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How do they stop us from thinking?

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 01:18 AM
By reversing the very nature of the way the brain functions. To put images in the mind continously for a very long period of time, in one form/way or another that has prevented some, if not most of us from using our own minds. They think and claim to be protecting us but what they really mean is protecting the mind, but what this really means is to control the mind so as to think in a specific way corresponding to correct images being placed in the mind. In other words violance, terror and images of everday life as they see it to be.

This is a war of the mind, it has always has been and always will be. Its been like this since before the beginnings of all our times put together. Including the ones of those who are currently in control right now. Many of them laugh and mock us like children playing a game, "only the grown ups can know about or understand." And yes they view you as children.

This war cannot be won by guns or violence. No, this is a war that can only be won by the individual and their own thoughts. I don't look at things objectively and I would soon rather fail at life than to corrupt my mind with images blocking me from myself. Aside from that, I was built to be like a machine and seem to be on par with certain people, not to brag but to emphasis my decisions. This goes for a more personal side for me and I also see this as a personal message to all layers of myself and anyone who might be interested in what I have to say.

Anyways, its not easy for me to discuss things that most people would save but a sliver to understand of. For this is not for them and it is for you which im speaking to directly. You will know who you are when you read it. I'm not trying to behave in a way that is contradictory to what im saying or believe. I'm just simply stating the truth of life in general.

Its not so easy to get from point a to point b but when you forgot which way to go then you may never get there or you may never know when you did until much later. Anyways our thoughts are captivated by so many things that we have dangling above us, that we forgot what or how to think as the way of thinking bores through your mind. Alot of our celebrities are extreme candidates for what is going on as a very much prime example for you to follow, and ya im including all the drug use and mostly dirty publicity crap aswell. If that isn't enough our parents and the people in life will help mold you and finish the job. Most people know this, its something eles that people dont know/understand yet. Is there anything beyond this way of life? Well there just so happens to be. The fact of the matter is that many of these leaders have already understood this and have been thinking totally different than anyone intentionally since the beginning.

So everything that you see as life, the way its layed out and structured. From movies and tv all the way to everyday life, buisness, the justice system, school system, everthing just as it is. Most of all of this is just in the mind. This is what you view to be reality, but infact is nothing more than a set of images placed infront of you to block you form using your own mind. All that is and was created to be seen and operate according to man is a lie. This is why they dont tell you and laugh at it, these people who created and control this world have dedicated themselves fully to this task dont falter for a thought not. It has been like that since past the ages, spawning back to rome, egypt, and beyond.

Its not that you dont understand, its that they teach you something completely different and leave you empty minded from the truth and blank/dull from true reality. It puts a dampen on thoughts/emotions/memories and the most of us do it for them by ourselves the way we were taught. So when you talking about the real things or truth people cannot connect with or understand it. The control goes all the way to language and speech. We are inherently more intelligent than most people think and that even concepts greater than the speech can teach us. This is what they have been holding away from you, and protecting you from. Your own thoughts. This is how they control and run society. By making us believe in the biggest lie in human history. Once you know and it hits you for the first time, its can become amazing and maybe even frightening, but know that there is a greator force out there and it is not a lie, and you are apart of it, even if you dont know it.
Rest assured of that, we are being watched and not by our rulers. We are being watched and surveyed in more than one way. For one purpose only, to activate yourself. To awaken the spirit/god mind/heart body/soul into your realm of understanding. This is the true way which we are supposed to function and do function. mind connect to heart, then heart connects to soul, and soul connects to body which they are all connected to god. Its interesting to note that the body comes last in the transmformation completion. You wont feel anything in the body until you follow the steps. So this causes most and many people to feel absoutley nothing from trying lots of different things and none of them just work, and this can be frustrating and lead to complete spritual anorexia. See this causes the mind to stop seeking aswers. But in true reality, you are actually allowing your non-patience and ego settle in, coupled with your thought corruption from seeking the spiritual answers. But thats not so much happening anymore these days its becoming more clear. To connect the mind to the heart for example, one must then think how it would be possible to connect to the heart, then one should feel for an answer and try ones best as to think only heartfelt thoughts and thoughts that you feel based in your heart or core of soul feeling as I call it. Once this is accomplished one shall notice changes in the heart and the way of feeling and thought and you can begin to pray and affirm the love that you are witholding and prey to express it as you wish and do your best at expression. Then and only then you are speaking from your heart from the mind and they start more now to work in tangent together. Then one will notice spirit/god connecting with them from deep inside layers of love and truth. Self realization will begin and thought pattern change occurs at this point. I can say for people who are not ready will become frightened and feel empty.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 01:22 AM
They are seeing their own reflection and its alone, empty, cold, and scary. What they dont realise is this is caused by not looking at the truth and understaning the soul and the real reality of its existance. But I can say some people understand now, more than before.

It is a self imposed exile/prison or doom that is being cohersed by a higher authorty of those who govern us. Its allready been self realised. It has allways been. Its a war of the mind. We are prisoners of our own minds.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 01:44 AM
Um...I do understand. Why you think I'm here on ATS?!

Govern-ment has two Latin roots. Govern means control or authority. Ment means mind or thought. It literally translates as control of thought, or authority of mind!

This awareness comes without any need for God, aliens or a soul. I was not before this body, I will not be when this body has perished. At least this is my understanding. Life goes on, energy keeps a rolling, but my time will be spent.

Nice post and a beautiful perspective.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:57 AM
To see is to understand, but not all people understand what they see, i, life is just like the movie the matrix, though not in quite the same way, and its not the fault of mankind, we are the victims of many thousands of years of masks placed in front of the real truth. But the real truth has been and will always be there for us to see, if one can disconnect from the mind and use ones conciousness instead, one would begin to see the full picture of reality. But that scares people and all to often than not they run back to the comfort of the masked world they know. The secret is to take on board what is seen and try to understand it, no matter how disturbing that may be, because it is the truth, getting that across to others is the hardest part.

For 20 years now i have been looking at the world from outside the box, and even in the face of ridicule i have continued to try to help others see the truth that this is an experience of the conscious mind and not real. People cant grasp that, so to try and tell the full story of what is real, is like asking them to bend the spoon, whilst telling them there is no spoon. But things are changing and people are waking up, lets just hope its not to late.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 06:04 AM
Oddly enough this comic came instantly to mind. Doesn't seem overtly related but thought I would share (currently, I dont have anything to add or detract

Orwell VS Huxley

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