, so instead these weak governments have invested in technologies like remote viewing.

America and the Soviet Union pioneered agressive RV, and projects like IVY BELLS were actually cover stories to explain how the US got "impossible" information on private conversations inside a secure soviet naval base.

From the superpowers, info leaked out to satelite nations and developing countries. These smaller nations have found remote viewing to be a cost effective countermeasure to US/UK/China's immense defense budgets. Part of the reason that the iron curtain fell with so little bloodshed was that RV labs in soviet satelites started 'watching' Russia, and realised that the politburo no longer had the military or resolve to stop the collapse of the soviet bloc.

Large governments, and their testing facilities are especially vulnerable to RV, because so many workers know about a given covert op that RV'ers can read thousands of different minds in order to get info. In contrast, trying to find an RV lab that only 20 or 30 workers even know about it practically impossible.

The US government has set up a colossal disinformation campaign, called Area 51, with stories of alien ships and abductions. All of the competing thought-forms generated by conspiracy theorists, sci-fi writers, and even the workers themselves means that Remote Viewing is useless for penetrating area 51.

Every time a Remote Viewing lab gets one of its virtuosos to try and tune in on the stealth research going on, they immediately get images of UFO's, aliens, and death rays. They cannot scan the workers' thoughts for technical capabilities of new aircraft, because they will get info on imaginary spaceships instead.

The whole Area 51 mythos is designed specifically so that the truth cannot be intuited about govt. ops in the desert.


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