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OSU vs. Michigan.... oh the fun little rivalry

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 07:49 PM
Though it is less of a rivalry in recent years, it is still one of the best rivalries in sports today. ESPN rates it as #1. And all animosity aside, I respect Michigan fans and the school, this is not a flame war thread.

I am excited this year because I believe Michigan is not going to give it up easily.

Personally I spend the game day grilling (no matter the weather) with friends while playing darts or just general merriment. The game we watch on the Ohio State campus and all the festivities that coincide. We sing all the chants and songs by the great punk band, The Dead Shembechlers, who make fun pro-Ohio State tunes and wild out for a day.

Quick question for Michigan fans, is there a Michigan version of the Dead Shembechlers?

So, all OSU and UM fans out there, what do you do to celebrate one of the greatest rivalries of all time? Where do you celebrate? There are many OSU and Michigan bars and clubs all around the world. I have been to the one in London and it was surreal.

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 07:59 PM

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 08:33 PM
The OSU - UofM Rivalry in Maize and Blue country is simply incredible as well. I grew up Detroit. I went to school for a time in UofM . All I can say is that when it came to sports, there was nothing like game night in Ann Arbor. It was bedlam. Often I wondered if there really was any distinction between a street party or a riot other than whether or not it was the home team that was the Victor. But one thing is for certain. There is no such thing as being "neutral" in either Michigan or in Ohio....... you have no choice.... you pick sides. With this in mind:

A guy in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and says, “Wanna hear a Buckeye joke?” The guy replies, “Well, before you tell that joke, you should know something. I am 6′ tall, 200 lbs. and I am an Ohio State graduate. The guy sitting next to me is 6′2″, 225 lbs., and he is an Ohio State graduate. The guy right next to him is 6′5″, 250lbs., and he is also an Ohio State graduate. Now, you still wanna tell me that joke?” The first guy says, “No, not if I’m going to have to explain it three times.”


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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 07:39 PM
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