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US Spy's in our Skies - UFO or Satellite?

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 07:26 PM
American Spy Satellites To Snoop On U.S. - dated 2007

This is an old article but I was trying to do research on something that Jim Marrs had mentioned about the use of secret satellites. I remember him saying on Coast to Coast that it is fact and public now that our government has the potential to track people by means of either a drone or secret satellite which also has capabilities to kill them on the spot.... does anyone remember hearing this or something to that effect.

I had just been thinking if this is true then how do we know what they see way up in the skies are non public spy satellites. Even if they make all those crazy movements, I do not see why it wouldn't be so far off that maybe they have the capability to do that and that is why people like Ed Grimsley are actually seeing? I am a healthy believer of ET and Government Based UFO's I am not trying to discredit.... but if anyone does have that info can you U2U me


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