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A world away ....... ancient history

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 06:06 PM
.... The story so far .

I was born into the ruling class . Above me , are the enlightened ones .
Below me , there is the street class . [ the slaves ]
The street people live communally , outside the city . They are responsible
for the building and maintenance of our infrastructure , and food production.
The rulers plan and oversee all civic projects . Also , we must guard the slave
compound , as they have a habit of escaping . Ingrates!
The streeters worship only one mythical God , under a wooden cross !
The enlightened ones , communicate directly with the Gods , who visit
regularly in black flying discs , and give our future direction .
The Gods gave us the four pyramids , at the four corners of the world .
These balance the world , and provide unlimited natural electrical energy .
This is used to light the city and run the water pumps and flour mills .
Flexible glass cables conduct the power to wherever it's needed .
At the moment , I am tasked with the building of a new monument to the
Gods . It is a massive prone lion , a likeness of the Gods . We have been
given magical tools to achieve our ongoing projects . These include stone
carving tools that emit a strong light , and precisely melt any rock . Once
the rock has been quarried , it can be levitated with an elaborate portable
sound machine , mounted on two low drays , each guided by six streeters .
It is said that the Gods are cruel masters , the streeters have a great fear
of them . They tell me that many slaves are taken at night , hunted , and
eaten ! Of course there is no evidence of this happening , just tales .
The enlightened ones confirm the facts , that those missing slaves have
actually run away ., and are subsequently exiled and banished to the distant
deserts . They don't have the loyalty of the upper classes , and deserve their
fate ...

... to be continued

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 06:10 PM
Over the last ten years , the streeters have been growing more
and more restless . There are rumours of a rebellion , and the
enlightened ones have captured and interrogated their spokesman
who , under torture , revealed that they are expecting some kind
of divine saviour , a son of the one and only real God , to swoop
down and liberate their pathetic lives , to a greater destiny !
This traitorous ringleader has been publicly executed , and his
remains handed to the Gods on their last visit . They gathered
in front of their likeness monument , and unceremoniously tore
apart the body , and ate it . ! .. good riddance . Life should now
return to normal , I think they've learnt their lesson .!

The Gods have ordered all babies to be handed over , including
those of upper classes . This is a worrying development , even the
enlightened ones have no power to stop this .!

The Gods have appeared in the sky in their black discs , gathering
overhead , but not landing . Everyone is distressed about the impending
handover of the babies . There is no escape from this situation ,
the lion - headed Gods believe that the false saviour has been
born over the last year .! , and to not co-operate is not an option .

Today , the Gods landed , in force . A hundred or more black discs
have landed in the open square city centre , the lion heads grouped in a
large circle , weapons drawn .!

A large cloud quickly formed overhead , and then a massive glowing
golden disc descended to the ground . The lion - headed Gods seemed
to be paralysed , unable to move .!

A child stepped from the golden disc , surrounded by brilliant rainbows .
He whispered at the lion-heads , and they fell stone dead to the ground.
All of them .! Then ,one by one, the black discs melted into the ground .

To rapturous applause , he gathered the slaves , and all the babies,
and directed them to board the golden disc . He then turned to us , the
rulers and enlightened ones , and vexed our country , with a never
ending drought , our only relief to be a yearly flood from way upstream
of our only river .! They took off , and disappeared into the distance .
We never expected this ... now we have no slaves .
.... and no Gods .....

THE END [thankyou for your time]

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 06:12 PM
... 100% fiction

people ..... errr .... upper class.....line 2

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